Documents collected from various places, such as, shops that sell old and used and rare books, antique shops. I t may be useful to others since these assorted bills and letters have: names, places, dates, and what they were written about. If you see something of interest, e-mail me and I can send a copy to you.

Rochelle Kovachi
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  1. COLLECTOR'S DEED TO TOWN OF ROBBINSTON ,county of Washington, Maine. Collector-Daniel Morrell, John Tucker owed $8.78.

  2. RENT RECEIPT-Gerogetown, Ma. Given to Luther Brown 5/1/1896 for $10.00. Rent on Mr. Boynton's house on central St. Agent - E.S. Fickett.

  3. PAID IN FULL BILL: To Clinton Thornton for services rendered by E.M. Richards (undertaker) for case of Mr. Menfield Thornton. To broadcloth casket case,Oxd.ext handles, pillow set, and undertaker services and team twice(meaning horses) Total bill pd in full $58.00 Dated 2/25/1914 Princeton, ME.

  4. RECEIPT given to Clinton Thornton by Dr. C.E. Johnson for attendance to father in the amount of $14.15 Dated 6/14/1914

  5. UNION BANK OF KINDERHOOK VS PHILIP DEDRICK AND JOHN D. VAN ALEN. State of N.Y., Columbia county, Atty: Tobey and Silvester, Dated 1/31/1863 for the paintiff-recovery is $77.66, costs- $16.30 $93.96

  6. SUPERIOR COURT, N.Y.C.,  SEARCH FOR JUDGEMENTS against Elizabeth Lounsbury. C.A. Clinton, clerk, Robert G. Rankin (might be the judge). Dated 7/10/1835

  7. STATE OF NEW YORK SUPREME COURT, COLUMBIA COUNTY:  Jacob W. Dederick, plaintiff against Job H.Young. Judgement for plaintiff debt. Recovery $131.91 costs- $13.72 $145.13, filed 5/17/1859, Atty: Tobey and Silvester

  8. NEW YORK SUPREME COURT-New York State Bank vs. Charles M. Fowler, Michael Cooney, Herman C. Whelpley,Peter T. Staats for $542.56 Dated 5/5/1837, Paige-Clerk

  9. STATE of NEW-YORK, SUPREME COURT-COLUMBIA COUNTY. Union Bank of Kinderhook vs. Junis G. Snyder. Dated 12/19,1860,recovery-$675.14, costs-$13.44 $688.58. Attys: Tobey and Silvester

  10. NEW YORK SUPREME COURT. Lewis B. Wood vs. Edward Kirkpatrick and Reginato Kirkpatrick,dated 5/5/1837, $62.56

  11. NEW-YORK SUPREME COURT, Ebenezer Barker, William Kirtland ,William D. Kirtland vs. David L. Sternbugh, James A. Boyd, $207.96 dated 5/6/1837

  12. John T. Collins, South Lee, Mass. In account with Lord Bros. Co. Dated 11/6/1909, Portland, ME, for the amount of $34.10 bal. Due.

  13. John T. Collins of South Lee, Statement for $9.08, from H.W. Carter Paper Co., Dr.

  14. John T. Collins of South Lee, Statement for $13. 32, from William A. Heaphy, Dr., dated 7/1/1908, received payment signed by W.A. Heaphy

  15. John T. Collins of South Lee, Statement for $13.32 from William A. Heapy Dr., dated 6/1/1908

  16. LETTER written by Morris W. Maloney (architect) of Springfield, MA., to Mr. J.T. Collins of South Lee Ma. Dated 2/2/1927

  17. Statement from WM. C. Howland, Dr., Tinning and Plumbing, To Mr. J. T. Collins in the amount of $16.80, Dated 11/1/1907

  18. LETTER- written by E.M. Chapman of New London, Conn. (Hillcrest Lodge, On Lake Caloosa, Babson Park, Florida) To The Hon. Odell Shepard, Hartford, Conn. Dated 1/1/1942, Envelope included is addressed to The. Hon. Odell Shepard, Lt. Governor of Connecticut, 69 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn., E.M. Chapman is the return address

  19. INVITATION for a reception by The Governor and Mrs. Guild for Friday, January the 26th,1906 from four untilo six o'clock, Hotel Somerset, Boston. Included is a envelope with return address of Executive Dept. State House, Boston, Ma. two present cards for entry.

  20. NOTE written by A.A. Doherty of Central House, Woburn, Ma. Dated 1/3/1902 to W.R. Smith

  21. Receipt from Isaac Remick Jr. to Mr. Robert Burrill Jr. for grounding grain, dated 5/1827

  22. LETTER written to Clinton Thornton dated 8/16/? (unable to read signature of writer)

  23. PROPERTY BILL from Treasurer's Office, Clayton County, Iowa, #132, received of John Elbling Jr. for taxes in 1887. (County Poll) 50 cents pad 3/7/1888

  24. ACCOUNTING PAGE from H.R. Stevens Co., listing Assets and Liabilites, Newburgh (NY)?

  25. COLLECTOR'S DEED , Daniel Morrell, Collector of taxes for the Town of Robbinston for 1865, witnessed by A.G. Burk and given to John Trimble owing the amount of $15.96. Giving the power to sell off property to Daniel Morrell. Dated 7/30/1866

  26. INCORPORATION OF CANAL RAIL ROAD, 1846, -2 page hand written paper. No name but seems to be notes taken from a book "Private Acts Vol. 4"

  27. DEED-dated 11/25/1889. Joseph Knoff and his wife Katie of the City of Rochester, County of Monroe, and the State of New York, sold property on St. Joseph St. formerly known as Parker St. for the sum of $7,6000 to John N. Smith of the same.

  28. AGREEMENT- between Andrew G. Sydell of the Town of Goshen, Hampshire Courty, Ma. And Willis F. Sears and Milton F. Sears of said Goshen. It Appears that certain items had to be listed that were on the property at the time of sale. Dated 8-15-70.

  29. SUPREME COURT, City and County of Albany, Alexander Gray- plaintiff and Robert Richardson (law suit) dated 11-1-1837.

  30. STATEMENT of an account between Dr. John Fox who purchased sugar from Abner Shaw, total bill is $ 1259.95 Aug. 5th to July 19, 1861. Settled account 7-19-1861.

  31. HORSE bought by A.G. Buck from Thomas Clealand. Dated 6-14-1878. Bill of Sale

  32. STATEMENT for one day's work by one Dr. T. Nelson Dale, Geologist $25.72, billed and paid by The City of Lee, Ma. Dated 6-1-1927. PD by the Town Clerk- J. Collins on 6-18-1927

  33. BOND FOR DEED- Property sold to Christian D. Grabonkruger for the sum of $2,700 by J.T. Henry and Emma L. Henry. Both parties of Washington County, State of Illinois. Dated 1-13-1880

  34. PHOTO- of a sketch of The G&D Cook & Co. Carriage Makers, New Haven, Ct. along with a few pages copied from A Guide to American Trade Catalogs, one page showing the full address of this company.

  35. TAX BILL from the office of the Collector of Internal Revenue, Sixth district, State of New York. Dated 2-28-2868 for the sum of $28 Pd by Wells, Bontecon & Co.

  36. RECEIPT written by David W. Ames for $3.64. Given to James Allen, Trustee of the Estate of Joseph Stitson for a debt owed against the estate. Dated 2-16-1867 Bethlehem

  37. A BILL from Alexander W. Macphail "Antiquarian Bookseller and print Dealer" 6 Melbourne Place, Edinburgh, England, to Odell Shephard Esq. Dept. of English, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. For the amount of $28.10, dated Aug. 3, 1926

  38. RECEIPT written by L.W. Spencer for $18.56. Given to James Allen, Trustee of the Estate of Joseph Stitson for a debt owed against the Estate. Dated 2-16-1867

  39. RECEIPT written by Loring Tirrell Jr. paying a debt owed to John Fisher for cutting wood (cords 271/2) in the amount of $20, dated 3-18- 1844 Weymouth

  40. RECEIPT written by Loring Tirrell Jr. paying a debt owed to Amos Merritt Dr. for 10 drills and sharpening drills. Amount paid $22.22. Weymouth Dated 11-21-1843

  41. A BILL for services rendered to Vinson Tirrell Jr. from Thomas Vinson. Dated 9-9-1814 Weymouth, amount $8.12 for carting stones and 1 lode of sand $4 Sept. 10, to Carting Sand one day $3.33

  42. A BILL given to Capt. Vinson Tirrell. Dated 6-16-1804 for flour. Amount $7.35, South Weymouth

  43. RECEIPT written by Capt. Vinson Tirrell paying for a purchase at a auction to F.A. Kingsbury Dated 4/1862 for $29.50

  44. A BILL paid by Capt. Vinson Tirrell to Porter & Sand Dr. Dated 5-4-1843, Amount $8.82

  45. RECEIPT written by Capt. Vinson Tirrell for services rendered by Samule Read, Dated 4/23/1843

  46. BOND between Cyrus L. Clark and Hastings Strickland, of the city of _______ County ______ State of Ill. $400

  47. SUPERIOR COURT Calvin Wright Vs Jamy Borst dated July 7, 1837.

  48. THE CIRCUIT COURT, County of Isabella, State of Michigan, dated January 23, 1893 William A. Osborn vs Phillip Gruett

  49. PROBATE, State of Connecticut , dated Nov. 29, 1915, The Estate of Martha M. Smith of New Haven. $25,000 to Arthur H. Doolittle of Bethany, one of the Executors in the said will.

  50. NEW YOUR SUPREME COURT, Robert M. Seymour, David Wood, Edwin A. Seymour, vs. Silvanus Smith & William Angel. $259.15 . Dated January 21, 1837

  51. WARRANTY DEED Dated June 15, 1946, Recored in Norwalk, Conn. Land records vol. 317, Pg. 127 by Slayton F. Gregory. Names listed are: David Kitain of Norwalk, Dorothy A. Randall and Leslie Randall, husband and wife, Norwalk, Conn. Also mentioned is Louis F. Henrich

  52. RELEASE Dated January 20, 1947 Recorded in Norwalk, Conn. Land records Vol. 321 Page 312 by Slayton F. Gregory (Town clerk) David Kitain, Norwalk, Conn. Leslie V. Randall and Dorothy A. Randall both of Norwalk, Conn.

  53. CONTRACT between Doroth A. Randall and Leslie V. Randall and William A. Serke. Dated Dec. 23, 1946. Appears to be a rental contract. Tenants: Kerachansky, Mulqueen, St. Amand, Bauman, Chappa, Kimmell, Bronner. Address is Cresent Place, Norwalk, Conn. Seems they purchased an apartment building

  54. DEED between Hiram Jones and Marry Willis Jones his wife To W. Ryesson Kissam, dated April 16, 1895, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York

  55. BOND between Charles Edward Cozzins and William H. Barton To John W. Phelps, Dated April 15, 1885, City of Brooklyn, Kings County, New York

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