Fairfax Methodist Cemetery
Fairfax, Highland County, Ohio

Submitted by C. Hughes on August 25, 2001.   

It is located in Highland County,  Ohio on St route 247. There are a number of Civil War vets. who served from this small farming community who deserve to be recognized for their sacrafice, and are all buried here.  

Pearson Beatty born 1828- died 1895 - My g-grandfather served 2 tours of duty.1.1st Oh Vol Calvary Co. H (This was the first Co. of Calvary raised in the state).  He served with them for just about 1 year until discharged. (He had dysentery for 5 months!) Upon his return home he finds out that the newborn baby his wife was carrying died 5 hrs after birth and a month later his 2 year old daughter dies, and a short time after this his wife passes away! After all of this he somehow regains his strength and reenlists in the 1st oh light artillery Co. F which he serves with till the close of the war.

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