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Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Callaway County, Missouri.

If you have a cemetery listing or photos pertaining to cemeteries on the web that you would like to link, would like to transcribe a cemetery or do lookups, please email the project with the following information. 

Cemetery Submitter
Callaway County Cemeteries
Adams Family Cemetery
Antioch Christian Ch. Cemetery
Allen Cemeteries[2]
Augusta Presbyterian Ch. Cemetery
Bagby Cemetery
Bartley-Moore Cemetery
Bartley Cemetery
Bennett private Cemetery
Benson Cemetery
Barkersville Cemetery
Benskin Cemetery
Blount Cemetery
Board Private Cemetery
Boulware Cemetery
Brooks Family Cemetery
Brown or Crowson Cemetery
Bryant Family Cemetery
Bryan Cemetery
Bull Cemetery
Burdett Cemetery
Bush Cemetery
Bush Cemetery [2] ??
Caldwell Cemetery
Carrington Baptist Cemetery
Carter Family Cemetery
Cason Family Cemetery
Cave Cemetery
Cave Cemetery-2nd one??
Central Christian Ch. Cemetery
Chapman Cemetery
Chapman Cem- on Montg. Co. Genweb
Chatman Cemetery ??
Coats Homestead Cemetery
Coil Cemetery
Collins Cemetery-no stones
Coonce Cemetery
Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Craghead Cemetery
Crane Cemetery
Crank Cemetery
Crowson- see Brown
Criswell Cemetery
Dawson Cemetery
Dixon-Thornhill Cemetery
Dorton Cemetery
Duley Family Cemetery
Duncan Cemetery
Dunlap Cemetery
Dry Fork Baptist Church Cemetery
Ebenezer Baptist Ch. Cemetery
Eller Cemetery
Epperson Cemetery
Evans Cemetery
Everhart Cemetery
Ewen-see Hopkins
Ewing Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery [1]
Fairview Cemetery [2]
Fant Cemetery
Farmer Cemeteries #1 #2
Fletcher- see Hill Fletcher-Old Terrell- One listing only - Martha Terrell- wife of H. Terrell died January 18 1853- aged 79 years
Friendship Ch & Cemetery-pictures only
Garrett Cemetery
Gay Cemetery
Gill-Offutt Cemetery
Grand Prairie Baptist Ch Cemetery
Grant Cemetery
"Graveyard Hill" Cemetery [Criswell]
Gregory Cemetery
Guerrant Cemetery ??
Guthrie Cemetery
Ham's Prairie Cemetery
Harrison Cemetery
Hart-Hill Cemetery
Hart-Sawyers Cemetery
Haynes Cemetery
Herring Cemetery-also see Carter
Hickory Grove Christian Ch Cemetery
Hill-Fletcher Cemetery
High Hill Cemetery
High Point Cemetery
Hillcrest Cemetery
Holiness Church Cemetery
Holland Cemetery
Hokins-Ewens Cemetery
Hopewell Baptist Ch. Cemetery
Howe Family Cemetery
Hughes Cemetery
Hundley [negro] Cemetery
Hunter Cemetery
Hunt Cemetery
Irvine Cemetery
James Cemetery ??
Jameson Cemetery
Kibby Cemetery ??
King Cemetery
Knight Cemetery ??
Lawrence Cemetery ??
Liberty Baptist Ch Cemetery
Liberty Christian Cemetery
Liberty Christian Church History-off site
Liberty M. E. Ch. Cemetery
Link Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
McClure Cemetery
McCredie Methodist Ch Cemetery
McKee Family Cemetery
Meng Cemetery ??
Miller's Creek M. E. Cemetery
Middle River Cemetery
Moore- See Bartley Moore
Moore Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
Mosby Cemetery
Mount Tabor Cemetery ?? [old Mt. Tabor?]
Mt. Horeb Ch. Cemetery-Cal-Mont.Cos line
Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Muir Cemetery
Myers Cemetery
New Hope Baptist Ch Cemetery
New Prospect Methodist Ch Cemetery
Nine Mile Presbyterian Ch Cemetery
Oak Grove Christian Ch Cemetery
Oak Grove Methodist Ch Cemetery
Old Auxvasse Presbyterian Cemetery
Old Bethel M. E. Ch Cemetery
Old Brick Providence Cemetery
Old Cedar Primitive Baptist Ch Cemetery
Old Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
Old Elkanah Smith Cemetery
Old Mt. Prospect Cemetery
Old Prospect M. E. Cemetery
Old Salem Baptist Cemetery
Old Virginia Cemetery
Old Oliver Cemetery
Oliver Cemeteries [2]
Paris Fork Cemetery ??
Pasley Cemetery
Pearre Cemetery
Perry Cemetery ??
Pioneer Cemetery
Pioneer Smith Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Ch Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Ch Cemetery
Portland Cemetery
Prairie Chapel M. E. Cemetery
Price Family Cemetery
Prospect Cemetery ??
Providence Cemetery ??
Pugh Family Cemetery
Readsville Catholic Cemetery
Readsville M. E. Cemetery
Rice Cemetery
Richland Baptist Ch Cemetery
Richland Christian Ch Cemetery
Ridgeway Cemetery
Riverview Cemetery
Robinson Cemetery
Rocky Branch Cemetery
Rodgers Cemetery
Sawyer Cemetery
Sayers Cemetery
Sheeley Cemetery
Simpson Cemetery ?? [Boone}??
Smith Cemetery
Steedman Cemetery
Stephens Cemetery
St. Patrick's Cemetery ??
St. Paul's Cemetery ??
St. Paul M. E. [negro] Cemetery
Stokes Cemetery
Tate Cemetery ??
Taylor Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery
Thornhill-Dixon Family Cemetery
Thorp Cemetery ??
Todd Cemetery
Trimble Cemetery
Twin Church M. E. Cemetery
Twin Church Presbyterian Cemetery
Union Hill Baptist Ch Cemetery
United Brethern Ch Cemetery
Unity Baptist Ch Cemetery
Un-named Cemetery near Wainwright
Wallace Cemetery ??
Washington Cemetery
Wainwright Cemetery
Westminister Presbyterian Cemetery
White Cloud Cemetery
White Cemetery
Whittington-Sanders Cemetery
Williams Family Cemetery ??
Wilkerson Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Wise Cemetery
Wise Cemetery [old]
Womack Cemetery
Wright Cemetery
Yates Cemetery
Younger Cemetery
Yucatan Cemetery
Yount Cemetery
Callaway County Cemeteries
Betty Brooks
near New Bloomfield
Dorton Private Cemetery
Cindy Blankenship

If  you have any comments or questions, contact Cindy Koegel, AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project Coordinator.

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