German M. E. Cemetery

Rush County, KS

This cemetery is located three miles south of Alexander, on the Alexander to Burdett blacktop, and then one mile east. There are four headstones in this small graveyard. Apparently there was a German M. E. Church located very near, but it is no longer standing. The name is from the attached obituaries, if it has another designation, I am unaware of it.

Submitted by Richard Schwartzkopf on October 15, 2002.



          1st Stone

          Inscription on the face reads "Children of J. H. and E. Kerbs"

          Left side "Clara - 1903 - 1907"

          Right side "Theodore - January 17, 1906 - age 20 days"


          2nd Stone

          Inscription on the face reads

          "Sofe, wife of F. Valouch

          b. March 19, 1860

          d. October 31, 1904"

          Right side reads

          "Tillie, dau. of F. & S. Valouch

          b. February 26, 1904

          d. August 13, 1904"


          3rd Stone (broken, very weathered and in German)

          "Peter - Sohn von Herm (?) und Frau Wagner

          Gest. Am. 26 Sep 1906

          Alter 18 Jahre 4 Monate 7 Tage"


          4th Stone (repaired, very weathered and in German)

          "Katie - Frau von Philip Wagner

          Gest. Am. 10 Oct. 1906

          Alter 39 Jahre 11 Monate 25 Tage"


La Crosse (KS) Republican La Crosse Chieftain

August 19, 1904                                                           November 4, 1904


La Crosse Republican                                                   La Crosse Republican

November 4, 1904                                                       October 21, 1904                              










La Crosse Republican

September 28, 1906









La Crosse Republican

October 12, 1906


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