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Wendy Schreibvogel
My name is Wendy Schreibvogel. I am writing you in hope you will put these 2 photos on your website in hope that someone will know who is in them. I found them in my Aunt's trunk who passed away in 1925. Her name was Sudie Magouirk. I do not have any other information on her or on the people or persons in these photos.


I found an interesting photo in a thrift store in Sacramento, CA. On the back it says, "1st: Merrill, 2nd: Dad, 3rd: Howard. Working at Howard's Bakery. Burns, Ore." Howard's hat says "Western Milling Co." The panel truck behind them is probably a 1940's model. I'd like to get this to its rightful owners.

Sherry Cauley
My father found this picture in an old chest that he bought at a yard sale somewhere in Alabama. The only thing written on it is "Picture taken ?? 1906." I would like to share this picture in hopes that it will reach its decendants.

Casey Huibers
Do not know if this is an actual picture since it was printed on a postcard. Many of my identifiable ones were also printed on postcards.

Ted and Carole Miller
This photo was rescued from a garage sale in California, in BAD condition. The original is about 3" square, mounted on a card about 4x6". This is one we would be happy to mail to any claimant.

The surname SKETCHLEY did NOT appear in surname files of Orange Co. CA Genealogical Society.

This is a photo reportedly of a "Sweet." The picture was taken in Peoria, IL.




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