Tyrone Cemetery
Prentiss, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi

Submitted by Pamela Dyess Mann on November 27, 2001.

Located at Prentiss Institute   Adam Tyrone sold to Tobias Magee the land surrounding the Tyrone Cemetery, the property being adjacent to the Tobias Magee Homestead.  

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Tyrone, Henry H. Mar 31, 1831 Aug. 15, 1867  
Tyrone, William Tillery Aug. 8, 1813 May 10, 1895
Tyrone, Eliza Cole wife of Wm T. (her footstone E. C. T. is there) 
Elizabeth C. Bass  Mar 31,  1831 Aug 15,  1857 wife of Hartwell Harrison
footstone L. T. - possibly Louise Tyrone child of Wm T.
Hartzog, Corah 1871 1878 dau Willis and Eliza Hartzog, footstone C. H. - probably went with grave above

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