Tobias Magee Cemetery
near Prentiss, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi


This is a very small cemetery located near Prentiss, MS.  It is called the Tobias Magee Cemetery in Jefferson Davis County and is located on the grounds of the old Prentiss Institute, south of Prentiss.

Submitted by Sam Wilkes on May 14, 2004.

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Fortenberry, Blancha 2-28-1809 10-7-1887  
Magee, Tobias   4-29-1851 Age 56
Magee, Nancy Stevens 3-15-1804 6-8-1890 Wife of Tobias Magee
Magee, Mier 2-15-1837 7-30-1865 CSA,  Son of Tobias Magee
Magee, Tommy C. 11-8-1884 11-16-1886 Son of Phillip & M. E. Magee
Miller, Infant No Date No Date Infant of R. S. & D. P. Miller
Norton, B. E. Aug 1859 4-16-190?  

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