Gold Hill Cemetery
Grant County, New Mexico

Submitted by Steve on March 23, 2001

This cemetery is located in Grant county just north of Lordsburg, east of Highway 90. The cemetery is on US Forest Service land. The town of Gold hill had a post office from 1886 to 1906. there are no buildings left.  (This location is reached by passing through a private ranch property, very near the ranch house. Trespassing is not recommended.)  The size of the cemetery could possibly hold forty or fifty graves but I only observed thirteen obvious sites. Of these, only  eight had head stones. Two of these contained only the persons name. The listing is as follows:        

#1     Henry Riel  (the name is carved across the top of an arrastra stone)
#2     (no stone)
#3     David Egelston   (the name is carved across the top of a metate stone)
#4     James Patterson  1833-1892
#5     Nettie B. Williams  Nov. 13, 1879  Oct. 29, 1893
#6     Infant son of W. I. Neil  Died 1889  (carved on a slab of green richolite stone)
#7     Frankey F. Colbath  10-28-1881   11-11-1891
#8     Luther L. Colbath   Born Dec. 25, 1881   Died June 19, 1897
#9     (no stone)
#10   (no stone)
#11   (no stone)
#12   (no stone)
#13   Harmon D. Wright   4-18-1868   4-4-1902                  

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