Photographs found in antique store in Apopka, FL by Lorien Gunsallus, email:
Photographer Location Notations written on back
Goldsmith Studio St. Louis MO Alvina Jaeck"Feb 7th, 26 years old, taken Sept. 14, 1900"
None None Alvina Jaeck"3 pictures Johnie, Francie, Alvina" appears to be one of a set of three, Alvina is pictured
None None C. F. Tibbetts
Burnite & Weldon Harrisburg, PA Martha Beck Hammer"Taken from a daguerrotype which was taken about the year 1854."
C. L. Howe & Son Brattleboro, VT Charles S. Parker
None Plainfield, CT Aunt Lydia Sheldon Butcher"JEP my father's sister"
Stiles Westerly, RI March 19, 1895
Louise Maxson"My dear sister-in-law, JP written June, 1951"
Moore Ludlow, VT Ina Weeks
H.P. Osborne Bethelem, PA August 12, 1864
Samuel Reinke"Aged 73 years, Aug. 12, 1864"
Grossman None April, 1900
W.V.T. Landis
Yoost Onieda, NY Mrs. LeRue Stanton (Aunt Addie)
None None Harry R. Arment
Cornish & Bohen Kansas City, MO Evans Gilkerson
Robinson New York City Mabel DeNobriga Titus
"taken when 10 mos. old"
National Photo Newark, NJ Stella Taggart
"5 months old, 1889" "1941-Estelle Eucker, Mrs. George F."
None None Lizzie Hammond (infant)
Williams New Athens, Ontario?? Frank O. Hammond
None None Edna Nebeker, Zane Bogart, Charles Bassett, Carl Bogart, Ma... Nebeker



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