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Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Orange County, Indiana

If you have a cemetery listing or photos pertaining to cemeteries on the web that you would like to link, would like to transcribe a cemetery or do lookups, please email the project with the following information. 

Cemetery Submitter
Africa--see also Lick Creek Settlement Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Agan Family Cemetery
Allen Family Cemetery
Ames Chapel--view A-E, view F-K, view L-M, view N-R, view S-T, view U-Z.
Beech Grove Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Bethel-I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Big Branch Pioneer Cemetery
Bledsoe-Parks Cemetery
Briner Cemetery
Brooks Family (Orleans)
Bluff Springs Cemetery
Bowles Grave
Burgess Family Cemetery
Burial Place of Joshua Nichols
Campbell Family (Orleans)
Cane Creek Cemetery
Carroll Family Cemetery
Copeland Family Cemetery
Cornwell Family Cemetery
Cox Family Graves
Crandall Cemetery
Critchfield Family Cemetery
Danners Chapel
Doctor Line Cemetery
Elrod Family Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery (Orleans)
Finley Family Cemetery
Fisher-Lock Family Cemetery
French Family Graves
Grave of Elijah Hawhee
Grave of Granny Wise
Grave of Sarah Miller
Graves on Alson Harvey's Farm
Green Hill Cemetery
Hancock Cemetery
Agan Family Cemetery
Harned Family Cemetery
Harrison Family Cemetery
Higgins Cemetery
Highland Chapel
Hillsboro Cemetery
Hunt Cemetery
I.O.O.F. (Orleans)
James Baker Grave
Knights of Pythias Cemetery
Liberty (Christian Church)
Lick Creek Cemetery (Quaker)
Lick Creek Settlement Cemetery--see also Africa Cemetery
Lowe Cemetery
Magner Cemetery
Marlett Graves
McKnight-Pickett Cemetery
Meacham Graves
Millis Family Cemetery
Moore's Ridge Cemetery
Mount Horeb Cemetery
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery
Newberry Cemetery (Quaker)
Noblitt-Webb Cemetery
Old Methodist Cemetery
Old Union Cemetery
Painter's Creek Cemetery
Potter's Field
Providence Cemetery
Rigney-Mc Intosh Cemetery
Robinson-Pace Cemetery
Rock Springs Cemetery
Scott Graveyard
South Liberty Cemetery
Springer Cemetery
Stampers Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Sutherlin Family Cemetery
U.B. Church Cemetery
Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Wilson Family Cemetery
Wininger Cemetery
Wolfe Family Cemetery
Worrell Cemetery
Wright - Moody  
Tom Agan or Sandra Sanchez
Orange County ALHN & AHGP Project
Photo Gallery

If  you have any comments or questions, contact Cindy Koegel, AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project Coordinator.

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