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Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Upshur County, Texas.

If you have a cemetery listing or photos pertaining to cemeteries on the web that you would like to link, would like to transcribe a cemetery or do lookups, please email the project with the following information. 

Cemetery Submitter
west of Bettie
Bettie Cemetery
Big Sandy
Lee Cemetery - (Black)
outside of Big Sandy
Bailey Cemetery
Chilton Cemetery
Elam Springs Cemetery
Fonda Cemetery
Hoover Cemetery
Paron Cemetery(In Wood County on the Wood - Upshur County Line) 
Shady Grove Cemetery
Union Grove Cemetery (Black)
Riley's Chapel Cemetery - (Also known as County Line)
Vines Cemetery
Shady Grove Cemetery
Walnut Creek Cemetery
Cherokee Cemetery
Community Cemetery
Concord Cemetery
Ford Family Cemetery
Gilmer City Cemetery (Afro-American) (also known as Neal Cemetery) 
Gilmer City Cemetery (old)
Gilmer City Cemetery (new)
Glade Creek Cemetery
Kelsey Cemetery
Lawton Cemetery
Lone Mountain Cemetery
New Mt. Cemetery
Old Gilmer/Old Mings Cemetery
Sanders Family Cemetery
Simpsonville Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Summerfield Community Cemetery
Sunset Memorial Cemetery -  (List of Interments) 
outside of Gilmer
Ashland Cemetery
Christian Hope Cemetery
Coffeeville Cemetery (New)
Coffeeville Cemetery (Old)
Cross Road Cemetery
Derrick Cemetery
Enoch Cemetery
Enon Cemetery
Grice Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery 
Houston Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Lafayette Cemetery (White Cemetery)
Lafayette Cemetery - (Black Cemetery)
Lake Providence/Houston Cemetery
Little Mound Cemetery
Loftis Cemetery
Matinburg Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery
Perryville Cemetery
Piedmont Cemetery
Piney Grove Cemetery
Prince Cemetery
Reed Cemetery 
Rosewood Cemetery 
Sand Hill Cemetery
Soules Chapel Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
Three Corners Cemetery
Todd - Land Cemetery
West Mountain Cemetery
Willow Oak Cemetery
Zion Hill Cemetery
Buie Cemetery
Gay-Hagan Cemetery
Gladewater Memorial Cemetery
Locust Grove Cemetery
Mings Cemetery
Morgan Cemetery
Red Rock Cemetery
Rosedale Cemetery(Just over the Upshur Co. line into Gregg Co. with many Upshur  residents there)
Union Grove Cemetery (white) 
Glenwood Cemetery
Humphries Cemetery
McClelland Cemetery
Tidwell Cemetery
near Graceton
Mattox Cemetery
east of Indian Rock
Floyd Cemetery
East Mountain
East Mountain Cemetery (Old)
East Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery
Moore Cemetery
Little Mound
Old Crow Cemetery
East Springfield Cemetery
Old Diana
Jones Cemetery
Ore City
Murry League/Ore City Cemetery
Snow Hill Cemetery
near Perryville
Hester Farm Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Shady Grove
Davis - Ellison Cemetery
Green Weldon Murphy Cemetery
Pace Cemetery
White Oak
Edwards Cemetery

Baby Medlin Cemetery
Bethlehem Cemetery
Dixon Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Moon Farm Cemetery
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery
New Hope Cemetery
New Hope Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 
Shipp Family Cemetery
Valley View Baptist Church Cemetery
Willeford Cemetery (Old Place)
Yallo Busha/Yellow Bush Cemetery - The cemetery is located in Camp County

Elaine Martin & Sharon Pierce


If  you have any comments or questions, contact Cindy Koegel, AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project Coordinator.

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