Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Bryant - Champlin


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Pg. 20

Bryant, Mrs. M. Daniel Wild.

Bryant, Betsy m. Lt. Ebenezer Durton.

Bryant, Daniel, at Bridgewater, Mr. D.B. To Miss Jennet Mitchel. (S. Oct. 10, 1789).

Bryant, Gamaliel, jun., at New Bedford, Mr. G.B., jun., to Miss Polly Potter, both of that place. (W. Nov. 26, 1794).

Bryant, James, in this town, Mr. J.B. To Miss Hannah Bumstead. (W. Oct. 24, 1792).

Bryant, Perez, [in this town] Mr. P.B. To Miss Fanny Clark. (S. June 14, 1794).

Buchman, Betsy m. Jacob Thompson, jun.

Buck, Elizabeth m. Joel Green.

Buckley, Betsy m. Richard Conning.

Bucklin, Betsey m. Samuel Edey.

Buckminster, Isabel m. Amos Tappan.

Buckminster, Capt. Thomas, at Farmington, Capt. T.B. To Miss Keziah Bacon. (S. Feb. 8, 1794).

Bull, Levina m. Elias Morgan.

Buel, Ozias, at Litchfield, Conn., Mr. O.B., merchant of Kent, to Miss Nabby Catlin. (S. Feb. 18, 1792).

Bugbee, Mrs. M. Capt. Allbee.

Bulfinch, Miss m. Joshua Emmons.

Bulfinch, Charles, Mr. C.B. To Miss Hannah Apthorp. (W. Dec. 3, 1788). Married 20 November, Architect of the Capital, Washington.

Bull, Lydia m. John Royse.

Bulfinch, Jeremiah, at Salem, Mr. J.B., of this town, to Mrs. Rebecca Cheever, of Salem. (W. Aug. 25, 1887).

Bullock, Capt. William, at Barrington, Capt. W.B. To Miss Rebecca Allen. (W. Aug. 22, 1792).

Bumstead, Abigail m. T.H. Kemble.

Bumstead, Hannah m. James Bryant.

Bumstead, Josiah, at Dedham, Mr. J.B., of this town, to Miss Abigail Baker, of Dedham. (S. Aug. 16, 1794).

Bruce, Matthew, at New-York, Mr. M.B. To Miss Rebecca Smith, (S. Feb. 2, 1793).

Burbeck, Capt. Henry, Capt. H.B. To Miss Abigail Webb, both of town. (W. March 17, 1790).

Burbeck, Thomas, Mr. T.B. To Miss Sally Coverly, both of this town. (W. Oct. 17, 1787).

Pg. 21

Burchmore, Polly m. Capt. John Foster.

Burgiss, Dea. Jacob, at Lanesborough, in this State, Dea. J.B., aged 81, to Mrs. Elizabeth Weed, aged 63. See also Jared King. (S. Nov. 23, 1793).

Burley, William, at Ipswich, Mr. W.B., of this town, to Miss Susannah Farley, daughter of the Hon. Michael Farley, Esq. (W. Dec. 23, 1786).

Burneston, Isaac, at Baltimore, Mr. I.B., merchant, to Miss Ann Rutter, both of that place. (W. Feb. 8, 1792).

Burvet, Benjamin, on Thursday evening last, Mr. B.B. To Miss Nancy Simpson. (S. Nov. 28, 1789).

Burns, Francis, at Medford, Mr. T.B. To the amiable Miss Brooks, sister to the Hon. Major-General Brooks. (W. Oct. 22, 1794).

Burr, Abigail m. W.H. Capers.

Burr, Eunice D. m. B. Hedge, jun.

Burr, Gershom, [at Fairhaven] Mr. G.B. To Miss Young. See B. Hedge, jun. (W. Sept. 16, 1789).

Burr, Rev. Jonathan, the Rev. J.B., of Sandwich, to Miss Sally Cooke, daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Samuel Cooke, of Cambridge. (W. Aug. 1, 1787).

Burr, Susannah m. Russell White.

Burr, Timothy, at New York, Mr. T.B., merchant, of Hartford, to Miss Maria Hurten, of New York. (Sept. 21, 1793).

Burroughs, Amy Whipple m. Henry Charles Jones.

Burroughs, Capt. Ezekiel, [in this town], Capt. E.B. To Miss Sally Torrey. (W. Nov. 26, 1794).

Burroughs, Rebecca m. John Jones.

Burt, Sally m. Nathaniel Patten.

Burtwell, James [at New-London] Mr. J.B. To Miss Lovey Rogers. (W. Jan. 30, 1793).

Buskirk, Rachel m. James Swords.

Bussy, M., at New-York, M.B., chancellor to the Consulate in that city, to Miss Mary Howard. (W. Sept. 20, 1794).

Butler, Daniel, Mr. D.B., of Northampton, merchant, to Miss Nancy Welsh, daughter of Mr. John Welsh, of this town. (W. March 5, 1794).

Butler, Sukey m. Joseph Curtis.

Pg. 22

Cabot, Mehitable m. Joseph Rouse.

Cadwallader, Elizabeth m. Archibald MCall, jun.

Cadwallader, Maria m. Samuel Ringgold.

Calder, Robert. Mr. R.C. Of Charlestown, to Miss Anna Davis, of Dorchester. (S. Apr. 9, 1791).

Caldwell, Sarah m Rev. Joseph Dana.

Call, Miss m. Samuel Perkins.

Call, Martha m. John Atwater.

Call, Polly m Howes Manning.

Call, Mrs. Sarah m. Richard Chamberlain.

Callahan, Capt. Frederick William. At Newport, Capt. F.W.C., of Boston, to Miss Merebe Handy. (W. Oct. 1, 1794).

Callender, Benjamin. Mr. B.C. To Miss Eunice Flanlin, both of this town. (S. Dec. 24, 1785).

Callender, John. At Georgetown (City of Washington) J.C., Esq., Attorney at Law, of this town, to Miss Catherine Lawless Templeman, of that place. (S. Dec. 13, 1794).

Callender, Joseph. Mr. J.C., Engraver, to Miss Elizabeth Laughton. (S. Aug. 1, 1789).

Callender, Lydia m. Josiah Bradlee.

Callender, William. In this town, Mr. W.C. To Miss Katy Nickals. (W. Jan. 1, 1794).

Calley, Hannah m. James Carter Singleton.

Camp, Phbe m. Rev. Calvin White.

Campbell, Betsey m. John Loring.

Campbell, Dr. George W. At Philadelphia, Dr. G.W.C. To Miss Charlotte Craig. (w. Mch. 23, 1793).

Campbell, Hermoine B. M. Dan. Taylor.

Campbell, John. [At New-York] Mr. J.C. To Miss Sally Guest. (S. Feb. 2, 1793).

Campbell, Patrick, jun. At York (P.) Mr. P.C., jun., to Miss F. Stockton. (W. Feb. 29, 1792).

Cannon, Sarah m. John Douglas.

Capen, Polly m. Jeremiah Fowle.

Capen, Stoddard. Mr. S.C. To Miss Margaret Jennings [both of this town.] (W. Apr. 9, 1794).

Pg. 23

Capers, W.H. [At Fairhaven] Mr. W.C., of S. Carolina, to Miss Abigail Burr. (W. Sept. 16, 1789). See B. Hoege, jun.

Capper, Henry. At Philadelphia, Mr. H.C. To Miss Bartholomew. (S. Apr. 14, 1792).

Carey, Matthew. At Philadelphia, Mr. H.C., printer, to Miss Flahaven.

Carey, Rachel m. Samuel Thayer.

Carey, Sukey m. John Trueman.

Carnes, John, jun. Mr. J.C., jun., to Miss Nabby Wainwright. (S. Sept. 9, 1786).

Carnes, Capt. Lewis. Capt. L.C. To Miss Martha Green, daughter to the late Nathaniel Green, Esq. (W. Feb. 16, 1791).

Carnes, Thomas. Last Sunday evening. Mr. T.C. To Miss Polly Davis, daughter of Mr. William Davis, of this town, merchant. (W. July 9, 1788).

Carney, Daniel. By the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. D.C., to the amiable Miss Sally Bell, both of this town. (W. Mch. 21, 1792).

Carr, Capt. John. At Newport, Capt. J.C., to Mrs. Northup. (S. Nov. 19, 1791).

Carrington, Hon. Paul. In Virginia, the Hon. P.C., Judge of the High Court of Appeals, in the 65th year of his age, to Miss Simms, of Halifax County, aged 15. (W. Apr. 25, 1792).

Carpenter, Elizabeth m. Thomas Lewis.

Carr, Jane m. John Bartlett.

Carr, Mrs. Rebecca m. James Murray.

Carter, Ann m. Nicholas Brown.

Carter, Bartholemew. In this town, Mr. B.C., to the amiable Miss Eliza Appleton, both of this town. (W. Mch. 28, 1792).

Carter, Hannah m. William Smith.

Carter, James, at Haverhill, Mr. J.C., merchant, of Newbury-port, to Mrs. Elizabeth Thaxter, of Haverhill. (S. Sept. 6, 1794).

Carter, Nathaniel, jun. Mr. N.C., jun., of Newbury-Port, to Miss Cutts, of Portsmouth. (W. May 14, 1788).

Carter, Timothy. At Concord (N.H.), Mr. T.C. To Miss Judith Chandler. (S. June 28, 1794).

Cartmill, Mary m. Nathaniel Willis.

Carver, Miss m. Dr. Samuel Angier.

Cary, Edward, jun. At Charlestown, Mr. E.C., jun., of Nantucket, to the amiable Miss Russell. (W. Oct. 2, 1793).

Pg. 24

Cary, Samuel. On Sunday last, Mr. S.C., to Miss Susannah Coverly, both of this town. (W. Mch. 5, 1794).

Carhcart, John. Last evening by the Rev. Mr. Eliot, J.C., Esq., to Miss Polly B. Sigourney, of this town. (W. Dec. 29, 1790).

Catlin, Nabby m. Ozias Buel.

Cay, Mrs., m. Jeremiah Finney.

Cazneau, Hannah m. Thomas Brewer.

Cazneau, Isaac. At Andover, Mr. I.C., to Miss Anna Symer, daughter to the Rev. William Symer, of that place. (S. Dec. 7, 1793).

Cazneau, Rebecca m. William Alline.

Chadbourne, Jonathan. J.C., Esq., of Berwick, to Miss Nancy Hale, of Portsmouth, daughter of Samuel Hale, Esq. (W. Mch. 3, 1790).

Chadwick, Hannah m. Capt. Joseph Clasby.

Chadwick, Hezekiah. Mr. H.C., to Miss Hannah Voax. (S. Mch. 20, 1790).

Chaloner, John. At Springfield, Mr. J.C., to Miss Experience Bliss, This is the same Mr. Chaloner, who lost both arms, by the discharge of a field-piece on Federal Hill, during the Insurrection. We sincerely hope, although married to an invalid, the above lady will through life, consummate her maiden names. (W. Mch. 7, 1792).

Deaths: At Springfield, Mr. William Chaloner, t., 45. He was the unfortunate person who had both arms blown from his body by the discharge of a cannon. (But W. July 10, 1793, called William.)

Chamberlain, Richard. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Belknap, Mr. R.C., to Mrs. Sarah Call. (W. Dec. 5, 1792).

Champlin, Elizabeth m. John Coffin Jones.




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