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Photo of Lena JONES, a caucasian woman. Early 1900's (Gibson-girl style hairdo). Found in an antique store in Auburn, CA. Photo of Lena Jones, a caucausian woman, in her 20's perhaps. Early 1900's style hairdo and clothing. Found in Auburn, California antique shop. Lauren

I've "rescued" an old photograph identified as Olive COLESON. The photograph was taken by the Fowler View Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The photograph is dated 1899 and pictures a woman and young girl in front of a house with another woman pictured in an upstairs window. The little girl appears to be about 6 years old with the two women in their 20's to 40's. Based on limited research, I was able to locate information regarding Olive I. COLESON daughter of Ira W. & Estella COLESON. The family is traced through various census records as follows:

Big Rapids, MI - 1900 census:
Ira W. COLESON, age 40, born Mar 1860, married 10 years, born IL, parents born NY, a Mason
Estella COLESON, wife, age 32, born Mar 1868, married 10 years, 3 children/3 living, born OH, parents born OH
Elsie P. COLESON, dau, age 14, born Jan 1886, born MI, at School
Ida B. COLESON, dau, age 12, born Mar 1888, born MI, at School
Olive I. COLESON, dau, age 6, born June 1893, born MI, at School
Robert ELLIOTT, boarder, age 50, born May 1849, born NY, parents born NY, a Carpenter

Seattle, WA - 1910 census:
Ira COLESON, age 50, married 25 years, born IA, parents born MI/WI, a Brick Layer
Estella COLESON, wife, age 43, married 25 years, 3 children/3 living, born OH, parents born NY/OH Olive COLESON, dau, age 16, born MI

Seattle, WA - 1920 census:
Ira COLESON, age 59, born IL, parents born NY, a Masonry Contractor
Stella COLESON, wife, age 53, born OH, parents born VA

Seattle, WA - 1920 census:
Olive I. COLESON, age 26, born MI, parents born IA/OH, a Stenographer

Aberdeen, WA - 1920 census:
Elsie COLESON, age 26, born MI, parents born IL/OH, School Board Deputy Secretary

I am hoping to locate someone from Olive's family so that this wonderful old photograph can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

Found a photo of an unknown young gentleman today. Back of photo says it was taken at


Will forward a scanned copy of photo at your request. Hoping to find relatives.
Please E-mail me at:

Kathy Miller
I have about a hundred old photographs, mostly formal portraits of the Fortney and/or Miller family of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky that cannot be identified. They may be cousins, etc. that live in other areas also. NEED HELP IDENTIFYING. Will share.

Karen Elder
I have a civil war picture and another very old picture of a man on black velvet and the negative is in the glass, that was amongst my Grt. Grandmother's things. Her name was Sarah Elizabeth Burris Dudley, d. Oct. 1894 My Grandmother who lived to be 99yrs. said she thought that it belonged to the family Sarah worked for as a "Nanny." The family would have been in either Hancock Co. or Henry Co. Indiana around Shirley and Wilkinson IN.

We have put up a page with 2 photographs on it from an antique photo album owned by a branch of our family. These 2 photographs are detailed there. One is a picture of an oil painting which our family may have owned and the other is cut from a photograph group we suspect was taken in Canada, but no other information is available.

Spencer Descendants Photo Identification Project

I have a whole site dedicated to old photos. I know they are from our family but have no idea who they are.

Claudia Garner


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