The following lists family memorabilia found by others who would like to see it returned to the family. If you would like to add an item to the list, contact Webmaster

Genealogy of several families. Done in 1970's & 80's. Few photos, many birth, death & marriage records, some wills, several family stories, lots of letters. An early computer & genealogy program were used, however nothing but printouts are in the box. Family names: Margerum, Ostrander, Stanton, Keiler Drayer Evans, Flood, Daily, Cochran. Was done by Edward Glenn Margerum & wife Katy Evans Margerum of Hurst, TX..both now deceased. Will be glad to pass the box on to an interested party. Norann Lustfield of Euless, TX

My Mother-in-Law purchased a rental home about 20 years ago, and found a box with papers and pictures. Some photos are School pics from the 1950s, and a beautiful wedding photo probably from the 30s or 40s, Bellville, Kentucky. The family lived on Robinson Street, Fresno, California. Main name was Bettie Mae Jones. Family members and various info found on documents were LeRoy, Kimberly nee Jones married Ron, Julie Ann, Jerry (born around Feb 1950) might have married Stephanie and had son Johnny Scott Jones, Velma, Christopher, Jeffrey A. Jones (and Cheryl?), Neil Clifford, Bettie's grandson Joshua, "Sweet Pea." You may email me. I would love to reunite these items with their rightful owner. Liz Brase

A box of old photos, wills, newspaper articles was turned into our local genealogy society. The items were found in an old barn in Platnia, California. Some of the surnames: Storer, Derruau, Beirne, Caslelli, Anderson, Hallemann, Breslmeyr, Klutz, Stokes, Kunigh, Paganetti, Kalinowsky, Johnston (Lilly & Ken have lots of stuff), Kriebernig, Bihn, Lohlein, Lohlein. I would love to reunite this box with its family.

Janice Brown,, FAX (707) 963-7877

I have a marriage certificate for an Alexander Gordon Married to a Eda Howe on the 12th of Oct 1895 at Salem Oregon. I would love to pass it on to a family member. Teri Latimer

Found in an antique store in Sacramento, CA: PFC Wallace R. Cole certificate from The Signal School, Fort Monmouth, NJ dated 3 January 1951. Would like to return this certificate to the Cole family. Please contact Jacque.

Rochelle Kovachi collects old documents and is willing to share copies with those who might be interested. This is a long list, so I've put it on a separate page which you can view HERE

Judy Thorpe
I have a photo of a beautiful baby wearing a 4-5 foot long christening dress. It was taken by Jorns and Harrod, Girard, Illinois. I believe it to be from the early 1900s and the family may have come from Iowa. The back is inscribed: MERLE M. PERRY, 3 months old.

Family may contact me for return of photo upon proof of relationship.

Rebecca Garrlentini
I have a "Mourning Card": Cathrine Pearsall April 11, 1911 Date of Death. Copyright 1903 by H.F. Wendell & Co. Leipsic. Ohio. This Dear Lady is not in my family and I would like to find her family to give this to them please.

Jeannie Parkinson
I have a collection of letters and photos that belong to the family of Karl Eisenberg and Mary Rodeffer who were married in Staunton, VA in 1891. The letters date from 1904-1950 and I want to get them back to a family member.

Mary Roberts
I have 2 letters and a New Testament that were amongst my grandmother's things. I have inherited them. And I have no clue as to where or if these people connect to any of my family lines. I would like to find family to give these items to, and also to hopefully get some clue as to why they were in my grandmother's possession. Letter #1 -- from Buckhannon, W. Va. to Salem, W. Va., October 23, 1898 The names in it are Lena Romine and Vera Fisher. Also mentioned are an Uncle Floyd and a neighbor named Mr. Paul Winchester.
Letter #2 --from Buckhannon W Va to Salem, W. Va. ---March 10 1899 Again this is written to Lena Romine and from Vera or maybe Xenna Fisher. Also mentioned in this one is an Aunt Mary, whom I believe is Lena's mother.

Both letters are written obviously by a child considering the type of penmanship and the subject matters.
I also have 2 sheet musics, Trail of the Lonesome Pine dated 1913 and Flowers Bring Memories of You dated 1912. One has written on it Susan W or M Fisher.
I also have a new testament. Inside the front is written Susan W. Green to Nannie Green. And under that is Nannie G. Fisher to Zenna Fisher. The name Vera Fisher is in the back cover of the book, as is a date July 8, 1883.

Also in this book I found 2 obituaries that have been cut out of a paper. Both are for the same person. Neither is dated, and I can't tell what paper they came from. But the obituaries are for Mrs. Susan (Fisher) Funderburk of Kingwood, formerly of Clarksburg. Her husband's name was Joseph Funderburk. Her parents were Mr. & Mrs. J. Fisher. One of those in attendance was a Emory Fisher of Weston. She died on March 7, after giving birth to a son on February 27th. It says that she was married January 22, 1914. There are other names in the obituaries, but no other Fishers, no Romines and no indications of any relationship of any of the people listed except her parents and husband.

My father passed away last month and among his belongings of 83 years we came across a high school ring that he had found while hauling some trees to the Galena Park city dump. The initials inside the ring are JRG in script. It is a boys ring. If anyone has any information on the ring we would be more than happy to see it returned to the rightful owner.

Joy Herrmann
I have a book entitled "Three Generations", by Katherine Burton, about about three women, Maria Boyle Ewing, her daughter, Ellen Ewing Sherman and grandaughter, Minnie Sherman Fitch. Would like to see this book go to a family member.

David Hopper
I have a wonderful photograph with the following inscription on the back:

Taken New Years day 1910
Mary Camille McGrath 23 yrs.
Earle Francis 21 "
Clarance James " 19 "
Clarice Margaret 19 "
Raymond Christopher 17 "
Francis Monica 15 "
Georgiana Eleanor 11 "
Luella Catherine 9 "
Francis 52 "
Margaret Eleanor 47 "
Married 25 years Oct 20th 1910

Please respond directly to me at the following address if you are a McGrath descendent of this family. No response is desired if you are not a direct descendent of Francis and Margaret Eleanor McGrath. I am not subscribed to any McGrath list, so please reply to me directly.

Deb Stevens
I have a very lovely scrapbook inscribed Chester, PA--Present December 25, 1915 by Aunt Carrie to Elenora Arnsparger. I'd like to see it returned to family. It's green canvas bound with heavy paper pages with paper doll cutouts and magazine pictures cutouts glued in as well as Christmas stamps. Some pages have come loose, but the overall condition is good.

Linda Wiksten
I found a small childs prayer book at a flea market in Chicago. The name in it is Estelle Malinowski the year 1935. Also in the front of the book there is, Remembrance of Mr. Robert Zacharias of Robert Zacharias Co. If anyone is interested please let me know.
I collect photos in hopes of returning them to ancestors. Here are a few:
John RYBKA, Carrie, Anna and Floyd ADAMS, Marth and Breatice HAZZARD, Lilly DYAL, Mattie TAYLOR, Catherine Carr (Katie) and Gerald Guy (Gerry) MCDONALD, Agnes CONNELLY, Mary ACKLIN, Cerilda BROMLEY, James Victor KYNES, Ella and Sam KYNES, Leonard SLACK, Elmona and Bernice PATTERSON, Pearlean GENTRY, Charles Henry CARDWELL, Hurbert BENTRY, Shirley MCGILPIN, Kenneth Eugene GREEN, Kenneth William HOLLOWAY, Vera Belle HOLLOWAY, Joe BINDER, Thurman Rosco CARTER (to Miss Minnie PERRY), Pearl E. LONG, Mattie WRIGHT and Frank HEAD, Freddie LONG, Charles Eiker NICKLES, Lillie Grace COCHRAN, Madelyn E. OPPEL, Eva NICH, Bohumil MACH, Bular GRAVES, Emil LYSEN, Robert Edward SNYDER, Ellis Adair SNYDER, Edward and Laura BAXTER, Dwight L. MOODY, Henry CHRISMAN, Florence MCKENZIE, Ed BERNARD, Mary BITTERSON, Carly R. RANDOLPH, Mrs. MORAM, Edwin A. BODGE. The following are all students of N. H. S. N. S. Class of 1894 Plymouth, New Hampshire: Lennie J. Philbrick, Minnie A. Blood, Lillias M. Bamford, Laura Rockwood, Carrie M. Dalton, M. C. Ferrin.

Please contact me at or 5924 Miller Bluff Road, Milton, Fl. 32583.

Please show family relation or close family interest.

Gwen Upton
I found a wonderful photo of an old man. It was in a frame I purchased in Texas years ago, but I love to find the owner of the photo to return it..

The back reads: Presented to Mother this 24 day of July 1905 G Klingman with another name that is hard to read looks like Faishian. Under that it reads Mr. Waddell, Cashion Okla

Cindy Drewery Stotts
I have four photos of people I do not know but my grandmother must of known. They are probably people who lived in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City or Seminole. One is of three kids dated around 1940's?. One the back it lists them as Charles Taylor age 3, Jane age 13, and Sandra age 7.

Another photo is of the Wallace Sumpter family dated 1919.

And another photo is a group of kids lined up on a tall slide from top to bottom and on the back it says Good Hope School 1948.

And the last photo is of a young lady sitting amongst several chickens. On the back is the name Nellie Snow. If anyone recognizes these descriptions, I would be more than willing to scan them and send the copy to them or send the original if they can prove they are of a relation to them.

I have an original birth/baptismal certificate that I would like to see a descendant have. It is in poor condition but I would think a family member would still want it. It contains the following information: "Certificate of Birth and Ba..... Moses Moore and his Wife Sarah a Daughter of P. Bowers... a Son the 2th day of December in the year of our Lord 1850 this Child Was Born in Madison County in the state of Indiana in North America And Was Baptized by the Rev. Wm. W. Boyden and Received the Name of Isaia."

I also have several original birth announcements (cards which were mailed) that I would like to return to a family member. Viola Louise born 1920 daughter of C.E. BLUNT, Carolyn Fay born 1927 daughter of D.B. MEADOR, John Benjamin born 1927 son of L.A. TOOTHAKER, Dorothy Clare born May 7 (no year) daughter of R.L. PETERSON, a son (no name) born Nov 7 (no year) in Missouri son of Artie GIER. Some of these cards have additional information such as birth weight, time of birth, addresses, etc.

I have some legal papers prepared by Fred Biteman of Lafayette, Ohio, that I would like to give to a relative.

D. Walker
Henderson and Ames Co:
I purchased a sword with the name Mury.

Sharon Crow
I have two pictures of the Anderson family in their 1914 (?) Model T. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are with their four children: Montia, _______, ______, and ______. The smaller post card picture was taken when the car was new in front of what appears to be a lumber yard. The second larger picture is of the same car a bit older in front of possibly the same place. It may be in Arkansas or Oklahoma and has Ella Stuart written in pencil on the back.

Jo Ann Stephens
I have a wonderful picture of a fellow named Sebe Billings. I bought this in an antique store in OH and would love to find some member of his family that needs it. He was a "canaler" in NY where the picture was taken and on the back of the picture is some wonderful genealogical information. E-mail me.

Louise Enzler
I have an 1800's 9x11 photo of the Plum family. Found at estate sale. Great Grandpa Plum-Henry Plum- Mary Shafstol-Will Plum-JakePlum-George Grant. Note attached also says Catherine Heller. She was the wife of ggrandpa Plum. No charge.
I have three card pictures Abbie from Austin Minn 1906-Lena Greene Byron Ill-Fanny T? North Dakota. Also one small photo of Lena Greene all from the same family. Found in Vancouver Wa.

When we bought our house we found a letter addressed to James J. Hassett aboard the USS Boston, c/o postmaster, Seattle, Washington. Postmarked 1946, St. Paul, Minnesota. The letter is from his aunt and uncle John and Mayves? Hasset. Return address: White Bear Castle, St. Paul, Mn. The letter was behind a picture of Wm Hassett which appears to be a college graduation picture. We live just 1 mile from the U of Minn campus so I am sure thats what it is. In this same handmade frame are 3 other gentlemen: E.R. Johnson, S.C.Bronson and G.C.Axelrod. All 4 photos are signed. The envelope from the letter is in pretty poor condition as it was found near the chimney, but the letter itself is in very good shape. All writing on both is legible. The 4 photos are in excellent shape and all on stiff portrait stock. Anyone proving a connection to any of these people I would gladly send them for the cost of mailing.
In fall 1996 in New Haven Connecticut I found a large collection of 100+ photos from the 1920's to 50's of what I believe to be the Prokop family. A junk man said he cleaned out an attic and was throwing them away. I believe he did this by mistake and took someones memories. There are several pictures of a June Prokop in and around the Connecticut, New York area. Very old group family photos that are incredible. I have not been able to locate the family. Some names are Christopher, Jed, Shirley, Sandy, Matt, and a large group of women named McAvinney. I would like to return them to someone.

JB Hodge
I have a wonderful photo of a little girl, about 3 yrs old, on a tricycle. It is marked "Holly Digges Nov. 1946". It might be the daughter of a Helen "Polly" Brooks Digges of Prescott, Arizona. I would like to get it returned to the family, if possible.

Bernie Schwindt
Have three photos found in a very old pillow in the attic of the Stull house in Staples, Minnesota. Photos could be of STULL, THORPE, BERGSTROM OR SIBLEY families. Need help in identifying them. Please contact me for a scanned image.

Yvonne Neumann
I found a large photo- 16"x13" of 8 people straddling 3 generations. On the back it says "Miller family-- Uncle Chris, Aunt Milly, Grandfather Miller, Aunt Helene (Stelene?), Grandmother Miller".

Lee Squire
I recently found a photo of a young boy probably between 3 and 5 yrs of age in an antique gallery. The inscription on the back is CHESTER STUART. No year or other identifying info so it could be from the late 1800s or early 1900s. The photo studio listed on the front of the picture is Oberholtzer. The picture was found in Oregon tho this may not make any difference. If you think this may be one of your family please email me directly as I don't get to the boards often.

Please put STUART PHOTO in the subject so I won't accidentally delete it!!

Norma Finley
Have box of photos, etc. Re: Marion C. Walther, jr. ca. Denver, Co. 1940's. Includes grade shool pics 1930's & 1940's of Edgewater School and Washington Heights School. A grad pic. Mary Joy to brother Clair Walther. Would love to get this to some family member.

Sandy Rabalais
I have 3 photos of E.W. Dryer, Jr taken when he was 5 months of age. He was born November 9th, 1920 according to the writing on the backs of the pictures. They were taken in Youngstown, Ohio. I would be glad to see them returned to the rightful owners.

Jayne Stephens
Picture of a young man taken by a photographer in Fort Payne, Alabama. The name of the man appears to be John >B>Firmon/Trumon and notes he is from Girton (?), N. D.

Cynthia Banik
I have a class picture of school children taken about 1936 (?). There is no date on it and no names but it was taken at Crosby, Texas. One of the schoolchildren is Dorothy Welch.

I purchased an old photo (1850-1890) album from ebay that contains about 40 photos with these family names: Harrison, Hull, Hall, Turner, Noble, Taft, Loomis, Crellin, Jenkins, Kirk. There were a variety of photographers, all from Ohio: B. N. Barnard, of Painesville; Davis of Painesville; Blakeslee & Moore of Ashtabula; Lawson & Mathews of Piqua.

These are not my relatives and I would really like their descendants to have these photos, just as I would like to receive photos of my ancestors.

Joni Meredith
I found a set of pictures in a basement in Manhattan beach California in the 1980's, I just recently found them again in my basement. They are dated back to the late 1890's and the early 1900's. They are of individual people and family reunion pictures. One of the pictures is from East Washington k St., Indianapolis, and one picture has Uncle"Bud" Swift d. 1902.

Becky Penberthy Hovde
Recently on the Penberthy Genforum, I was able to purchase three photographs, one of which may be an ancestor (I'm still attempting to track that info), but there were 2 others that the woman felt belonged with the Penberthy one, but I really don't think so. So I would like to find the relatives for these two pictures:

Connie M. Fellenz of Herbert, Wisconsin
-she is a young woman in this picture

Byron J. Wakefield and wife of Latham, KS

Both pictures seem to be from the mid- to late 1800's. They were purchased at an antique store in northern Wisconsin. All I ask is to be reimbursed for what I paid for them plus postage--$6.00. I was thrilled to find a Penberthy photo and hope someone from these families would appreciate them also.

Becky Penberthy Hovde
Baraboo, Wisconsin

Lisa Porter
I recently purchased a large Remembrance certificate from an antique store in Florida. The child's name was Thelma Eulah KYZER. She was born in Nov., 1914 and died at 6 months of age. I'd love to reunite this amazing certificate (which includes a sweet poem and clear photo of a smiling baby) with Kyzer relatives.

Jeanne Wallendal Jessie
I bought a file full of paper at a yard sale, on the following families and would like to see it get to their descendents. Leo F. DOUGLASS (miscellaneous paper from 1923 - 1960, and Hugh J. SCHEIBE (this is a baby book for son, Larry). Both from southern California area. Thank you.

Marla Hether
I have a boy scout manual 1928 Charles Harmon is the name in it. It has entries for badges earned. If you can tell me city lived in you may have for shipping charge.

Bernie Schwindt
I have a copy of a biographical sketch written by one Burnette G. Haskell which details his life from birth in 1857 at Downieville, Ca. to May 1900 and also lists ancestry dating back to Revolutionary times. This is not my ancestor and would like to see someone who is interested in the Haskell family have this. Please contact my by email for further insturctions.

Nancy Lucas
Have a letter postmarked 5 Aug 1961 from an L J Wilson, Amarillo, Texas to Mrs. Nellie Wilson, South Route, Lamar, Colorado. In it he tells her that he got his divorce and she can now call herself McDonel (?) again. Would love to send to anyone related to this couple.
Helen Elizabeth Hollinger was born 4am, Friday, January 4, 1901 in Carlisle Pennsylvania. I have her baby book and would like to return it to her or to her decendants. It contains notes, pressed flowers, a lock of hair, and a loving letter from Helen's great grandmother.

I found a Pitcher & Bowl in an abandoned mobile home in Sandy Valley, Nevada, a small town of about 500 people, 50 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The Person or Persons who left it did not pay their rent and never came back for their belongings. This was in the early 1980's. It is a beautiful set.

Anyway there was a letter in the Pitcher. Here it is:

Envelope reads: LaVern
" Peace, Patience & Serenity"

Letter reads:

" October 20, 1971
Dear Cousin LaVern:
This is the bowl Lester you and I, were baptized from on Feb. 15, 1914. It had taken place at 320 E. 138th St. Riverdale, Illinois. Grandma's flat where Aunt Pearl and family lived so many years. Mother and Dad lived there first and I was born there Aug. 6, 1913. We were baptized by Rev.J.C.Helms, Minister of Immanuel United Church of Christ. Hoping this letter finds you, and your loved ones well and happy

As always


Jan Broxterman
Have found a large box of photos, scrapbook, diary and momentos - trying to find owners. O. B. STUART Sr. was a real estate broker in FL, perhaps lived in Atlanta GA in 1930's.

His son O B (Bernie) STUART II attended high school in FL in 1934-35, a singer, married Laura, was in mlitary, had an Aunt Kathy in Knoxville TN, and had son O. B. STUART III. Laura might have lived in Albuquerque NM in 1950's.

It's a treasure chest -the kind of information genealogists die for. Was found in Cuba NM.

Jenny Colucci
I have an old Episcopal prayer book embossed with the name I. E. Page. The name is also hand written inside the cover. It dates around 1850's and the person wrote Mianus, Conn. under their name. As I am a resident of this area of CT I know it is now known as Cos Cob or Riverside, CT. If the descendent of this person can prove it, I would gladly give them the book. Just contact me via e-mail.

Mrs Walker
Hello Everyone! I was in an antique store today and I found a Family Photo Album which contained a very fancy and well-preserved obit for the below gentleman PLUS many family photos.

d. November 20,1902, age 58 years
Which means he was born abt. 1844

I have posted this on the BACH GENFORUM and on AOL for everyone. If you are interested in additional info. Please E-mail me with the SUBJECT LINE : FAMILY ALBUM.


I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.
Happy Hunting,
Mrs Walker

Lynne Fox
I have a 1906 diary of Lucille M. Smith of Cleveland, OH who was a nurse working in Rome Italy.

Also a five-year diary beginning in 1936 with SS# of 131-07-3665. There is no name, but there is a Red Cross card inside for G.A. (or A.A.) Wakefield. Would love to get these back where they belong.

Mike Curtis
The Farmington Genealogical Society has come into possession of the actual certificate of citizenship of Dorothy Mabel Carnaghi. It is dated Sept. 11, 1951 and includes a small picture. It is signed by Frank Dingell, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division.

If you have a connection to this individual and are interested in obtaining the certificate you can contact me by email, or contact the Society by mail at:

Farmington Genealogical Society
23500 Liberty
Farmington, MI 48335

Carol Wolf
I have a beautiful chalk portrait of an older couple the I purchased at an estate sale about 15 yr. ago. It comes from the Ed Seeney estate in Bancroft, Iowa. It has hung in my front room since purchase.

Carol Wolf
3303 140 Ave.
Bancroft, Iowa 50517

Todd Rowe
I picked up a sword with the name John D Chambers on it. It also has, The Henderson And Ames Co. on it. That company was in Michigan and made swords but who is John D Chambers?

Evva J. Morgan
I have copies of immigration papers I would like to give to the right family. I sent away for naturalization papers for my Great Grandfather and the wrong papers were sent. This John Schuller was born in Austria Hungary on May 16, 1903 and came to our county. He lived in Newburgh New York at one time.

I also have a marriage certificate for Amelia Petrie Ross marrying George A. Yerdon in New York.

Nancy Howard
At a recent estate sale in Southern CA I bought a plastic bag with many old business documents:  bank notes, land deeds, tax bills, many with the tax collectors' stamps on them; the time period is 1885 to 1919--- from GRAYSON Co. TX. The families mentioned are TRAMMELL, CRAVEN and McKEMIE. While not of great intrinsic value, I think the family information on the papers and sentimental value would be important to relatives.

Have found the original Marriage License for John Hannon and Agnes Loftus dated Sept 22, 1896, issued in Pleasanton, Tx. I call the court house and told them I was researching Hannons and they sent it to me. Said it had ben in a hold file for over 100 years.

Mike Curtis
A member of the Farmington Genealogical Society has come into possession of a scrapbook that appears to have belonged to Elizabeth CONNELL of Detroit. Other prominent names in the scrapbook are Helen CONNELL, Dr. E.L. SHURLY and Dr. Burt SHURLY. The scrapbook covers the timeframe from about 1895 - 1915.

If you have a connection to any of these individuals and are interested in obtaining the scrapbook you can contact me by email, or contact the Society by mail at:

Farmington Genealogical Society
23500 Liberty
Farmington, MI 48335

Charla Manica
I have a high school diploma, Kansas City, Kansas, 1905 for Leah Loomis.

Tissie Schwebel
I bought a baby quilt in San Francisco. This is embroidered on the back of the quilt:

"Terry Elaine Baker
Born January 4, 1950 in Pigeon Michigan
Your mother appliqued these blocks in 1931 and 1932
She was just a little girl honey
That is why this quilt should belong to you."

My daughter in law is using the quilt for her baby but it broke my heart to read the message. I have sent queries out on the internet many times and called Pigeon, Mich and talked with several people but they did not find Terry Elaine Baker.

Nancy J. Smith
I would like to see this original document returned to a member of the original family. My mother-in-law bought a picture frame at an estate sale in Tucson, AZ. When she took the picture out and removed the cardboard from behind it, a very delicate, old, and yellowed piece of paper fell out. This is a summary of what was written and readable on the paper:
Discharge Paper from service in the Union Army
For: Mark CROSBY, Jr.
Private, Company B, 16th Regiment
Union Army
From Yarmouth, Massachussetts
Entered service in 1860 and left service 1864
Marked Paid and signed by B. McCONNELL

5 ft. 3 inches, gray eyes, dark curly hair.
He was 22 years old
He was a clerk in the Union Army.

Entered in the Auditors records on July 26, 1870
Auditors signature is unreadable.
This document bears the Union Crest.
A life is not lost when it is known to future generations. Help me keep Mark CROSBY, Jr. alive for his family.

Bill Lander
I have the family bible of David Stevens of Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Maine and the 1863 diary that he kept while he was attached to the 1st Maine Cavalry. In addition I have a certificate to David Stevens signed by the Governor of Maine, Joshua Chamberlin who gained fame in the defense of Little Round Top at Gettysburg. Finally I have a ribbon from a GAR "Grand Army Of The Republic" Memorial Day celebration which we assume also belonged to David.

David's son Alvah Burton Stevens married one of my great aunts. They were childless. I found these items in an old steamer trunk in the loft of the barn attached to my great grandfather's house in Gardiner, Maine in 1965.

If there is anyone out there who can prove they descend from David, I'll gladly let them have these items

I have come across the original marriage certificate, complete with pictures on it, of F. M. Meranda and Utica A. Miller. dated 28 Sept 1869 in Merom, Indiana, signed by T. C. Smith, minister of the gospel. I have also a complete album of old pictures that appear to relate to this family. Some were taken in Higginsport, Ohio. Sure would like to get it to family descendants who would appreciate having it. It is in beautiful condition.

A friend (who does not have computer/web access) has brought us a box (shirt size) of documents for his mother's second husband who passed on many years ago. All contact was lost with the family. Knowing the value of records to a family, he would like to see the records and family photos go to the rightful owners. The box contains:

*a birth certificate
*family photos (some very old)
*business records
*service records
*misc items

This PICKENS family would be of Liverpool and Wellsville, Ohio and later (for Ernest) of Los Angeles, CA.

I have a medal which belongs to PURMAN from the Battle of Gettyburgh. I woud love to find the family it belongs to.

Sherry Nichols
I have a scrapbook that belonged to a Helen VanDyke ROBBINS that is filled with lots of newspaper clippings from the early 1900's in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY. It also has a marriage certificate for a John VanDYKE and Sarah CADY dated Oct. 13, 1892 from Blossburg, Tioga Co.,Pa. I also have Helen's drivers license with her date of birth as Mar. 10, 1901 and her social security card. I also have her husband Hilbert Wilbur ROBBINS social security card. I also have some pictures. Would love to find some family members to give these to.

Judy Carter
I have found a scrapbook titled 'Treasures of my School Days'. In front there is a picture of a bride - no name or date.
Program; 1948 Senior Ball- Palace Hotel Ballroom
Senior Card - William A HOLONEN
Pressed Corsage
Lets get acquainted card for Mary G. MITCHELL
Wedding Announcement for Margaret Bernice HINSON & Roy Vickery KINCAID, Jr.
Graduation Announcement - Galileo High & Poly Technic High School.
Pictures; page titles ' St. Mary's April 2, 1946;
P.J. & Carter 'Corpus Christie' - June 1946;
pictures of army base 'Indiana at Home - April 1947';
Carters' grandmother
Carters' grandfather
Bills' autogiro
Jimmies car

I would like to get this to someone who can claim any of these people.

Julie Javage
I purchaed a business ledger book that once belonged to Joseph Ivory of Pennsylvania. He married a Loretta (last name unknown) during the 1880's. There is a list of births and deaths for family members. If any descendants of the Ivory family would like this please e-mail me at

Linda Kleback
We have a book at the Bay County Public Library in Panama City, FL, that I would like to see returned to family members:
  • A Field Book that may have belonged to C.M. Poplin 17 June 1930
Linda Pazics Kleback
Genealogy Specialist
Northwest Regional Library System
Hdq. Bay County Public Library
POB 59625
Panama City, FL 32412-0625
Ph: (850) 872-7500 ext. 31
Fax: (850) 872-7507


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