Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Collings - Cushman


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Collings, Mr. In this town, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, Mr. C., to Mrs. Whitfield, both of The Boston Theatre. (S. Jan. 25, 1794.) On S. Mch. 8, 1794, "Spectater" wrote, "Mr. Collins grows upon the audience, and every performance adds to his popularity." And of Mrs. Collins, "The extre diffidence Mrs. Collins is an obstruction to her performance and commands our tenderness." W. May 28, 1794, "A card to the canded public," signed Richard Collins, is of some interest.

Collins, Hannah m. Josiah Flagg, jr.

Collins, Isabella m. Daniel Jennings.

Collins, Mrs. Lydia m. William Ellis.

Colman, Bridget m. Leon Chappertin.

Colman, Samuel. At Norfold, (Virginia) Mr. S.C., Deputy Collector of that port, to Miss Saily Marlean. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.)

Colt, Polly m. Francis Brown.

Colton, Eunice m. Abner Chandler.

Coman, Mrs. Sabra m. Gen. Towne.

Comstock, Lydia m. Lewis Dexter.

Conant, Major Jeremiah. At Bridgewater, Mr. J.C., of Pomfret (Vt.), to Miss Cloe Prati, of that town, (Cloe Pratt?). (S. Feb. 8, 1794.)

Conant, Silence m. Appleton Prentiss.

Condy, Capt. Thomas Hollis. At Patuxet, Capt. T.H.C., of this town, to the amiable Miss Polly Aborn, of that place. (W. June 17, 1789.)

Conner, Peggy m. Daniel Finaly Flynn.

Conning, Richard. In this town, Mr. R.C., to Miss Betsey Buckley. (S. June 30, 1792.)

Cook, Sally m. Stephen Swift.

Cook, Silas. At Newark (N.J.) Mr. S.C., to Miss Morrison. (W. Feb. 29, 1792.)

Cook, Wm. [At Newburyport] Mr. W.C., to Miss Catherine Poor. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Cooke, Sally m. Rev. Jonathan Burr.

Cookson, Major. Major C., to Mrs. Osborne [both of this town.] (S. Oct. 5, 1793.)

Cooledge, Hepsey m. Henry Ayres.

Cooldridge, William. In this town, Mr. W.C., merchant, to Miss Maria May, daughter of Mr. Aaron May. (W. Dec. 1, 1790.)

Coombs, Ebenezer. In this town, Mr. E.C., to Miss Peggy Hunter. (S. Sept. 27, 1794.)

Cooper, Elizabeth m. Joseph Wittemore.

Cooper, Jacob. At New London. Mr. J.C., of West-Springfield, Miss Rebecca Spooner. (S. Oct. 3, 1792.)

Cooper, John. Last Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Thatcher, J.C., Esq., of Machias, to Miss Elizabeth Savage, of this town. (S. June 25, 1791.)

Cooper, Richard W. At Petersburg, (Virginia), on Tuesday, 18th December, by the Rev. Mr. Cameron, Mr. R.C., to the amiable Miss Pricilla Inglish, both of this town. (W. Jan. 23, 1788.)

Cooper, Samuel. Mr. S.C., to Miss Peggy Phillips, both of this town. (S. Dec. 10, 1785.)

Cooper, Thomas. At New York, T.C., Esq., to Miss Catherine Colden. (S. April 21, 1792.)

Copeland, Ephraim. Last week, Mr. E.C., to Miss Bethiah Baker, youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Baker. (S. Nov. 29, 1788.)

Copeland, Josiah. Mr. J.C., to Miss Polly Holman, both of this town. (S. Aug. 19, 1786.)

Copeland, Nathaniel. Mr. N.C., to Miss Polly Page., [both] of this town. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.)

Pg. 31

Corbet, David. [In this town] Mr. D.C., to Miss Deborah Cowing. (S. Dec. 8, 1792.)

Corbet, Nancy m. William Frobisher.

Corbet, Rebecca m. John Francis.

Cordis, Rebecca m. John Wallay Langdon.

Cordwell, William. Mr. W.C., to Miss Sally Greenough. (W. Nov. 29, 1786.)

Corey, Benjamin. At Roxbury, Mr. B.C., to Miss Betsy Ward. (S. Feb. 7, 1789.)

Corey, Dame. [At Westport] Mr. D.C., to Miss Rebecca Earl. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.)

Cornell, Hannah m. Herman Leroy.

Cornell, Sally m. General Matthew Clarkson.

Cornet, Madame de m. J.J. Madey.

Cornette, Mariette m. John Cormerais Del’horme.

Coskery, Patty m. Charles O’Brien.

Cotten, Lucy m. Charles Jackson.

Cotting, Dr. Josiah. At Lancaster, Dr. J.C., of Southborough, to Miss Maverick Houghton, of Lancaster. (W. March 14, 1792.)

Cotton, Andrew. At Springfield, Mr. A.C., to Mrs. Lydia White. (S. Oct. 9, 1790.)

Cotton, Elizabeth m. John Hinds.

Cotton, John. Mr. J.C., painter, to Miss Sukey Davies, daughter of Mr. Nathan Davies.

Cotten, Sally m. Martin Siders.

Cousins, Nancy m. Gubbins Osborn.

Coverly, Mary Dwight m. Nathaniel H. Richardson.

Coverly, Sally m. Thomas Burbeck.

Coverly, Samuel. Last evening, Mr. S.C., merchant, to Miss Sally Winslow, both of this town. (W. Nov. 28, 1787.)

Cowden, Daniel. In this town, Mr. D.C., merchant, to Miss Zebiah Davis, daughter of Amasa Davis, Esq. (W. Oct. 16, 1793.)

Cowdin, Capt. Joseph. At Fitchburg, Capt. J.C., merchant, of this town, to Miss Maria Fox, of that place. (W. Dec. 28, 1799.)

Cowell, Abigail m. Capt. John Davison.

Cowell, Capt. William, jun. [In this town] Capt. W.C., jun., to an agreeable young lady. (S. Sept. 20, 1794.)

Pg. 32

Cowing, Deborah m. David Corbet.

Cowing, Fanny m. John Adams.

Cox, Capt. Gersham. At Hallowell, Capt. G.C., to Miss Sally Hussey. (W. Dec. 31, 1794.)

Cox, Hannah m. Jesse Kimball.

Cox, Mary m. Richard Skillings.

Cox, Polly m. Timothy Goodwin.

Cox, Susanne m. Simon Tufts.

Crafts, Fanny m. Jonathan D. Robins.

Crafts, Foster. [In this town] Mr. F.C., to Miss Hannah Hinkley. (S. Nov. 24, 1792.)

Crafts, Nancy m. John Halsey.

Crafts, Percis m. John Doan.

Craig, Charlotte m. Dr. George W. Campbell.

Craigie, Andrew. On Tuesday evening, Mr. A.C., of Cambridge, to Miss Betsy Shaw, of Nantucket. (S. Jan. 12, 1793.)

Cranch, Betsy m. Rev. Jacob Norton.

Cranden, Philip. At New-Bedford, Mr. P.C., to Miss Esther Dillingham. (S. Dec. 7, 1793.)

Crane, Mehitable m. James Barry.

Crane, Stephen. In this town, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Belknap, Mr. S.C., of Watertown, to Miss Betsey Gardnier, of this town. (W. Nov. 2, 1791.)

Crave, Thomas. Mr. T.C., to Mrs. Pease. (S. April 4, 1789.)

Crave, Ziba. Mr. Z.C., to Mrs. Abigail Pratt. (S. Apr. 2, 1791.)

Creese, John. In this town, Mr. J.C., to Miss Rachel McLintock. (S. June 18, 1791.)

Creese, Samuel. Mr. S.C., to Miss Betsey Warden. (W. Apr. 10, 1788.)

Crocker, Mrs. Deborah m. Benjamin Gorham.

Crocker, Doddridge. Mr. D.C., to Miss Betsey Hichborn, daughter to Mr. Thomas Hichborn, of this town. (S. Sept. 18, 1790.)

Crocker, Robert. Mr. R.C., to Miss Polly Howe, [both of this town]. (S. Nov. 27, 1790.)

Crocket, Mrs. Sarah m. Simon Wilmer.

Crombie, Nancy m. Mr. Dunbar.

Crombie, William, jun. At Plymouth, Mr. W.C., jun., to Miss Nabby Jackson. (S. July 19, 1794.)

Pg. 33

Crone, Sally m. John Pray.

Crosby, Eunice m. Henry Payson.

Crosby, James. In this town, Mr. J.C., to Mrs. Harriet Read. (W. April 3, 1793.)

Crosby, John. at Ashby, Mr. J.C., of New-Ipswich, to the amiable Miss Hitty Locke, of that place. (W. Nov. 13, 1793.)

Cross, Joseph. On Tuesday evening last, Mr. J.C., of this town, to Mrs. Sally Edson, Taunton. (S. Sept. 15, 1792.)

Crossing, Mrs. M. Parker Hall.

Cummenes, William. At Roxbury, Mr. W.C., to Miss Polty Mayo. (W. March 13, 1793.)

Cunnabell, Eunice m. Dr. Simeon Stevens.

Cunningham, Nathaniel F. At Lurenburg, on Thursday evening last, Mr. N.F.C., to the amiable Miss Nancy Adams, second daughter of the Rev. Zabdiel Adams, of that place. (W. Nov. 9, 1791.)

Currell, Philip. [In this town] Mr. P.C., to Miss Sally Clark. (W. July 16, 1794.)

Curtis, Edward. Mr. E.C., to Miss Polly Marshall, both of this town. (S. Aug. 4, 1787.)

Curtis, Joseph. Mr. J.C., to the amiable Miss Sukey Butler. (W. April 9, 1794.)

Curtis, Lydia m. P.C. Waterbury.

Curtis, Thomas. Mr. T.C., of this town, distiller, to Miss Helena Pelham, of Newton. (S. Jan. 8, 1791.)

Curtiss, Mrs. Betsey m. Elisha Tichenor.

Curtiss, Edward. At Braintree, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Wibutt, Mr. E.C., to Miss Hannah Wise. (W. Sept. 2, 1789.)

Cushing, Edward. Mr. E.C., to Miss Mary Goodale, [both] of this town. (S. June 7, 1794; repeated W. June 11.)

Cushing, Elizabeth m. Capt. John Jencker.

Cushing, Hannah m. Samuel Neatt.

Cushing, Hawke. At Hingham, Mr. H.C., to Miss Abigail Clapp. (W. Nov. 28, 1792.)

Cushing, Col. Job. At Shrewbury, Col. J.C., to Mrs. Goulding. (S. June 16, 1792.)

Cushing, Katy m. Samuel Andrews.

Pg. 34

Cushing, Martin. (At Bath, Kennebeck) Mr. M.C., to Miss Hannah Sewall. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Cushing, Sally m. Thomas Barry.

Cushing, Thomas C. At Brooklyn, Mr. T.C.C., of Salem, printer, to the amiable Miss Sally Dean, daughter of Mr. John Dean, of Brooklyn. (S. March 5, 1791.)

Cushman, Jotham. At Pembrosce, Mr. J.C., Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Racheal Hobart. (W. Oct. 1, 1794.) Under "marriage corrected" this is repeated letter for letter. (S. Oct. 4.)




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