Dorton Private Cemetery
near New Bloomfield, Callaway County, Missouri

This is all the information I have on the Dorton Private Cemetery at this time.  We have located it in Callaway County, Mo near New Bloomfiled on what was the origional homesite for the Dorton family.  The cemetery was started by George and Nancy Dorton.  George and Nancy came from Shelby County Kentucky and purchased the property in the very early 1830's.  I will look up the exact information in my records for you if needed.   We believe they are both buried there although the graves are only marked with field stones.  We believe that Bedford Clatterbuck is buried there because it was reported in several cemetery transcription books.  Harriet (Lepard/Leopard) Dorton is definitely buried there, her headstone picture will follow in another e-mail.  We also believe two of Harriet and Willis Dorton's children are buried here as well because they died shorly after Harriet did according to death records.  The dates in the records I believe were transcribed incorrectly, however.  They don't quite mesh with other information I have. The children are Willis E. Dorton, Jr. and Mary Susan Dorton .  To date we have located twelve field stones and one tombstone in the cemetery.  It is terribly overgrown and is not accessible except by going through fields and woods and over barbed wire fences to get to it.  My brother and I will be clearing the cemetery (we have gained permission for this) and making a better accounting of the stones when the worst of tick season is over!! I will do more research on the possible occupants of this family cemetery.  If you need more information please let me know.  I can provide some dates of death and other information as needed.

Submitted by Cindy Blankenship on June 4, 2003.

Harriett Dorton B. April 20, 18?8 - D. July 3, 1861


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