Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Balch - Blacker 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Balch, Joseph, jun., [in this town] Mr. J.B. Jun., to Miss Hannah Pope. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)

Balch, Mary, m. Benjamin Morgan Stillman.

Balch, Nabby, m. Capt. Peter Bright.

Balch, Nathaniel, jun., Mr. N.B. Jun., to Miss Mary Stillman. (S. Dec. 19, 1789.)

Balding, Mr., [at New York] Mr. B. To Miss Mary Dodge. (W. June 13, 1792.)

Baldwin, Mrs., m. Rev. Eli Forbes.

Baldwin, Loamni, at Woburn, L.B., Esq., to Miss Margaret Fowle. (W. June 15, 1791.)

Baldwin, Luke. Last evening by the Rev. Mr. Howard, Mr. L.B., of Brookfield, to Miss Polly Avery, daughter of John Avery, jun., Esq., of this town. (W. Sept. 9, 1789.)

Baldwin, Methusala, at New-Ark, Mr. B., preacher of the Gospel, to Miss Jane Higgins. (W. May 16, 1792.)

Ballou, Silas, at Gloucester, (R.I.), Mr. S.B. Aged 18, to Miss Pray, aged 15 years, both only children of respectable parents. One source of wealth to a young country, said Dr. Franklin, is early marrying. (W. Oct. 1, 1794.)

Bancroft, Rev. Aaron, at Worcester, the Rev. A.B. To Miss Lucretia Chandler, daughter of the Hon. John Chandler, Esq. (S. Oct. 28, 1786.)

Bangs, Edward, at Worcester, E.B., Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Hannah Lyndes. (S. Sept. 27, 1788.)

Bangs, Elisha, Mr. E.B., to Miss Nancy Greenough, both of this town. (S. Nov. 4, 1786.)

Bangs, Sally, m. Daniel Rea, tertius.

Bangs, Samuel, jun., Mr. S.B., jun., to Miss Hannah Grice. (W. Nov. 5, 1788.)

Barber, Catherine Macaulay, m. John Osborne.

Barber, Polly, m. Ebenezer White.

Bard, Nancy, m. Col. Pierce.

Bard, S., m. John Johnston.

Barker, Lemuel, [at Dartmouth], Mr. L.B. To Miss Maria Tripe, both of Dartmouth. (S. Dec. 7, 1793.)

Barker, Polly, m. Thomas Smith, jun.

Barker, Mrs. Sarah, m. Jorden Rexford.

Barksdale, Susannah Frances, m. Major Edward Phelon.

Barnard, Abigail, m. Capt. Joshua Clapp.

Barnard, Betsy, m. Enoch Brown.

Barnard, Polly, m. Thomas Blake.

Barnard, Rachel, m. Hart Leavit.

Barnard, Sally, m. Dr. Stone.

Barnard, Tristram, [at Nantucket] Mr. T.B. To Miss Phebe Swain. (W. July 17, 1793.)

Barnes, Jacob, at Marlborough, Mr. J.B. To Miss Hipzabath Howe, daughter of Mr. Joseph Howe. (S. Jan 19, 1793.)

Barnes, Miles. In this town Mr. M.B., to Miss Peggy Orr, both of this town. (W. Jan. 11, 1786.)

Barnes, William, at Roxbury on Thursday evening last, Mr. W.B. To Miss Jenny Thompson. (S. Dec. 1, 1792.)

Barnett, William. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Walters, W.B., Esq., of the island of Jamaica, to the accomplished and agreeable Miss Aby Norwood, of this town. (W. Nov. 21, 1792.)

Barnum, Pricilla, m. Capt. David Vickery.

Barret, Nathaniel, at New York, Mr. N.B. Of this town, to Mrs. McDougal, relict of the late Major-General McDougal, of that city. (W. Jan. 7, 1789.)

Barrett, Isaac, Mr. I.B., to Miss Hannah MíNiel. (S. Dec. 13, 1788.)

Barrett, John, at Northfield, 29th ult., J.B., Esq., Attorney at Law, to the amiable Miss Patty Dickinson, both of that place. (S. Nov. 13, 1790.)

Barrett, Joseph, jun. Mr. J.B., jun., to Miss Deborah Webb, both of this town. (S. Aug. 6, 1791.)

Barrett, Martha m. Samuel Sumner.

Barrett, Nancy, m. Dr. Isaac Green.

Barrett, Sarah, m. Dr. Boucher Leonard.

Barron, Lydia, m. David Hill.

Barry, Betsey, m. Elijah Leavitt.

Barry, James, Mr. J.B., to Miss Mehitable Crane. (S. April 2, 1791.)

Barry, Thomas, in this town, Mr. T.B. To Miss Sally Cushing. (W. March 20, 1793.)

Bartholomew, Miss, m. Henry Capper.

Bartlett, Abel, [at Newburyport] Mr. A.B. To Miss Bridget Smith. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.)

Bartlett, Bailey, at Haverhill, on Tuesday, the 21st ult., by the Rev. Hezekiah Smith, B.B., Esq., to Miss White, only daughter of Mr. John White, merchant. (S. Dec. 2, 1786.)

Bartlett, George, at Charlestown, on Sunday evening last, Mr. G.B., to Miss Mary Gorham, second daughter to Mr. Nathaniel Gorham, Esq. (W. Oct. 15, 1794.)

Bartlett, Dr. John, at Roxbury, last evening, Dr. J.B. To Miss Abigail Williams. (W. Feb. 18, 1789.)

Bartlett, John, at Newbury-Port, Mr. J.B. To Miss Jane Carr. (W. April 18, 1792.)

Bartlett, Polly, m. Eleazer Homer.

Bartlett, Thomas, [in this town] Mr. T.B. To Mrs. Alice Wyer. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.)

Barton, Lillis, m. Ansell Churchill.

Barton, Sally, m. Capt. John Derby.

Barton, Susan, m. Caleb Clipton.

Barton, Rev. Titus Theodore. The Rev. T.T.B., of Tewesbury to Mrs. Ruth Wood of Methuen, widow of the late Rev. Jacob Wood, of Newbury, Vermont. (W. Aug. 6, 1794.)

Barton, William, [in this town], Mr. W.B. To Miss Hannah Scott. (S. Feb. 23, 1793.)

Bartram, Betsey, m. Eden Palmer.

Barcom, Rev. Mr. At Long-meadow, Rev. Mr. B., to Miss Patty Reynolds, and Rev. Mr. Kinsburg to Miss Polly Reynolds, sisters. (W. Feb. 22, 1792.)

Bascom, Mercy, m. Israel Phillips.

Bass, Rev. Dr., at Newbury-port, Rev. Dr. B., to Miss Mary Phillips. (W. Dec. 2, 1789.)

Bass, Faith, m. Samuel S. Wheeler.

Bass, William, in this town, Mr. W.B. To Miss Sally Loring. (S. May 18, 1793.)

Baty, Rachel, m. George Blake.

Baty, Mrs. Thankful, m. Joseph Blake.

Baxter, John. On Sunday last, Mr. J.B., to Miss Betsey Marshall, both of this town. (W. Sept. 29, 1790.)

Baxter, Joseph, [in this town], Mr. J.B. To Miss Nancy Dashwood. (S. Nov. 29, 1794.)

Bayle, Kiah, at Harvard, K.B., A.B. Candidate for the ministry of religion to Miss Abigail Goodhue, formerly of Newburyport. Married Oct. 2. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)

Bayley, Abigail, m. John Fox.

Bayley, Cazneau, at Newburyport, Mr. C.B. To Miss Elizabeth Newell. (W. April 12, 1794.)

Beal, Christopher, [in this town], Mr. C.B., Housewright, to Miss Mary Downs, both of this town. (S. May 12, 1792.)

Beale, Theodosia, m. Capt. John Willson Chorley.

Beals, Jenny, m. Joseph Robertson.

Beals, Patty, m. Zeabilon Hall

Beaty, Capt. Thomas. In Georgetown (M.) Capt. T.B., mar. To Miss Harrison. (W. Feb. 29, 1792.)

Beaujean, Moses, [at Portsmouth] Mr. M.B. To Miss Rebecca Furniss. (S. Nov. 15, 1794.)

Beck, Johanna, m. George Ham.

Beck, Mrs. Sarah, m. Hon. William Phillips.

Becket, Nabby, m. Benjamin Hawks.

Beckley, John, at New York, J.B., Esq., Clerk of the House of Representatives of the United States, to Miss Maria Prince, of that city. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.)

Bedlington, Thomas, Mr. T.B. Of London, to Miss Polly Moody, daughter of Deacon Moody, of this town. (W. Nov. 4, 1789.)

Bedlow, Mary Elizabeth Good, m. John Beckman.

Bedon, Wesson, at Dartmouth, Mr. W.B., to Miss Sybel Wood. (W. Dec. 25, 1793.)

Beekman, Elizabeth, m. Peter W. Livingston.

Beekman, John, at New York, J.B., Esq., to Miss Mary Elizabeth Goad Bedlow. (W. Nov. 21, 1792.)

Beequet (?), Francis B., at Newbury-Port, Mr. F.B.B. To Miss Sally Wigglesworth. (W. Sept. 25, 1793.)

Belcher, Miss, m. Dr. J. Jennison.

Belcher, Andrew, in this town, by Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. A.B., of Halifax, to Miss Marianne Geyer, daughter to Frederick W. Geyer, Esq. (W. Sept. 12, 1792.)

Belcher, Debby, m. Edward Reynolds.

Bell, Sally, m. Daniel Carney.

Bell, Shubael, last Sunday evening, Mr. S.B. To Miss Betsy Robinson. (W. March 19, 1788.)

Bennet, Deborah, m. William Eustis.

Bennet, Thomas, at Middleborough, Mr. T.B. To Miss Ruthy Thompson, daughter of Capt. Jacob Thompson, of that place. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.)

Bennett, Sarah, m. N. Fairchild.

Benny, Lucy, m. Caleb Lambert.

Benny, Sally, m. Elijah Trask.

Benson, George, at Providence, Mr. G.B. To Miss Sally Thurber. (W. Feb. 6, 1793.)

Bentley, Polly, m. Reuben Dawes.

Bently, Betsy, m. Henry Fowle (?).

Bernald, Hannah, m. Joseph Keen.

Berrett, Polly, m. Jacob Nice.

Berry, Sally, m. Micajah Johnson

Bethune, Jenny, m. William Hunt.

Bicker, Sally, m. William Walter.

Bidwell, Barnabas, at Watertown, B.B., Esq., to Miss Polly Gray, both of Stockbridge. (S. March 16, 1793.)

Bigelow, Timothy, at Groton, T.B., Esq., attorney at law, to the truly amiable Miss Prescot, daughter to the Hon. Oliver Prescot, Esq., of that town. (W. Oct. 12, 1791.)

Billings, Betsey, m. John Langley, jun.

Bingham, Caleb, last Monday evening, Mr. C.B. To Miss Hannah Kimball, both of this town. (W. Feb. 1, 1786.)

Bingham, Liscomb, [at Westborough], Mr. L.B. To Miss Patty Fay. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Binney, Mrs., m. Dr. Marshall Spring.

Binney, Avis, m. Nicholas Brown.

Bird, Clarissa, m. Christopher Ellery.

Bishop, Abraham, at Newbury-port. A.B., Esq., of New-Haven, to Miss Nancy Dexter, of Newbury-port. (W. March 14, 1792.)

Bishop, Nabby, m. Dr. Archelaus Putnam.

Bixby, Mrs. Ruth, m. Capt. Jeremiah Shattuck.

Black, Betsey m. William Heath.

Black, Anna, m. Joseph Blake, jun.

Blackler, William, at Marblehead, M.W.B., to Miss Eliza Gerry, eldest daughter of Samuel R. Gerry. (W. May 8, 1793.)




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