Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Abbot - Baker


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Abbot, Anna, m. Knot Martin, 3d.

Abbot, Patty, m. Joseph Jenks.

Abbot, Solomon, at Andover, Mr. S.A. To Miss Lucy Fry. (S. July 12, 1794.)

Abell, Hannah, m. Wheeler Coit.

Aborn, Polly m. Capt. Thomas Hollis Condy.

Adams, Elijah, Mr. E.A. To Miss Judith Townsend, of this town, (S. Oct. 24, 1789.)

Adams, John, Mr. J.A. Of Litchfield, to Miss Deborah Marsh, of that place. (S. Feb. 18, 1792.)

Adams, Mary, m. John Bright.

Adams, Mary, m. Hon. George Taylor Gilman.

Adams, Nancy, m. Nathaniel F. Cunningham.

Adams, Polly, m. Col. Edward Proctor.

Adams, Ruth, m. Samuel L. Parker.

Adams, Ruthy, m. Michael Mallet.

Adams, Sally, m. William Johnson.

Adams, Seth. By the Rev. Mr. Freeman, Mr. S.A. To Miss Elizabeth Apthrop, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Apthrop. (S. Feb. 8, 1794.)

Adams, Sukey, m. John Vinal.

Adams, Thomas, Mr. T.A., printer, to Miss Polly Bright, daughter to Mr. George Bright. (W. Oct. 21, 1789.)

Addison, John, at Epping, (Mary.) J.A. Esq. To Miss Sarah Leitch. (S. Oct. 27, 1792)

Akin, Capt. William, at Darmouth, Capt. W.A. To Miss Hannah Howland. (S. March 9, 1793.)

Akins, Polly, m. Glover Mansfield.

Albro, John, at Halifax, Mr. J.A. To Miss Elizabeth Vandegret. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Alcot, Polly, m. Samuel Homes.

Alden, Caleb, Mr. C.A. To Miss Sally Hayward. (S. Feb. 26, 1791.)

Alden, Eliza, m. David Thomas.

Alexander, Joseph, in this town, Mr. J.A. To Miss Nabby Weare, [both] of this town. (S. Nov. 6, 1790.)

Alger, Thomas, in this town, Mr. M.A. To Miss Elizabeth Robinson. (S. Aug. 23, 1794.)

Allbee, Capt. At Roxbury, Capt. A. Of Mendon, to Mrs. Bugbee, of Roxbury. (S. Aug. 28, 1790.)

Allen, B., jun., at Tisbury, (M.V.) Mr. B.A. Jun., to Miss Nabby Morse. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.)

Allen, Daniel, at Colrain, Mr. D.A. To Miss Nancy Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, of Shelburn. (W. March 13, 1793.)

Allen, Grace, m. John Davis.

Allen, Dea. Joseph, at Hardwick, Dea. J.A., aged 80, to Mrs. Knowlton, aged 50. (S. Aug. 22, 1789.)

Allen, Joseph, at Hinsdale, Mr. J.A. Of Worcester, to Miss Fanny Jones, of Hinsdale. (S. April 5, 1794.)

Allen, Josiah, jun., in this town, Mr. J.A. Jun. To Miss Hannah Hartwick. (S. May 29, 1790.)

Allen, Oliver, Mr. O.A. To Miss Susanna Whitman. (S. Feb. 26, 1791.)

Allen, Peggy, m. William Bruce.

Allen, Peggy, m. George Hammond.

Allen, Polly, m. Capt. Josiah Edes.

Allen, Rebecca, m. Capt. William Bullock.

Allen, Samuel, in this town, Mr. S.A. To Miss Patty Trask. (S. Nov. 24, 1792.)

Alline, William, in this town, Mr. W.A. To Miss Rebecca Cazneau. (W. July 16, 1794.)

Almy, Katy, m. Edmund Trowbridge Ellery.

Alsop, Clarissa, m. Major Samuel W. Pomeroy.

Ames, Miss, m. Rev. Samuel Shuttleworth.

Ames, Hon. Fisher, at Springfield, Hon. F.A., Esq., member of Congress, to Miss Frances Worthington. (5 July 28, 1792.)

Amory, Catherine, m. John Codman, jun.

Amory, Elizabeth, m. Stephen Deblois.

Amory, Francis, in this town, on Sunday evening last, Mr. F.A. To the beautiful Miss Prudence Eustis. (W. Dec. 12, 1792.)

Amory, John, jun., at Lancaster, Mr. J.A. Jun., of this town, to the agreeable Miss Catherine Willard. (W. Feb. 1, 1792.)

Amory, Jonathan, in this town, Mr. J.A., Merchant, to Miss Lydia Fellows, only child of Mr. Nathaniel Fellows, merchant of this place. (S. Oct. 25, 1794.)

Amory, Rufus G., in this town, R.J.A. Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Nancy Geyer; daughter of Frederick N. Geyer, Esq. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.)

Anderson, Joseph, at Freeport, Mr. J.A. To Miss Kendall. (S. Oct. 11, 1794.)

Andrews, Ebenezer T., in this town, Mr. E.T.A., printer, to Miss Weld, both of this town. (S. Dec. 24, 1791.)

Andrews, Rev. John, at Cambridge, by the Rev. Mr. Hilliard, the Rev. J.A., of Newbury-port, to Miss Peggy Wigglesworth, daughter of Dr. Edward Wigglesworth, Professor of Divinity in the University at Cambridge. (S. Sept. 12, 1789.)

Andrews, Capt. John, at Windsor, N.S., Capt. J.A. To Miss Catherine Scott. (S. July 6, 1793.)

Andrews Mindwell, m. Simon Hastings.

Andrews, Sally, m. John Sweetser Lillie.

Andrews, Samuel, in this town, Mr. S.A. To Miss Betsy Urann. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.)

Andrews, Samuel, at Hingham, Mr. S.A. Of Worcester, to Miss Katy Cushing, of Hingham. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.)

Andrews, William, in this town, Mr. W.A. To Miss Polly Stutson. (W. Nov. 30, 1791.)

Angel, Miss, m. William Goddard.

Angier, Hannah, m. William Taylor.

Angier, Ruthy, m. Oliver Wiswall.

Angier, Dr. Samuel, at Taunton, Dr. S.A. To Miss Carver, both of that place. (S. Nov. 10, 1792.)

Annis, Elizabeth, m. Joseph Mansfield.

Anthony, Ruth, m. Nathan Spencer.

Applegate, Kitty, m. Archibald Thompson.

Appleton, Eliza, m. Bartholomew Carter.

Appleton, John, Mr. J.A., merchant, of Salem, to Miss Greenleaf, daughter of William Greenleaf, Esq., of this town. (S. March 22, 1794.)

Appleton, Natbaniel, m. Thomas Perkins.

Appleton, Polly, m. Samuel Emery.

Apthorp, Miss, m. Hon. Hugh Williamson.

Apthorp, Frances Weston, m. Charles Vaugham.

Apthorp, Hannah, m. Charles Bulfinch.

Apthorp, Lucy Ann, m. Richard Nash.

Apthrop, Charles, at St. Johnís, (N.B.) C.A., Esq., Lieut. In his Britannick Majestyís Navy, to Miss Mary Prince. (S. Aug. 21, 1790.)

Apthrop, Elizabeth, m. Seth Adams.

Archbald, Azor G., Mr. A.G.A. To Miss Lucretia May, both of this town. (S. May 5, 1787.)

Army, Betsy, m. John Bolier.

Arnold, Eliza, m. Jesse Fenns.

Arnold, Capt. John, at Providence, Capt. J.A. To Mrs. Abigail Throop. (S. March 17, 1792.)

Arnold, Lydia, m. Jeremiah Green.

Arsonneau, Peter Remy, last Tuesday evening was married, by the Rev. Mr. Stilman, Mr. P.R.A. To Miss Ruth Homer, she was a daughter of Benjamin Homer. (W. June 15, 1785.)

Aslop, Abby, m. Theodore Dwight.

Aspinwall, Mr., at Watertown, Mr. A. Of Brooklyn, to Miss Anna Chinery, of Watertown. John Aspinwall of Brookline.

Aspinwall, Caleb, Mr. C.A. To Miss Betsy Freeman, eldest daughter of Mr. Phillip Freeman, jun., deceased. (S. April 9, 1785.)

Aspinwall, Sally, m. Col. Richard Platt.

Atkins, Abigail, m. John W. Quincy.

Atkins, Hannah, m. Col. Edward Proctor.

Atkins, Katherine, m. Samuel Eliot.

Atkins, Martha, m. Capt. Robert Gray.

Atwater, John, at Charlestown, Mr. J.A. To Miss Martha Call. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

Atwood, Polly, m. John Broadbroker.

Atwood, Sally, m. John Bonon Graves.

Atwood, Susanna, m. Thomas Williams.

Atwood, Zacariah, at Newbury-port, Mr. Z.A. To Miss Peggy Ford. (S. July 6, 1793.)

Austin, Benjamin, jun., last evening, Mr. B.A. Jun., merchant, to the amiable Miss Jane Ivers, daughter of James Ivers, Esq., of this town. (W. July 27, 1785.)

Austin, Betsy m. John Brown.

Austin, Daniel, Mr. D.A. Of this town, merchant, to Miss Polly Penhallow, of Portsmouth. (S. Aug. 4, 1787.)

Austin, Grace, m. Samuel Hill.

Austin, Samuel, Mr. S.A. To Miss Nabby Lewis, both of this town. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.)

Avery, Mrs., m. John Jackson.

Avery, Eliza, m. William Eldridge.

Avery, Polly, m. Luke Baldwin.

Avery, Sally, m. Coffin Johnson.

Ayers, Nancy, m. Thomas Hearsy.

Ayers, Nathaniel, Mr. N.A. To Miss Katy Gardner. (S. March 7, 1789.)

Ayres, Henry, in this town, Mr. H.A. To Miss Hepsey Cooledge. Both of this town. (W. Nov. 26, 1794.)

Babbidge, Patty, m. Andrew Ward.

Bache, Benjamin Franklin, at Philadelphia, Mr. B.F.B., Printer, to Miss Markoe. (S. Dec. 3, 1791.)

Bache, Paul R., at New-York, Mr. P.R.B. To Miss Helen Lispenard, eldest daughter of Anthony Lispenard, Esq., of that city. (W. Nov. 14, 1792.)

Bacon, Mrs., m. Hon. Thomas Smith.

Bacon, Keziah, m. Capt. Thomas Buckminster.

Bacon, Thomas, in this town, Mr. T.B. Of New-York, to Miss Mary Guerney, of this town. (W. Oct. 31, 1792.)

Badger, Thomas, at Charlestown, last Sunday evening, Mr. T.B. Of this town, to Miss Nabby Newell, daughter of Capt. Eliphalet Newell, of that town. (Sat. July 8, 1786.)

Bailey, Calvin, at Scituate, Mr. C.B., of Hanover, to Mrs. Sarah Jacobs. (W. Sept. 14, 1793.)

Bailey, Loring, Mr. L.B. To Miss Polly Parker [both] of this town. (S. Aug. 6, 1789.)

Baily, William, in Rhode Island, Mr. W.B. To Miss Sally Irish. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.)

Baker, Abigail, m. Josiah Bumstead.

Baker, Alexander, in this town, on Sunday evening last, Mr. A.B. To Mrs. Mary Rose. (W. Mch. 9, 1791.)

Baker, Bethiah, m. Ephraim Copeland.

Baker, Edmund, at Dorchester, on Thursday evening, Mr. E.B. To Miss Sally How. (S. Oct. 1, 1791.)

Baker, Marcey L., m. John Ford.

Baker, Nancy, m. Nicholas Durivage.

Baker, Priscilla, m. Samuel Mosely.




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