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Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Hartford County, Connecticut.

If you have a cemetery listing or photos pertaining to cemeteries on the web that you would like to link, would like to transcribe a cemetery or do lookups, please email the project with the following information. 

Cemetery Submitter
Green Hill Cemetery
Old North Cemetery
Ray Brown
Ray Brown's Place for New England Genealogy
Old Episcopal Cemetery
Cemetery Inscriptions
Inscriptions,  Late 1600s - Early 1800s
Old Burial Ground
Jane Devlin
Dunham, Wilcox, Trott,  Wilcox, Trott, Kirk Webpage
East Hartford
Old Center Cemetery
Center Church Burying Ground
South Windsor
Jonathan Edward Cemetery: God's Acre
Old Burying Ground
Cynthia's Galleries

If  you have any comments or questions, contact Cindy Koegel, AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project Coordinator.

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