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Brady, Wagner and Havens
My father says his sister gave a lot of family photos and memorabilia to the Goodwill when she was moving because she didn't want to move it. This was in Grand Junction, Colorado - I'm not sure of the year, maybe anytime between 1950 and 1970. The surnames would have been Brady, Wagner and Havens. It's a long shot but worth a try. Jamie Stoneking

My name is Shelly Mendoza. I am looking for anyone that knows or may have been the one that bought my storage at Hwy 99 French Camp storage #448 in Manteca, CA on July 25, 2005. My daughters remains were in there. It is a white ivory angel and all their foot prints. It was in a soft blue cooler bag and two blue envolpes that have all the papers for a settlement on my home. I had a clear tote with a white lid that has all my son's baby memories. Please help me to get my daughters back. I will pay what ever and no questions asked. Please return my daughters or as the auctioner told me they were tossed. If you know where, please let me know. If found or you have, please mail to PO Box 1453, French Camp, California 95231 or call 209-688-1668. God Bless

I am looking for any pictures of my Grandfather SULLIVAN. His name was Howard SULLIVAN and he was born in Kentucky in 1876. He went to Center College in Kentucky in the last decade of the 1800's. He was a school principal at some point probably in Dayton, OH. He became a court reporter for the St. Louis Star in the first few years of the 1900's. For health reasons he moved to Denver CO and married. He was Deputy Commissioner of Immigration and a business editor for the Rocky Mt news for the remainder of his life which ended in 1924. Any help locating pictures would be appreciated. Thanks, Judy Stevens

I am looking for any Sullivan Family members who may still be living that at one time had lived in Reisterstown Maryland. One of the daughter's of this large family was named Ruth C. Sullivan. Her married name would have been Pittinger. Ruth was my grandmother and she died December 9, 1939. My grandmother would have had 2 little girls. One named Betty Mae and one name Joan Deloris Pittinger. This lady was my grandmother and since her death in 1939 she had not had a headstone put on her grave, I believe out of shame. Her daughter Joan, my mother, recently passed away and I have made it my desire to have a stone put on her grave, but I do not have any information on this family. If anyone has any information on this family from Reisterstown, Maryland, would you please contact me at Thank you, Shuna Thompson

I am the founder of the FitzRandolph Historical Society, and am looking for many items that belonged to the families, the FitzRandolphs were also know as "Randolph" and our roots are in New Jersey with many families moving to many states. Thank you to anyone who can help us find our families treasures !! Trisha FitzRandolph, Founder, FitzRandolph Historical Society

In the late 60's we lived in Victor, Colorado. While there a paper bag of family photos were lost. Also when we moved away, some items were left behind for safe keeping (baby bracelets, birth certificates, etc.) The family name is Vanier. If anyone has any information on these I would be happy to hear from them. My name is Gail McNall.

Strafford/Gallo family pictures....I had two portable storage units in Azusa, California (Public Storage) and did not realise that the credit card for the monthly payments had expired. As I am living in the UK and life is busy, it just did not occur to me until recently that I had not seen the bill for the storage unit on my statement. Public storage auctioned off the contents of the storage unit in Sept 2005. I am greatly distressed as every bit of my family history is now gone. I am desperate to find the pictures and photo albums, yearbooks, and tokens that were in the units. The main items that i would buy back are:

1) Singer Sewing Machine that belonged to my grandmother circa 1940's
2) Collector Plate series featuring fashion in decades given to me by my great-grandmother
3) Entire family collection of photos from 1900's through to 1990's
4) Yearbooks from Dana Hills HS 1982-1986
5) Personal papers and literature

The names associated with these items may be Strafford, Gallo or Williams. Please contact me if you have knowledge of any of these items. Christy Strafford at

John, Sonja, James, Diana & Sean Harrison of Pasadena, California. Circa 1960s-1970s. Due to becoming homeless after divorce years ago (1980s) my children and I had to leave all our belongings in the garage & house of a house we rented on Duarte Road, Monrovia, California near 8th St. Landlord lived next door on corner. This was everything my children had accumulated in their school years, all we owned; furniture, appliances, clothing, memories. If anyone knows where anything went I will gladly buy it back. Particularly looking for the following:

1) I am looking for a specific rocking chair handed down in my family. This chair has MUCH SENTIMENTAL VALUE as many babies were rocked to sleep in it. DESCRIPTION: One of a kind, dark, aged wood, not sure what kind. It had thin, hand hewn spindles across the (tall) back and from the arms to the rocker feet as well. The spindles are approx 1" diameter.
2) Super 8 movie film reels of my kids/family life/outings. These would be from when we lived in Pasadena, Cal on Highland St, Hastings Ranch Rd so those may be mentioned.
3) "White Lightning", Pinewood Derby car my son made.
4) Antique (not a repro) brass Hula Girl Lamp.
5) Large wall hanging, carved marble of the Bicentennial. Lots of US historical images carved into a marble like medium.
6) Trophys, ribbons and awards earned by my children and of course photos.

Thanks, Sonja Worden, Sparks, Nv.

When I went to sea for the first time I had to leave all of my brother's and my Boy Scout items in storage in the barracks at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, FL. The items were in an orange backpack. I would love to be able to get these items back. The year was 1979. Thanks, John Goad.

Hundreds of old photos and scrapbook pages were stolen from our van in Nebraska outside a hotel where we were staying during my husband's transfer from Nebraska to Virginia. Names include: Gilley, Parker, Dent, Hewitt, and many others. Photographs are mostly black & white, old, some newer, many of my children in color portraits. Entire family history lost. Please contact us if you know anything or have any information on where these photos may be recovered or purchased. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I hope someone out there has enough compassion to come forward with information or the photos themselves. Thank you.

Tracy, Wes, Tom, Mary & Shelly

Lost photo albums belong to Emmett and Hazel (Moore) Johns of Des Moines, Iowa, containing ancestors with surnames Moore, Allen, Wilcox.

Carol Larsen

Willing to buy back the memory book of my great great grandfather Daniel Benjamin Gelwicks of his time in the 126th Pa Vol. and the 2nd Pa Heavy Artillery during the Civil War. Last known place it was was in Chambersburg, Pa left to his grandson Daniel Myers.

Becky and Fred

I would love to find a photo of my grandfather whom I never met. His name was Benjamin Wood Cox, born July 20, 1889 in Mount Sterling, Kentucky or Louisville, Kentucky. His father was Dr. George Newton Cox of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and his mother was Carolyn (Carrie) Thompson Wood. He had several brothers and sisters: Neale Cox, Andrew Russell Cox, James (Mike) Cox, Kathryn Cox Ferguson, Alma Cox Allen, Regina Clara Cox Rogers, Ivatilla Cox Sullivan of Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. There may not be many descendants and I believe my mother was Ben's only child. He wrote and reported for newspapers and died September 21, 1967 in Largo, Florida. Any family history or pictures would be wonderful.

Rosebud Musick

In the late 1940s prior to a move from Wisconsin to Texas, photo albums, and my Mum's (Kathleen "Kay" Feehan Newell Bertram) personal memorabilia from Australia, along with other house hold items were put in storage in Milwaukee, WI. and never retrieved, surnames associated would be: Feehan, Capper, Clarke, and Bertram. Mum was an Australian War Bride, and everything she brought to this country was left in storage, included would have been a photo of Aunty Ellen Clarke taken in the late 1890s or early 1900s in South Australia. Although I feel certain that these items were destroyed long ago, "Hope springs eternal in the breast of man." I would especially love to have the photo of Aunty Ellen, if anybody has any knowledge of these items, please contact me.

Thanks in advance,
Linda Bertram Babin

In 1982 my husband abandoned me & apparently put all of our children's & my belongings in a self-storage unit in Pasadena, Texas. I didn't find out about this for a couple of years. By then the unit had been hit by a tornado & there was damage to much of the stored goods. My husband had quit paying the monthly fee, & I didn't have the money to pay it or go get it. We lived in Utah. Among the things he put in there were our children's BABY BOOKS. They were for my daughter Michelle Althea-b.10-7-1975, my sons, Michael David-b. 10-13-1976, Jonathan Lewis b. 2-3-1979 & Christopher Leigh b. 10-28-1980. My HIGH SCHOOL YEAR BOOK from Choctawhatchee HS 1974 was also among the items. Also precious to me were the PAINTINGS which were done by my mother, Jan Case, who died in 76. All of her paintings were framed and signed with either her name or initials & I believe the year. She painted most of them between the years of 1968 & 1971. All of our photo albums were also among the items. If anyone has come across any of these things, I would really appreciate knowing about it, & possibly getting some of them back. Thank you very much.
Cindy LaFreniere

My family album (large green with black pages) was accidently thrown out in the later 1970's in Hixson/Chattanooga, Tennessee area. I don't know if it had names in it but there were a lot of pictures of a young blond-headed girl (me), with my dog, my big brother at Christmas, on my swing, my birthday party outside. Names that might have been in it would be , Eugene and Rebecca (Becky) Mills, Eddie Mills, Linda Rebecca Mills, Rosebud Smith. Also given away to the people from the moving van company in 1969 in the Hixson/Chattanooga area (came from South Pittsburg, TN) was a LARGE wood ceader chest built by my Grandfather - Floyd Mack Mills - FMM.It might have had his initials carved into it. Please contact me if you find these or anything with these names in it. Thank you.

Linda Mills

In 1976 I lost my father's Army Air Corps lighter from WWII. It is inscribed on the back with his name Edward Lewis Strohecker, Jr and I believe a date and the year 1948. My father was Medal of Honor receipient as he was shot down twice in a Liberator bomber and taken prisoner of war. My father died 10 years ago and I don't have anything that belonged to him. I would love to have this back.

Carolyn Strohecker

Back in 1986 someone took my suitcase in Hannibal, Missouri. It had my Father's purple heart, the case, the wooden bullet he was shot with in the Korean War and his birth bracelet that said Wilson. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this, please email me. I would love to have it back. It has a lot of family memories. Thanks,

Now that my parents and siblings have passed away, I am searching for anything about the Meadowcroft & Arden Rose Growers in Kennett Square, Pa. or West Chester, Pa. My Mother was Lily Ella Worrall. I am especially looking for anything with the original logo.

Mary Renninger

I am looking for any family material for the Family LANCE, which has also been spelled phonetically as LANTZ or LENTZ and even Lents or Lants.

Laurence Lance

I am looking for any photos or family Bible belonging to the Parsons family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Names that would be associated with this family in the Bible would be: Silence Hubbard, David Parsons, Arthur Parsons, Lovell Parsons, Charles L. Parsons. These were in the possession of Lovell Parsons who recently died (August 2000). All were sold off to dealers. I would love to get any back.

Susan Martin

About 65 years ago my Mother Mary Ellen (Mae) Keefe Wilkins loaned my Great Great Grandfather Rev. Zephaniah Wilkins Prayer Book to a young man that was studying to become a Minister. At the time he lived with a woman who I believe was his Mother or Grandmother at 660 W. 61st St. in Chicago Illinois. We used to call her Grama Nichols (don't know if that is the correct spelling of her name). The young man said he didn't have the money to buy a Prayer Book, so my Mother loaned him the one that had belonged to Rev. Zephaniah. There is important Family history information in it and I would appreciate any help I can get in having it returned to our Family. Thank-You for any help you can give us.

Ann Wilkins Harhen

I am searching for family photos, documents etc. from the families of Clarence Brink and his wife Cora Hazen (Sullivan Co., PA). Also seeking old photos of Eaglesmere, PA between the years 1890 and 1940.


Looking for school, land, death, hospital, military, bible, criminal, motor registration, census records, personal letters, photos, newspaper articles for the following ancestors from Mercer Co. Ohio. All are listed on the 1870 census for Mercer Co. Ohio in Dublin Township.

Death record for Willis listed below as 12 years old shows fathers first name to be Laurel. And mother as Christiana. It is said by older family members that the men mostly used there middle names.

Isiah Johnson 54 y male.
Christana 53 y female.
Benjamine 22 y male.
Barbara 18 y female.
Elmira 15 y female.
Wilis 12 y male.

Thank You.

Frank Johnson

When I was a teenager in the 80's, I lost my mothers class ring at our home in Houston, Texas (North Shore/Galena Park area). It is a 1960 gold class ring from Pennsylvania. Contact me for a more details. I've always been upset about losing it and would love to find it again - somehow! Thanks!!!!

Jody L. Crawford

I am seeking information on the following families, in the locations listed or anywhere else!!!!

Gross - US and Germany, especially TN, IL, VA, PA, and more
Swanson - Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Oregon
Peterson - Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Oregon
Erickson - Mineesota, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Oregon
Rankin - all locations, especially Illinois, Idaho, Oregon, Tennessee, and much much more
Cross - Tennessee
Devault, DeVault, DeWald, etc. - Tennesee
Cowley - Tennessee
Giesler - Tennesee
Long - Louisiana

Thank you very much!!!

Jody Lynn Peterson-Crawford

In the early 1800's, my great-great-great-grandfather, Martin Marmon, kept a foolscap diary of his journey from North Carolina to Ohio. I would love to see the diary or a transcription of it.

Kathie Marmon Thornton

My Grandpa passed away in a hospital in WV in the sixties, he lived in Beatrice, NE at the end. Several things my Mom and Aunts were to have, but they didn't have the room in the car to take them. By the time they got back down to WV the furniture, some photo's, trunks, Family Bibles and all were gone. Now Grandpa had a really nice neighbor woman who he gave some things to, because she helped take care of him.

If anyone comes across any items that belonged to (Jack) Elias Deem m. to Linnie, would you please let me know. My Mom is eighty-five and she is the only surviving family member living from this line. The paper items at least would perhaps have these surnames on them - Deem, Love, Boggess, Haught, Lowe, Marker...We would LOVE to have these items back in the Family.


Searching for any family pictures, papers, records or anything of the John E. Medlar family from Baltimore, MD, which would include John E. Medlar d. 1941, Mary C. Medlar (nee Linthicum) d. 1975, Herbert Medlard. 1978, Carrie Medlar (nee Funk) d. 1977, John E. Medlar jrd. med 1980's, Patsy Medlar, or Carol Medlar (nee Harris) mid 1980's. These pictures and papers were lost in Baltimore. My grandmother Mary died without a will, everything went to my father and uncle. My father had remarried to Carol Harris and died with no will so everything went to my stepmother. She died with no will and everything went to some cousin out in Indiana. Now uncle Eddie remarried a woman named Jean, he died with no will so everything went to her, then she died and everything went to her family. Also searching for Herbert Medlar's ashes. Haven't a clue what happened to them, as he was well off financially and his new wife wouldn't give up anything!

Searching for pictures, papers, records, certificates, etc, or anything from my grandmother who remarried and died without a will in 1969. Everything went to my new grandfather Charles Carnes d. mid 1980's, with no will and all of my grandmothers things went to his neice, Barbara? This all occured in Baltimore, MD in the mid 1980's. Grandmoms name was, Margaret Norine Kolb. She married and divorced Edward Joseph Ritz in Baltimore. She remarried Charles Carnes. So it's Margaret Norine Kolb-Ritz-Carnes.


Donna Garland

When I was five years old, my parents divorced and they lost custody of me. I went into an orphanage. I now have my first little grandson and would love to be able to show him pictures of myself when I was little, however, there are none to show him. However, I remember as a little girl, living in Walkhill, N.Y. that my parents had had an oil painting of me hanging in the living room. It shows a little blonde girl in a blue dress holding a blue toy telephone. I'm sitting down in the picture. I'm hoping someone "rescued" this painting and it's still around. If anyone has it and is willing to part with it, please contact me at Thank you.

Pam Reese

In 1944-45 during WWII my father Charles E. Kindinger was stationed with the 314 Hq. & Base Sv. Sq., 466th Air Serv. Gr., Det. A, 2248th QM Truck that was attched to the 40th St. Sqd., 344th Bomb Gp. of the 9th Air Corps stationed in Bishop's Stortford in Herfordshire, England. From there he was shipped to I believe Cormeille-En-Vixen, France. While stationed there he painted a portrait in oil of his commanding officer (name unknown) who had it insured for over $1,000.00 to ship it back to the states. I would dearly love to see the painting!

Both of my parents drowned in a sailboat accident in 1950 when I was 13 months old, which is why I am so anxious to learn anything about them. Thank you!

Danja Thompson

My father was an orphan train rider who lived in Nebraska from 1903 until 1913. During this time he lived with a family named Cassidy. who at the time he was placed, lived in Holt County, Nebraska. During these years, he went by the name of Lawrence Cassidy. I am sure that he attended school and church while there but have been unable to locate any thing. If anyone has school records or photos of school children of this period and place I would appreciate hearing from them. I would like  to find some record of his life in Nebraska.

Margaret Warne

Around 1962-6, my father pawned my mother's saxophone and lost it. The case contained her many medals from state contests, etc. This was in Ft. Wayne, IN; my mother graduated from Walter P. Chrysler high school in New Castle, IN in 1959, so the medals, if dated, would be 1956-59. My mother's maiden name was Sharon Jane Neideffer; she went by Jane. My father's name was Gene Paul Pierce. Either or both names may be associated or included with the sax, case or medals. I would love to have her awards if they still exist-I can't hope to get the instrument, but that would be wonderful.

Ellen J Choate

About the 1970's, during one of our family's moves, I mistakenly gave away my grandfather's pocket watch to the Goodwill. I really wish I had it now. It was gold colored watch with a train engraved on the back. My grandfather worked on the railroads. The train looked like it was coming towards you. When I gave it away, the glass face was broken and it didn't work. Maybe somebody remembers buying it in The Dalles, Ore. I would sure like to get it back.

In 1964, my grandfather Tom Morrow Green passed away. The following year my grandmother Catherine Saum Green passed away. My mother, Ann Catherine Green Kapstrom, their only child went up to Rio Vista, CA to close up their family home. She was a young mother with three small children and another on the way so all of the family treasures were sold. I am interested in anything with the surname Green or Saum on it but especially some quilts made by my great-grandmother (not sure whether she was Saum or Green). Anyone with information regarding these quilts, please contact me. There are four daughters plus my mother who would LOVE to have them back. The sale would have taken place in April/May/June of 1965.

This is not a family heirloom but more of a Town History heirloom that I need to get a look at to prove Noah Mitchell went to Columbia, Maine in his early days. Noah is a Mayflower desc. of Isaac Allerton and Richard Warren. John Bucknam was a trader and storekeeper very early in Columbia Maine. A few years ago his Ledger A 1769 (8"x 13", 350Pgs. ) was found in the eaves of an old house in Columbia. John Bucknam carried on a charge business with some of the Earliest Settlers, locally and in nearby townships. My main Interest would be photocopies of any notations of the Mitchell/MaGee families' charges as it will tie Noah Mitchell to Mary MaGee w/o Peter MaGee Sr., my anscester. But there are so many notations of importance in that Ledger that would help families track their lines as many records are missing in those towns Downeast due to fires  and floods. Specifically,I need photocopies of Aug.-Sept 1778 from that Ledger that says: "To your passage and keeping in part to Falmouth and back to Pleasant River with Capt. Whitney 12 L old way by his bill. To half the charging your boy 3 months 14L-15s, the other charged your father as he agreed to pay it." Another notation: Oct.1777-1778: "To schooling your daughter Mary's child 14L-15.5s" appears in the account of Noah Mitchell himself. I'm sure there is more that proves this family line and others.It would be such a boon to the Hist. Soc. downeast if this Bucknam's Ledger A could be found.

Charon Mathews Sellers

I am searching for the World War II dog tags of my grandfather, Stanley Alex Ferenc. Sentimental Value!


Lost in Alburquerque, New Mexico- a box of memorabilia belonging to Letty Dill nee Kichline (other married name-Noonan). When she died, this box of letters, photos, etc. disappeared. Family Names- PEREA, KICHLINE, DILL, NOONAN. Thanks!

Karen Murray

A photo of Great grandfather JOHN STEPHENSON in his Union civil war uniform was believed to have been sold with books in a sale in Cuba Mo. between 1990-1995. The books belonged to Katherine Schuler, my aunt. She had a habit of keeping photos in books for bookmarks. Would love to have the photo returned.

Elaine Thien

I am desperately searching for a picture of my grandmothers mother (her name is Bell Woodard (could have Alpha - or Woodward - would be in Kentucky or Virginia - Lee and Harlan Counties) for her to have. She is 85 years old and about 6 months ago I started tracing back her family for her. She never knew much about them and her mother died in 1932. I really want to give her a picture of her before she dies. (I hate even thinking about it but I know that it would be the greatest thing in the world for her. She speaks of her every day and I cant even find out where she is buried at. She was supposedly buried in Harlan County Kentucky but there is no listing for her on the death record index. I know that there are pictures out there somewhere - she had a trunk full of things sold at an antique store in Lee Co. Va or Harlan Co. Ky and my grandmother could not afford to get it out. I believe this was back in the fiftys. And my grandmother had pictures of her when she was living in Harlan Co, Ky. but her family was so poor (my grandfather a coal miner) that they often had to move and left everything behind - there were times they lived in the mines. Can anyone help me - I just thought maybe by chance someone sees this might have one or could help in any way... I will pay any copy or mailing costs. Thanks for anything...


3 events in the lifes of my mother and I have resulted in losing many family items. I would so appreciate anything from the following names.

Great Great Parents-(fathers side) WILLIAM YOUNGS & HATTIE YOUNGS / CICIL WHITMORE & JENNIE CRAWFORD. (mothers side) BENFAMIN F. SMITH & NETTIE J. STREETER/SMITH from Wayne Nebreska 1888, moved and settled and died in Chelan Washington. NETTY was also called MONO by my mother. and RICHARD & EMILY CROSS from Forest City Iowa.

Grandparents: (fathers side) BENJAMIN LYMON YOUNGS & EDNA MAY WHITMORE/YOUNGS who raised their family in Spokane Washington. I believe her family, the WHITMORE'S were from IDAHO. I know my grandmothers family were farmers. (THE CECIL WHITMORE'S) and on my mothers side are WAYNE PARKER SMITH a Chelan Orchard owner, born Wayne Nebraska 1887 and moved to Chelan with parents in 1888 where he married WINIFRED PEARL CROSS from Forest City Iowa. I have notation that her mother, EMILY CROSS died in Forest City on March 13, 1927, my grandfather then married a MYRTLE HOWARD from Cashmere Washington Sep 14 1945 and she she gave away a attic filled with my mothers things she was saving, childhood stuff, dolls, books, writings, etc. things she was saving for her children, she use to tell me and was heartsick about it! The rest of the familys things were dumped when my grandfather died, again by MYRTLE, I have no idea what, everything that was in the famliy home that my mother was born in. Other vital family members were my mothers Godmother EDNA ALICE DART,who was also called DARTY,( my middle name is after her) who came from West Union Missouri ,was born Nov 21 1880 and moved to Chelan in 1890 I am assuming with her parents and then married a Louis or Lewis DART who died in 1917 , they are both buried with my mom's family in Chelan Fraternal Cemetery. LENA WHITMORE is related somehow, I called her Aunt, she was a school teacher and is supposed to have a school named after her in the west here somewhere. Also missing is my son's BABY BOOK , JOSHUA WHITED born 1976-Seattle, along with a set of collector spoons with the fist quad twins to live, , all girls, other family picture books, letters, etc , you name it, it was stolen or given away, My Mother VIRGINIA CROSS SMITH/ YOUNGS born Feb 2, 1921 -died Jan 5 1967-wrote articals and short storys and submitted them to unknown places, she was Princes of Chelan and Rodeo Queen the first year Chelan had a Rodeo, The family belonged to the St Andrews Episcopal Church in Chelan and the women belonged or went to Rainbow. She also worked at a Radio Station in Chelan and Spokane. She went to Washinton State University from 1939-43 where she met and married my dad, ROBERT ALISON YOUNGS Sr, they then had me in 1956 , BARBARA ALICE YOUNGS, My famliy lived in the Seattle area and went to Saint Georges Episcopal Church until my mother died in 1966. other names that could be on my things would be a married name of WHITED. Alot of personal things were stolen and lost, I would love to reconnect with my memorys, and my mothers and fathers! thank you so much for any help you can be! Any help I can be to anyone else, would be happy to do so!

Barb Gentry

I am searching for an authentic woolen coverlet produced in my great-great grandfather's woolen mill in Kantner, Pennsylvania, Somerset County. His name was William RININGER and he often wove the name, date, and location into a corner block of these coverlets. These coverlets date from circa 1895 to 1920. Please contact me if you have one or know of one or have a photo of them.

Don Rininger

My granduncle Harry Gleason Greer had an auction in 1997 in Hutchinson, MN. Harry is over 80 years old and inadvertently auctioned off his genealogy collection which he had spent over 30 years compiling. I'm not sure what all may have been there, photos, charts, etc. The main surnames in the collection would include GREER, MCCLAY, GUTHRIE, ROBINSON. They were in Wright County, MN since about 1869, Canada and Ireland before that.

If anyone has any information about what happened to this I'd love to hear from you. Nothing would make Harry happier than to recover this collection. Please send email to with any information. Thanks!

Gary Larson

In August 1992 my father died suddenly in a motel in Lima, OH. During the commotion of his death, his college ring was lost. If any one finds it, I would be glad to give a reward. His name is in the ring and that would be how I know it is the right ring.

D H Deci

I left my high school graduation certificate hanging on a wall in Austin, TX about 35 years ago.

Name: Katherine Lamar Williamson
School: San Angelo Central High School, San Angelo, TX
Date of graduation: 1960

I also left my high school ring from above mentioned school (gold with blue stone and initials KLA inside ring) in a Holiday Inn in Dallas, TX about 18 years ago. I would love so much to have these items.

Kathy Arth

I am the great great granddaughter of MORRIS LOEB. He was a photographer in Alexandria, VA. I am looking for any of his photos. or anyone who has any information on him. Please e-mail me at

I am the granddaughter of Nita Margaret Singleton Brown who was born and raised in Danville, Missouri (Montgomery County) daughter of Sarah Ann Matthews Singleton and John William Singleton. Grandma was married to Fay Orrin Brown and living in Auxvasse MO at the time of her death in 1979. Due to unfortunate circumstances, her personal belongings including Family Bible, jewlery, photographs, etc. were separated from the family at the time of her death. I would be grateful for any information that could help me to locate these items.

M. Suzanne Geist-Burens

I'm the granddaughter of a Mr. Minter Starcher Jr. His parents were Minter Starcher Sr. and Gladys Smith Starcher. They lived on Cherry Street in Richwood, WV. Due to the unfortunate death of my grandfather and due to the unfortunate situation surrounding the personal items such as family photos, family bible, other family heirlooms (such as jewelry, furniture, etc.), my mother was unable to have what was rightfully hers. Instead, it was auctioned off for little to nothing and or given away or destroyed. I hope someone was so kind in buying those items or saving them in hopes of being returned to the rightful owners. I am interested in recieving ANY item that belonged to my grandfather, or my great grandfather and great grandmother. Many of the older people in Richwood, WV still remember the situation and I hope through this plea some of the items will be returned. Thank you... and God bless....

Leslie Wade


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