Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Champney - Collins


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Champney, Hannah m. James Prescott, jun.

Champney, Richard. At Portsmouth (N.H.), R.C., Esq., to Mrs. Betsy Hickey. (W. Mch. 3, 1790).

Chandler, Abner. At Springfield (Mass.), Mr. A.C., to Miss Eunice Colton. (S. Oct. 27, 1792).

Chandler, Eliza Augusta m. Francis Blake.

Chandler, Elizabeth m. Nathaniel Paine.

Chandler, Judith m. Timothy Carter.

Chandler, Lucretia m. Rev. Aaron Bancroft.

Chandler, Mrs. Nancy m. William Chandler.

Chandler, William. On Thursday evening, Mr. W.C., to Mrs. Nancy Chandler, both of this town. (S. Aug. 13, 1791).

Pg. 25

Channing, Nancy m. William Woodbridge.

Chapman, Capt. Jonathan. Capt. J.C., to Miss Nabby Devans, daughter of Richard Devans, Esq. (S. Sept. 10, 1785).

Chapman, Jospeh, at Marblehead, Mr. J.C., to Miss Susannah Lee, both of that place. (W. Sept. 3, 1794).

Chapman, Sally m. John Bray.

Chappertin, Lem. [In this town] Mr. L.C., to Miss Bridget Coleman, daughter of Col. Coleman, of this town. (S. July 19, 1794).

Chatterton, Mrs. Rhoda m. Capt. Benjamin Brown.

Chauncey, Johanna m. Edward Parry.

Checkley, Nancy m. Rev. William Shaw.

Cheever, Dr. Abijah. Last Sunday noon, Dr. A.C., to Miss Betsey Scott Mr. Samuel Cobb to Miss Peggy Scott, daughters of the late Dr. Samuel Scott. (W. July 8, 1789).

Cheever, Jemima m. Daniel Hawes.

Cheever, Rebecca m. Jeremiah Bullfinch.

Chicken, John. J.C. Esq., aged 61, to Mrs. Lackay, aged 77 years, both of Kents County, Delaware. (S. June 9, 1792).

Childs, Miss m. Dea. Wells.

Childs, Amariah. At Charlestown, Mr. A.C., merchant, to Miss Ruthy Larkin, daughter of Mr. Ebenezer Larkin, of that town. (S. May 12, 1792).

Childs, Francis. At Elizabeth-Town, New Jersey, Mr. F.C., editor of the New-York Daily Advertiser, to Miss Sarah Blanchard, daughter of Mr. John Blanchard, merchant, of Elizabeth-Town. (M. Aug. 13, 1787). Boston Gazette.

Chinery, Anna m. Mr. Aspinwall.

Chipman, Paulina m. Michael Morrison.

Chipman, Rev. Thomas Henley. On Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Stillman, the Rev. T.H.C., of Annapolis-Royal, to Miss Jave Harding, daughter of the late deceased Capt. Thomas Harding, of Charlestown. (S. Oct. 28, 1786).

Chittendon, Ruthy m. Joseph Bond.

Choate, Nancy m. James Tappan.

Chollet, John B. In this town, Mr. J.B.C., to Mrs. Mary Danet. (W. Feb. 20, 1793).

Coarley, Capt. John Willson. In this town, on Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Parker, Capt. J.W.C., to Miss Theodosia Beale. (S. June 2, 1792).

Pg. 26

Christopher, Peter. At New London, Mr. P.C. To Miss Rebecca Sultonstall [Saltonstall ?] (S. Apr. 14, 1792).

Church, Abigail m. Thomas Foord.

Church, Nancy m. Thomas Dickman.

Churchill, Ansell. At Warren, Mr. A.C., to Miss Lillis Barton, daughter of William Barton, Esq. of that town. (S. Mch. 31, 1792).

Churchill, Francis. At Charlestown, by the Rev. President Willard, Mr. F.C., to Miss Phbe Leathers (S. Sept. 30, 1786).

Churchman, Enoch. In Hartford County, (M.) Mr. E.C., merchant, to Miss Patty Norris. (W. Feb. 29, 1792).

Clap, Levy. [In this town] Mr. L.C., to Miss Elizabeth Wallace. (W. Apr. 23, 1794).

Clap, Samuel, on Thursday evening, Mr. S.C., to Miss Deziah Lamb, [both of this town]. (S. Oct. 23, 1790).

Clap, William T. In this town, Mr. W.T.C., to Miss Lucretia Hewes. (W. Apr. 23, 1794).

Clapp, A. At Dorchester, Mr. A.C., of Northampton, to Miss Esther Tileston, of that place. (W. Apr. 12, 1794).

Clapp, Abigail m. Hawke Cushing.

Clapp, Caleb. In this town, Mr. C.C., to Miss Nancy Dorr. (W. Apr. 24, 1793).

Clapp, John. At Dorchester, Mr. J.C., of Roxbury, to Miss Sukey Robbins, of Dorchester. (S. Nov. 24, 1794).

Clapp, Capt. Joshua. At Deerfield, Capt. Joshua Clapp, of Burlington, (Vt.) To Miss Abigail Barnard, of that town; Mr. Hart Leavit, of Greenfield, to Miss Rachel Barnard; Dr. Stone, of Greenfield, to Miss Sally Barnard. It may be worthy to remark, that the brides were all sisters, and one matrimonial eve made wives of the whole. (S. Feb. 16, 1793).

Clapp, Capt. Samuel, Capt. S.C., to Miss Esther Coit. (S. Mch. 31, 1792). "At Connecticutt" Implied.

Clarke, Betsy m. Rufus Sweet.

Clark, Elinora m. Dudley Walker.

Clark, Fanny m. Perez Bryant.

Clark, Gregory. At Dorchester, Mr. G.C., of this town, to Miss Lucy Vose, of that place. (W. Apr., 1789).

Pg. 27

Clark, Hitty m. Capt. John Round.

Clark, James. In London, J.C. Esq., to Miss Margaret Lee, youngest daughter to the late Hon. Philip Thomas Lee. (W. Mch 13, 1793).

Clark, Capt. Joseph. On Thursday last, Capt. J.C., to Miss Judith Howard, "May she love him, and may he her behold, advanced in years but never think her old." (W. Mar. 23, 1785).

Clark, Mary m. Stephen Farrond.

Clark, Nabby m. Isaac Larkin.

Clark, Patty m. Rev. William Harris.

Clark, Patty m. John Molly.

Clark, Sally m. Philip Currell.

Clark, Sally m. Remember Preston, junr.

Clark, Thomas P. At Providence, Mr. T.P.C., to Miss Ruth Dunton. (W. May 21, 1794).

Clarke, Eben. Mr. E.C., to Miss Katy Coffin. (S. Dec. 7, 1793). At Nantucket?

Clarke, John. In this town, Mr. J.C., Coppersmith, to Miss Sally Davis. (S. Oct. 16, 1790).

Clarke, Mrs. Martha m. Rev. James Freeman.

Clarkson, Gen. Matthew. At New York, Gen. M.C., to Miss Sally Cornell. (W. Feb. 29, 1792).

Clasby, Capt. Joseph. [At Nantucket] Capt. J.C., to Miss Hannah Chadwick. (S. Dec. 15, 1782).

Clay, Polly m. Capt. William Wilson.

Clayhole, David C. At Philadelphia, Mr. D.C.C., Printer, to Miss Peggy Britton, daughter of Thomas Britton, Esq. (W. Oct. 26, 1791).

Clear, Mrs. Sally m. John Thomas.

Cleland, William. Last Thursday evening, Mr. W.C., to Miss Elizabeth Iven, daughter of the late Treasurer of this Commonwealth. (S. Nov. 13, 1790).

Clements, Charles. On Thursday evening last, Mr. C.C., to Miss Lydia Rich. (S. May 5, 1792).

Cheney, Mrs. Sally m. Daniel Mason.

Clipton, Cordelia m. M. Ganet.

Clipton, Caleb. [In this town] Mr. C.C., to Miss Sarah Barton. (S. Nov. 29, 1794).

Clough, Ebenezer. Last evening, Mr. E.C., to the amiable Miss Catherine F. Bradbury, both of this town. (W. June 29, 1791).

Pg. 28

Clouston, William. Mr. W.C., to Miss Sally White. (S. Nov. 24, 1787.)

Cloutman, Hannah m. Thomas Vincent.

Clulow, Elizabeth m. John Thompson.

Clymer, Margaret m. George McCall.

Coates, Deborah m. Samuel Maynard.

Coates, John. At Marlborough, last Sunday morning, Mr. S.C. Of this town, to Miss Maria Howe, of that place. (S. May 17, 1794.)

Coates, Lydia m. Capt. Benjamin S. Williams.

Cobb, Eunice m. Samuel Sumner Wilde.

Cobb, Nathaniel. Mr. N.C. Of Leicester, to Miss Anne Knap, of Spencer. (W. May 2, 1792). At New York perhaps implied.

Cobb, Samuel. [Last Sunday noon] Mr. S.C., to Miss Peggy Scott. (W. July 8, 1789) See Dr. Abijah Cheever.

Cochran, Alexander. Mr. A.C., mer., to Miss Phebe Meeker. (W. Mch. 14, 1792.)

Cockey, Penelope Deye m. Col. Thomas Gist.

Codman, Capt. James. [At Portland] Capt. J.C. To Miss Betsey Waite. (S. Nov. 5, 1791).

Codman, John, jun. On Monday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Parker, J.C., jun., Esq., to Miss Catherine Amory, a lady of great merit. (W. Feb. 16, 1791.)

Codman, Capt. Richard. At Portland, Capt. R.C., to Miss Statira Preble. (W. Sept. 16, 1789.)

Codman, Capt. William. At Portland, Capt. W.C., of this town, to Miss Suskey Coffin, of Portland. (S. Nov. 5, 1791.)

Coe, Rev. James. At New York, Rev. J.C., to Miss Betsy Miller. (S. Oct. 18, 1794.)

Coffin, Anne m. Dr. Oliver Smith.

Coffin, Charles. At Nantucket, Mr. C.C., to Mrs. Meriam Parker. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Coffin, Ebenezer. At Newburyport, Mr. E.C., to Miss Mary Newell. (W. Oct. 23, 1793.)

Coffin, Katy m. Eber Clarke.

Coffin, Mary m. Dr. Peter Easton.

Coffin, Polly Foster m. Ebenezer Mayo.

Coffin, Polly m. Jonathan Colesworthy.

Coffin, Suskey m. Capt. William Codman.

Pg. 29

Cogswell, Nabby m. Daniel Lillie, jun.

Cogswell, William. At Ispwich, Mr. W.C., to Mrs. Hannah Lamson, of Ammas. (S. June, 1794.)

Coit, Easter m. Capt. Samuel Clapp.

Coit, Capt. Elisha. At New London, Capt. E.C., merchant, of New York, to Miss Rebecca Manwaring, of New London. (W. Jan. 30, 1793.)

Coit, Wheeler, [At Norwich] Mr. W.C., to Miss Hannah Abell. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Colden, Catherine m. Thomas Cooper.

Cole, Edward. In this town, Mr. E.C., to Miss Nancy Farnam. (W. June 30, 1790.)

Colesworthy, Jonathan Waldo. [At Nantucket] Mr. J.W.C., to Miss Polly Coffin. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Collesworthy, Nancy m. Lot Hayden.

Collins, Miss m. Richard Bland Lee.




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