Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Blackman - Bruce


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Blackman, Andrew, at Watertown, Mr. A.B., to Miss Sally White, of that town. (W. Feb. 18, 1789.)

Blagge, Samuel, Mr. S.B., merchant, to Miss Sally Hall, daughter of Mr. Stephen Hall, of this town. (W. Dec. 13, 1786.)

Blake, Betsy, m. William Williams.

Blake, Edward, in this town, Mr. E.B. To Mrs. Sally Underwood. (W. Oct. 3, 1792.)

Blake, Francis, at Lancaster, Mr. F.B. Of Rutland, attorney at law, to Miss Eliza Augusta Chandler, of the first mentioned place. (W. Dec. 17, 1794.)

Blake, George, in this town, Mr. G.B., attorney at law, to Miss Rachel Baty. (S. Jan. 18, 1794.)

Blake, Joseph, Mr. J.B., member of the legislature from Milton, to Mrs. Thankful Baty, of this town. (S. May 23, 1789.)

Blake, Joseph, jun., in this town, J.B. Jun., Esq., to Miss Anna Black.

Blake, Polly, m. Samuel Ruggles.

Blake, Rebecca, m. Stephen Bruce.

Blake, Reuben, on Thursday, at Dorchester, Mr. R.B. To Miss Betsy Peirce, daughter of Col. Samuel Peirce. (S. Oct. 15, 1791.)

Blake, Susannah, m. William Seaver.

Blake, Thomas, in this town, Mr. T.B. To Miss Polly Barnard. (S. Feb. 23, 1793.)

Blake, William, in this town, Mr. W.B. To Miss Deborah Breck. (S. July 31, 1790.)

Blake, Major Ziba, at Milton, Major Z.B. To Miss Susannah Tucker. (S. Feb. 12, 1791)

Blanchard, Francis, [in this town], Mr. F.B. To Miss Hannah Whipple, both of this town. (S. April 19, 1794.)

Blanchard, George, in this town, Mr. G.B. To Miss Betsy Tilden. (S. June 22, 1793.)

Blanchard, John W., [in this town] Mr. J.W.B. To Miss Abigail Dalton. (W. April 17, 1793.)

Blanchard, Sarah, m. Francis Childs.

Blanton, James, at Cheraw, S.C., Mr. J.B., aged 65, to Miss Martha Smith, aged 12. (S. June 30, 1792.)

Blish, Joseph, at Barnstable, Mr. J.B. To Miss Temperance Shaw, daughter [of] the Rev. Mr. Shaw. (W. July 22, 1789.)

Blin, Ebenezer, At Great-Burrington, Mr. E.B. To Miss Lucy Porter. (S. Feb. 9, 1793.)

Bliss, Experience, m. John Chaloner.

Bliss, Hon. Jonathan, at Springfield, Hon. J.B., Esq., of the Province of New-Brunswick, to Miss Mary Worthington, daughter of the Hon. John Worthington, Esq. (S. July 17, 1790.)

Bliss, Peletiah, at Springfield, Mr. P.B. To Miss Polly Stebbins. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Blodget, Samuel, jun., at Philadelphia, Mr. S.B., jun., of this town, to Miss Rebecca Smith, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Wm. Smith, of that city. (W. May 23, 1792.)

Blunt, Edmund M., at New-York, Mr. E.M.B., printer, of Newbury-port, to Miss Sarah Ross, of Marblehead. (W. June 11, 1794.)

Boardman, Susannah, m. Joshua Reed.

Boardman, Capt. William, on Thursday evening, by the Rev. Samuel West, Capt. W.B., to Miss Sally Davis, eldest daughter of Colonel Amasa Davis, of this town. (S. May 28, 1791.)

Deaths: In this town, yesterday, Mrs. Sally Bordman, wife of Capt. William Bordman. (S. June 30, 1792.) Boardman, see also Bordman.

Bolge, Edward, in this town, Mr. E.B., to Miss Anna Meriam. (S. Jan. 19, 1793.)

Boly, Olive, m. George Johnson.

Boib, Hannah, m. Crowel Hatch.

Boib, Sally, m. John Dubalett.

Boles, Sally, m. George Frost.

Bolles, John, Mr. J.B., to Miss Betsey Army [Almy?] At New-London, implied. (S. April 14, 1792.)

Bond, Amos, at Waltham, A.B., Esq., of Watertown, to Mrs. Abigail Livermore, of Waltham. (S. July 14, 1792.)

Bond, Joseph, in this town, Mr. J.B., of Watertown, to Miss Ruthy Chittendon, of Scituate. (W. Nov. 19, 1794.)

Bonner, John, Mr. J.B., to Miss Abi h Homer, of this town. (S. May 31, 1788.)

Boone, Thomas, [at North-Kingston] Mr. T.B. To Miss Lucy Gardiner, (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)

Bordman, Capt. William, last Thursday evening, Capt. W.B. To Miss Elizabeth Davis, amiable daughter of the Hon. Caleb Davis, Esq., of this town. (S. June 4, 1785.)

Died: yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Elizabeth Bordman, wife of Capt. William Bordman, jun., and the eldest daughter of the Hon. Caleb Davis, Esq. (W. Dec. 15, 1790.)

Bordman, William, [in this town] Mr. W.B., merchant, to Miss Lydia Osborn. (S. June 14, 1794) Bordman, see also Boardman.

Borland, Leonard Vassall, last evening, Mr. L.V.B. To Miss Lloyd, only daughter of Doctor James Lloyd, of this town. (W. Feb. 9, 1785.)

Borroughs, William, by the Rev. Mr. Thatcher, Mr. W.B. To the agreeable Miss Sarah Whittemore, Both of this town. (W. Feb. 22, 1786.)

Bosworth, Betsey m. Capt. Clark Drew.

Botang, John, At Ipswich, Mr. J.B. Of Concord, to Miss Polly Whipple, of that place. (W. March 19, ‘94.)

Bourne, Nabby, m. Ebenezer Moulton.

Bourne, Nancy, m. N.W. Otis.

Bowden, Sarah, m. Edward Fettiplace.

Bowen, Polly, m. Heman Peirce.

Bowers, Isaac, in this town, Mr. I.B., merchant, to Miss Polly Eyres. (W. May 23, ‘92.)

Bowers, Mrs. Mariann, m. James Duane, jun.

Bowers, William H., at Swanzey, W.H.B., to Miss Patty Hall, of Connecticut. (W. April 29, ‘89.)

Bowes, Lydia, m. William Procter.

Bowland, Capt. Benjamin, last Sunday evening, Capt. B.B. To Miss Isabella Sinclair, both of this Town. (W. May 29, ‘93.)

Bowland, Mrs. Hannah, m. Joseph Lovering.

Bowles, N., at Petersburg, (Virg.), Mr. N.B. To Miss Mary Minitree. (W. Feb. 29, ‘92.)

Bowne, Robert L., at Newport, Mr. R.L.B., merchant of New-York, to Miss Almy Robinson. (W. Dec. 18, ‘93.)

Box, Mary, see Richard Skillings.

Boyd, Miss, m. Capt. John Mackay.

Boyd, Bathuel, the same week, "after a long and tedious courtship," B. H., of Franklin, Adjutant of The 5th regiment, to the accomplished Miss Sukey Whiting, of Wrentham. (S. Feb. 26, ‘91.)

Boyd, Frances, m. William Little.

Boyd, Robert, at Portland, Mr. R.B., merchant, to Miss Ruth Smith. (S. Nov. 26, ‘91.)

Boyd, Samuel, [at Newark] S.B., Esq., of New-York, to Miss Betsy Pierson, of Newark. (W. March 6, ‘93.)

Boyd, Submit, m. John Samuel Sherburne.

Boyd, William, W.B., Esq., to Miss Susannah Martin, eldest daughter of Thomas Martin, Esq., at Portsmouth implied. (S. Dec. 18, ‘90.)

Boyd, William, W.B. To Miss Furman, at New-York implied. (W. April 18, ‘92.)

Boylston, Miss, m. Dea. Ephraim Frost.

Boylston, William, [in this town], Mr. W.B. To Miss Hannah Gotte. (S. Oct. 27, ‘92.)

Brabiner, William, [at Halifax], Mr. W.B. To Miss Jane Moody. (W. Nov. 7, ‘92.)

Bracco, Dr. John, at Easton, (Talbot County) Dr. J.B. To Miss Henrietta Nicholson, both of Queen Ann’s County. (W. April 25, ‘92.)

Brackenridge, Hugh H., at Philadelphia, H.H.B., Esquire, a celebrated counsellor, to Miss Sabina Wolf, a young girl of obscure German parents, on the waters of the Ohio; and has brought her to that city, to spend the ensuing winter, and receive the advantage of some education. (S. Sept. 11, ‘90.)

‘Tis easy to admire the flower
With which the gard’ner deck’d his bow’r;
Because it must be excellent or rare,
Before his judgment could have plac’d it there
But not so easy, in a word or vale,
The virtues of a plant or flower to tell-
Discern its proper class -- pronounce its name,
Select it thence, without least fear or blame,
And say it has a right better place and fame.

Brackett, Polly, m. George Odiorne.

Brackett, Benjamin, by the Rev. Mr. West, Mr. B.B. To Miss Hannah Davis, eldest daughter of Robert Davis, Esq. (W. July 20, ‘91.)

Bradbury, Catherine F., m. Ebenezer Clough.

Bradbury, Harriet, m. Thomas Hooper.

Bradford, Dorcas, m. Silas Noyes.

Pg. 19.

Brown, Joseph, at Lynnfield, Mr. J.B. To Miss Sally Holt. (S. April 27, ‘93).

Brown, Joseph, at Andover, Mr. J.B., of Tewsbury, to Miss Sally Foster, of the former place. (S. June 14, ‘94).

Brown, Joseph, at Newbury-Port, Mr. J.B. To Miss Sally Nowell, of Amesbury. See also Sept. 20. (W. Sept. 10, ‘94).

Brown, Joseph, at Newbury-Port, Mr. J.B. To Miss Sally Newell, of Amesbury. (S. Sept. 20, 1794).

Brown, Lydia M., William Manning.

Brown, Lydia m. Capt. Nathaniel Marston.

Brown, Martha m. Dr. Jeremiah B. Howell.

Brown, Moses, Mr. M.B., of Newbury-Port, merchant, to Miss Mary White, daughter of Samuel White, Esq., of Haverhill. (W. Oct. 11, ‘86).

Brown, Nabby m. John Graham.

Brown, Nancy m. Samuel Masury.

Brown, Nicholas, at Providence, N.B., Esq., merchant, to the amiable Miss Ann Carter, daughter of John Carter, Esq. (W. Nov. 16, 1791).

Brown, Nicholas, at Newton, the 9th instant, N.B. Esq., of Providence, to Miss Avis

Binney, eldest daughter of the late Capt. Binney, of this town. (W. Sept. 14, 1785.)

Brown, Patty m. Asa Hatch.

Brown, Polly m. Joseph Callender, jun.

Brown, Sally m. Henry Swift

Brown, William, Mr. W.B., of this town, merchant, to Miss Betsy Livermore, daughter to the Hon. Judge Livermore, of Holderness, in New-Hampshire, and one of the Representatives of That State in Congress. (S. Nov. 20, 1790).

Brown, Capt. William, at Newburyport, Capt. W.B. To Miss Katharine Jones. (S. April 6, 1793).

Browne, Rev. John, at Cohasset, the Rev. J.B., pastor of the church in that place, to Mrs. Honour Fitzgerald, of this town. (W. Oct. 22, 1788).

Brownell, Luther, at Westford, Mr. L.B. To Miss Elizabeth Dyer. (S. Jan. 11, 1794).

Bruce, Stephen, on Sunday evening last, Mr. S.B. To Miss Rebecca Blake. (S. May 5, 1792.)

Bruce, William, [at New York] Mr. W.B. To Miss Peggy Allen. (S. June 23, 1792.)




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