Henry Hartlage Biography




Here’s a short bio of Henry Hartlage who was born 1 May 1836 in Germany and died 12 Jan 1915.  He mustered into the Union Army, having enrolled 1 Oct 1861 for 3 years.  In a 5 Sep 1906 declaration concerning a pension, Henry reported that did not remember what age he gave at time of enrollment as he was under the influence of liquor at the time.  He served as a Private in Company B, commanded by Captain William Blood.  His last name was spelled Hartledge in the military records and Hartlege on his grave marker.


The 34th Kentucky Infantry was organized as the First Battalion, Louisville Provost Guards on 26 Sep 1861 under Lt. Col. Henry Dent.   Enlisted members were to stay in vicinity of Louisville, KY and were to receive $20 per month.  General Buell changed this to $13 per month.  The Secretary of War allowed those promised higher pay to muster out.  Company B and a larger portion of three other companies were discharged in October 1862 at Louisville.  Henry mustered out on 4 October 1862.  The unit performed its duty well, standing guard over 151,000 prisoners of war and political prisoners.


The photo attached is located in Section E, listed as E-4650.


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