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Rebecca Lynch
In rummaging through my (deceased) parents' papers recently, I discovered a 30 page, type-written autobiography by Charles E. Fleischman. The work is full of personal reflections, poetry, war and love stories. Fleischman was a life-long friend of my g-aunt, Minnie Bengtsson. I don't know the extent of the relationship, but am quite sure we are not related since Min never married. Fleischman was born in Kingsbury County, SD and lived in various parts of the midwest. From SD records, I discovered he had six siblings (Edna, Frederick, Olive, Ora, Hattie and Floyd). In his 80s, when he wrote this letter to my Aunt Min, he lived in Oregon but had plans to move to Idaho. I would be happy to give this to any surviving relative.

Terri L. Smith
I have an old picture of my family on my fathers side. The Midkiffs. My grandmother (Gretchen Midkiff)is the one with the dark dress and Bowtie in her hair. If any one remembers the people in the picture. I will gladly send you a copy either by E-mail or regular mail. Thanks.

Eric Herr
I have a picture of the 1910 Wellsville, OH (Columbiana County) Volunteer Fire Department. The names with the picture are: Wm Byers, Jack Evans, Shannon Greer, Clyde Steffel, Kenny ?, Clyde Baker or Barker, H.E. Potts, Elmer Haney, M.K. Duty, E.L. Adams, Doc Wathry or Wothry, M.F. Forner, Joe Baddley, Sol Sommers. I would gladly share this with anyone. Maybe someone has info on Sol Sommers.

Elaine Thien
I have a photo of relatives we think are THIENS--probably HENRY and SOPHIA HOOGSTRADT THIEN. It was taken in Milwaukee, Wis., date unknown. If anyone recognizes the photo or has one with similar people, please contact me. I have other photos of the THIEN family I would be willing to share. Researching HENRY and SOPHIA THIEN, THEODORE and MARY WESTER THIEN from Germany.

Joyce Brown
These three 8 x 10 photos were found in a single long frame. They are obviously of a large extended family and appear to be c. 1920s. The only identifying mark is the photographer: "Hart, Ames, Iowa" which is in Story County. Please contact me for information.


Clarence A Edmonson
Photo of Anna (Edmonson) Adams and younger sister Ruby (Edmonson) Anderson taken in the early 1900's, maybe OK. Their parents were Voorhees S Edmonson and Rachael ? Edmonson. Ruby was in Lakeland, CA ~1970. Anna Adams was in New Orleans, LA ~1970. Would love to share information.

Keith Sankey
This photo is of my great grandmother Adeline (HARRIS) Elliott 1851-1937 and her sister Ida (HARRIS) KEELER their parents are believed to be Samuel and Abigail Harris. Samuel is believed to be buried on a hillside near Crook City, SD. The Harris and Elliott and Keeler families were all in the Boyd/Holt County together in the 1880s and 90s. The Keelers in Spencer and Lynch, Holt Co. Late in the 1920. I have a fare amout of info in the Elliotts, less on the Harris family, and even less on the Keelers.

M. Lank
I have many old pictures circa 1920 of railroad workers laying tracks and trains and train wrecks taken in East Texas. I also own many old family pictures of the Jonathan Roach family and Simon Smith Family and some unidentified pictures of probably Jones/Mangum family and Gandy family of East Texas, also the Richard Standley family. I would be willing to share these by copying them on my visioneer scanner and sending them via internet to other members of these families.

Pattie Hannon
I have photos of the Samuel and Catherine (WALTERS) HENRY family of Madison Co., Iowa. Samuel HENRY and Catherine WALTERS were married 28 April 1836 in Sandusky Co., OH. They moved to Harrison Co., MO in 1855 and to Madison Co., Iowa in 1860, where they remained for the rest of their lives. I have photos of three of their daughters - Mary Jane (HENRY) WHEELER, Lucinda E. (HENRY) DAVIS, and Diantha Talitha (HENRY) TRIMMER; and of one son, John Wesley HENRY. Also of these children's spouses/families. I am willing to share and make copies.

Harriett D. Auger
I have pictures of Robert Gushue and brother Leo Gushue (Brooklyn NY),Janet Coffey (Brooklyn NY)Circa 1950. Family pictures of Doyles, Bogerts,Hunekes and Elizabeth Horne. I am more than willing to share same since I have a scanner to copy the pictures.

Denise Davis
I have an entire photo album of pictures with no markings on any of the pictures except for the name of the photographer and the town and state he was in. Some pictures were taken by H.P.Pitcher in Conneaut, Ohio. Others by someone surnamed Lovell, in Amherst, Mass. Some taken right here in Lewiston, Me. Surnames that may be involved are HILTON, WHITEHOUSE, DAVIS, PEASE, CHAMBERLAIN, FRYE, and HUFF. All families would have a connection of some kind to Wellington, Maine. Would be happy to speak with and give copies of pictures if you can help me identify the people in the pictures.

Michael A Cavanaugh
I have family photos ca. 1860-1870 to share with descendants of related families of FERGUSON, LASLEY/LESLEY/LESLIE, WILSON, CRAVEN, BERRY, ADAMS, HALSTEAD, HAMILTON, ROUND. They lived mainly in w. Indiana (Fountain, Benton, Warren counties) and e. Illinois (McLean, Lasalle, Iroquois, Livingston counties). In particular would like to contact descendants of MAUD RUBIE (FERGUSON) HALL-STEWART, daughter of WILLIAM HARRISON FERGUSON.

In searching for photos of my ancestors I realized I may have some photos of someone elses. This was a group picture with my great grandmother in it. It also included two of her friends and their children. I would be happy to give anyone a copy. The names of the two women I believe are Martha Lundquist and her two daughters and Margeree Butts. The women are in their twenties or thirties and the picture was taken about 1890. I believe it was taken in Southern Utah.

Jerry & Eloise Grigsby
We have photos, letters, and GAR Ribbons for Reuben Peter BOBB of Stephenson, IL. Also photos of REAGER, GRIGSBY, PHILLIPS, SMITH, FOLGATE, BOBB, MACE, RUDY, and allied familles of Illinois, North & South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Judith Loebel
I have a diary and much family info for descendents of the vast Williams family that settled in Roxbury Mass. app. 1623 The authoress of the diary is Juliet Ripley Williams born 1838 in Harts Falls (Schagticoke) NY moved with her family to Saginaw Mich in 1850's married Stewart Beach Williams whose family settled Saginaw and whose father was the first mayor. Would like to find any descendents or researchers. Also have a lot of info on this family.

David Schaff
I have a photo of D.C. Shaff, who I believe is D.Clinton Shaff b. abt 1858, son of Leonard Shaff, son of Peter and Margaret Shaff. Margaret dau. of William and Margaret Shaff/Schaff/Schaaf/etc, of NY.

Cyndy Irvine
I have an old letter from Canton, Penn., April, 1857, to Rodman Wilcox, in Orleans County, NY, also an 1860 letter from Wm & Lois Knappen in Canton also to Elijah Wilcox in Orleans County, NY. I'm not sure how I'm related to these people but will be glad to share copies of this letter and contain alot of family information.

Suzanne Smith Schlabs
The members of the COVINGTON Family Assoc. of Texas have various photos of:
William Oscar Covington b:1857 TX m: 1876 Tarrant Co., TX d:1939 Archer Co. TX and wife Henrietta Sumpter Covington b:1857 Tarrant Co. TX d:1944 Cooke Co.TX and their many children.

Suzanne Smith Schlabs, President
Covington Family Assoc.
I have an almost complete biography of Christopher Jacob Lawton who was a minister in Maine.

Dawn Roe
Would enjoy sharing information on Frank Wilson Sr. and wife Fannie Daggett Wilson, pictured with their son Frank Jr.. They were from Cayuga County, NY. Frank Sr (1861-1929)
Frank Wilson and Family

Andrea Kelly
I am in the process of transcribing the 1871 diary of P.G.Goodrich of Bethany PA. He was a surveyor and made reference to several people in the area. It was among the belongings of my uncles' mother (Sherrerd) who died a few years ago at the age of 100. I would be happy to share any information from it.

Paula Turner
I have just recently taken a trip to South Louisiana and while I was cemetery searching, I took pictures of several family plots that belong to the BARRILLEAUX, LEDET, and TOUPS families. I will be happy to share these if people can use them.

If you will e-mail me, I can tell you which plots I have pictures of.

Brian & Lynne Walters
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I would like to share a photo I have of my great-great grandfather,Owen Lambert PIPPEN Sr.,who lived in Washington Co., FL.


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