East Gustavus Cemetery
Gustavus Township, Trumbull County, Ohio


This cemetery is located in Trumbull Co. in Gustavus Twp. on Gardner-Barclay Rd. east of  Rt 193. I began in the northwest corner and worked from north to south down the rows each time, and from west to east across the cemetery.

Submitted by Dustbunnytoo@aol.com  on December 29, 2004.

Row Order

Row 1:


“In memory of the young beautiful and innocent Frances Maria Buel   who was butchered by her stepfather Ira W. Gardner Aug. 8, 1932 in the 16th   year of her age.

Death  chilled this fair fountain ere sorrow hath stained it.
Twas frozen in all the pure light of its course.
But she sleeps till the sunshine of heaven unchains it
To water that Eden where first was its source.”

Row 2:


Oliver P. ????

Sarah G.  wife of Harry Crosby, died Jan 29, 1867, aged 68 years
Harry Crosby, died Mar 23, 1860, aged 65 years
In memory of Florra Scott, who died Jan 15 (stone is broken)
In memory of widow Lucy Andrews, who died Feb 22nd, 1840, aged 67 years
John L. ?????
Sybil D Miner, died Oct 16, 1835 (stone broken)
Hector Robbins
In memory of Lorin Roberts who died Sept 10 1840 aged 19 years.
Eliza Ann Jackson wife of John Barrett born May 12 1816 died ***1883.
Elizabeth wife of Dwight Roberts born July 16 1825, died July 10, 1870. On the other side of this pillar is another inscription that is unreadable.  On the two small stones adjacent are “Father” and “Clyde”.

Row 3:

Reverius Bidwell Esq. (lots that’s unreadable then) aged 59 years
Two broken headstones
Phebe widow of Reverius Bidwell Esq died (stone is broken)
Anna Shipman died Jan 3 18?? (could be 1879) rest is unreadable
Lucius Graham died April (could be Apr. 3, 1851), aged (?44 years?)
Memorial of consola… (presume consolation)  Lois Lucius Graham who died…..?????..18?? (could be 1810 or 1840)
This one is very hard to read. I think it says Dennis Calvin, Co A 33rd OH Inf

Row 4:

Reuben Roberts died Nov  10 1865 aged ??years  Then there is another entry….Lucus Roberts (can’t read the next line) (I think the third line reads) ..died on his return from, (then it definitely says ) Andersonville Prison  Mar 12 1865 Aged 31 years
Sophia (can’t read rest)
Mary S. wife of Reuben W Alderman and daughter of Reuben and Sophia Roberts died June 26, 1855 aged 26 years.
(This one is very difficult to decipher, believe it says Asabel son of….rest is unreadable)
William Roberts d. July 2, 18 ** (could be 1833). Has a Revolutionary War Veteran’s Star by the grave. Second entry on this stone is Margaret (rest is unreadable).
Allie son of DT and JS Barber, d. Oct 10 1871 aged (might say 14 days).  There are three small stones by it with “WC” “WLC” and “Mother”
Tall pillar with two inscriptions: H Crittenden d Apr 3 1882 and Electa d Feb 23 1869    There is a small stone next to it with “Father”

Row 5:

There are four small stones to start this row. The third one says M J A, the others appear blank.
Charlotte daughter of P ** Gates died Jan 1871…
This is very hard to read. Might say Memorial of James****
Warren Gates (much unreadable )
Philo Gates  (possibly says died 1871)
Chide *****Philo Gates died Aug 18, 186*
Joseph Addison son of EH & LT Bishop, d. in Plattville Wisc Dec 23 1843 in the 25th year of his age     
 In memory of Ebenezer Bishop      
In memory of Lucinda T, wife of Ebenezer Bishop, who died  Dec 15 1849 in the 59th year of her age
Ely E son of EH & LT Bishop, died in Russia, Herkimer Co, NY Apr 4, 1826 age I year.
Rhoda wife of J Bidwell
(other side) Jehiel Bidwell
There are two broken stones lying behind this monument, plus others in a pile near it at the back edge of the cemetery, but they were under a tree fairly alive with hornets and we couldn’t get closer.



Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Alderman, Mary S.   6-26-1855 Aged 26y?m21d, Wife of Reuben W. Alderman, Dau of Reuben & Sophia Roberts
Andrews, Lucy   2-22-1840 Aged 67 yrs
Barber, Allie   10-10-1871 Aged 14 dys, Son of D. T. & J. S. Barber
Bidwell, Reverius, Esq.     Aged 59 yrs
Bidwell, Phebe     Widow of Reverius Bidwell, Esq
Bidwell, Jehiel   ?-??-???? Aged 28 yrs
Bidwell, Rhoda   4-??-???? Aged 22? yrs, Wife of J. Bidwell
Bishop, Joseph Addison   Dec 23 1843 son of EH & LT Bishop, d. in Plattville Wisc in the 25th year of his age
Bishop, Ebenezer     In memory of
Bishop, Lucinda T,   Dec 15 1849 In memory of, wife of Ebenezer Bishop, who died in the 59th year of her age
Bishop, Ely E.   4-4-1826 Aged 1 yr, Son of E. H .& L. T. Bishop
Buel, Frances Maria   8-8-1832 In the 16th year of her age
Calvin Dennis Calvin     Co A 33rd OH Inf
Crosby, Sarah G.   1-29-1867 Aged 68? yrs, Wife of Harry Crosby
Crosby, Harry   3-23-1860 Aged 65 yrs
Gates, Philo   1?-19-1886? Aged 60 yrs 10 dys?
Gates, Warren     Aged 28 yrs
Gates, Charlotte   Jan 1871 daughter of P ** Gates
Gates, Chide   Aug 18, 186* ***** of Philo Gates
Graham, Lucius   4-13?-1859? Aged 44? yrs
Graham, Lois   ?-??-18?0 Consort of Lucius Graham, Aged 23yrs
Jackson, Eliza Ann May 12 1816 ***1883 wife of John Barrett
Miner, Sybil D.   10-16-1835 Aged 10? yrs
Robbins, Hector   ?-21-18??  
Roberts, Lorin   9-10-1840 Aged 19 yrs
Roberts, Elizabeth 7-16-1825 7-10-1870 Wife of Dwight Roberts
Roberts, Unkown     On the two small stones adjacent are “Father” and “Clyde”.
Roberts, William   8-10-1865? Aged 24 yrs
Roberts, Lucas A.   3-12-1865 Aged 31 yrs
Roberts, William   7-12-1833? Aged 71? yrs
Roberts, Margaret   ?-??-????  
Scott, Florra   1-15-1842  
Shipman, Anna   1-3-1879? Aged 61? yrs
?, Oliver P.      
?, John L.      
?, Sophia      
Two broken headstones      
Four small stones, the third one says M J A, the others appear blank.      

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