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Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Linn County, Iowa

If you have a cemetery listing or photos pertaining to cemeteries on the web that you would like to link, would like to transcribe a cemetery or do lookups, please email the project with the following information. 

Cemetery Submitter
Abbey Creek Cemetery
Alice Cemetery
Ashlock Cemetery
Baker Cemetery
Blodgett Cemetery
Bohemian Cemetery-College Township
Bohemian (Czech) National
Boulder Cemetery
Buffalo Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery
Cedar Memorial Cemetery
Center Point Cemetery
Coggon Cemetery
Crab Apple Cemetery
Craig Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Dickison Cemetery
Dunkard Cemetery
Eben Israel Cemetery
Fairfax Cemetery
Gillilan/Gillian Cemetery
Green's Grove Cemetery
Hazel Knoll Cemetery
Horn Cemetery
Ivanhoe Cemetery
Jordan's Grove Cemetery
LaFayette Cemetery
Linn Grove Cemetery
Linwood Cemetery 
Lisbon Cemetery
Lower Spring Grove Cemetery
Martin's Creek Cemetery 
Mills Cemetery
Morrison Cemetery
Mt. Calvary Cemetery
Mt. Clark Cemetery
Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Mt. Zion Cemetery
Nugents Grove Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery Cedar Rapids
Oak Hill Cemetery Central City
Oak Shade Cemetery
Oliphant Cemetery
Palo Cemetery
Paralta Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge/ Lewis Bottoms Cemetery
Prairieburg Cemetery
Prairie Chapel Cemetery
Robins Cemetery
Rogers Grove Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery 
Sisley Grove Cemetery 
Spring Grove Cemetery
Springville Cemetery
Squires Cemetery
St. John's Cemetery (Franklin)
St. John's Cemetery (Cedar Rapids
St. Patrick's
Strawn Cemetery
Troy Mills Cemetery
Walker Cemetery
Western Cemetery
West Prairie Cemetery
Whittier Cemetery
Sandra Sanchez
Linn County ALHN and AHGPPhoto Gallery
Boulder Cemetery
Karen Peyton

If  you have any comments or questions, contact Cindy Koegel, AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project Coordinator.

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