Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Cutler - Dodge


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Cutler, Benjamin C. At Hampsted Place, near George-Town, [S.C.] Mr. B.C.C., merchant, of this town, to Mrs. S. Hyrne, of that state. (S. Feb. 15, 1794. W. Feb. 19, 1794.)

Cutler, James. In Salem, Mr. J.C., in the 73rd year of his age, to Miss Huldah Symonds, in her 19th year. (W. May 19, 1787.)

Cutler, James. [In this town] Mr. J.C., to Miss Sullivan, daughter to the Hon. James Sullivan, Esq. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.)

Cutler, James. In this town, Mr. J.C., to Miss Mehitable Sullivan, daughter to the Hon. James Sullivan, Esq. (S. Feb. 9, 1793.)

Be their’s the more refin’d delights
Of love, that banishes control;
Where the fond heart with heart unites,
And soul’s in unison with the soul.

Cutler, Jane m. Jeremiah Schuyler.

Cutler, Samuel. [At Newbury-Port] Mr. S.C., to Miss Lydia Prout. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.)

Cutler, Dr. William. In this town, Dr. W.C., of Weston, to Miss Betsy Henderson, daughter to Joseph Henderson, Esq., of this town. (S. July 23, 1790.)

Cutler, Gershom. Mr. G.C., to Miss Deborah Torrey. (W. March 18, 1789.)

Cutter, Polly m. Samuel Turell.

Cutts, Miss m. Nathaniel Carter, jun.

Dabney, John. At Salem, Mr. J.D., stationer, to Miss Abigail Mason Peale, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Peale. (W. June 30, 1790.)

Dafforne, Mrs. Elizabeth m. William Wedgery.

Dagget, Deliverance m. William Robinson.

Pg. 35

Dagget, Eunice m. William Howes.

Dagget, Samuel, jun. Mr. S.D., jun., to Miss Rebecca Dagget. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.)

Daggett, Rebecca m. Samuel Daggett, jun.

Daland, Benjamin, jun. At Beverly, Mr. B.D., jun., to Miss Hannah Foster. (W. Nov. 7, 1792.)

Dall, Elizabeth m. Caleb Wheaton.

Dalton, Abigail m. John W. Blanchard.

Dalton, Polly m. Leonard White.

Dalton, Ruth H. M. Lewis Deblois.

Dalton, Sally m. Dr. John Homans.

Dana, Frances Johnstone m. Joseph Sherburne.

Dana, James. Mr. J.D., of Cambridge, to Miss Katy Greaton, daughter of the late General Greaton. (S. Sept. 4, 1790.)

Dana, Rev. Joseph. At Barre, the Rev. J.D., to the amiable Miss Sarah Caldwell. (S. Sept. 6, 1788.)

Danet, Mrs. Mary m. John B. Chollet.

Danforth, Dr. Samuel. Dr. S.D., to Miss Patty Gray. (S. Dec. 6, 1788.)

Daniels, John. [At Portsmouth] Mr. J.D., to Miss Hannah Tuttle. (S. Sept. 20, 1794.)

Daniels, Polly m. Joseph Harris.

Daniels, Sally m. Pliny Heartshorn.

Darney, John B. At Dedham, Mr. J.B.D., merchant, of Alexandria, to Miss Roxa Lewis, of that place (S. Nov. 3, 1792.)

Dart, Anna m. John Ferry.

Dashwood, Nancy m. Joseph Baxter.

Dashwood, Samuel. On Sunday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Lathrop, Mr. S.D., to Miss Sally Homer. (W. Aug. 24, 1785.)

Davenport, Sally m. Stephen Bradley.

Davenport, Thomas. At Milton, Mr. T.D., to Miss Deborah Whitehead. (W. Dec. 5, 1792.)

Davidson, James. At Georgetown, J.D., Esq., of Bath, merchant, to Miss Polly Lithgow. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Davies, Miss m. Edward Sohier.

Davies, Sukey m. John Cotton.

Davis, Anna m. Robert Calder.

Davis, Charlotte m. Joseph Fosdick.

Pg. 36

Davis, Capt. Edward. In England, Capt. E.D., of this town, to Miss Outram, of Gravesend. (W. April 25, 1787).

Davis, Elizabeth m. Capt. William Bordman.

Davis, Elizabeth m. John Underwood.

Davis, Frances m. Capt. Samuel Prince.

Davis, Hannah m. Benjamin Brackett.

Davis, John. At Plymouth, by the Rev. Chandler Robbins, Mr. J.D., Attorney at Law, to the amiable Miss Ellen Watson, youngest daughter of William Watson, Esq. (W. June 21, 1786.)

Davis, John. [At Nantucket] Mr. J.D., to Miss Jemima Glover. (S. Dec. 14, 1793.)

Davis, Lucinda m. William Dorr.

Davis, Lucy m. William Hayden.

Davis, Mary m. John Knapp, jun.

Davis, Matilda m. Jeremiah Williams.

Davis, Polly m. Elijah Russel.

Davis, Polly m. Thomas Carnes.

Davis, Rebecca m. Capt. Job Gorham.

Davis, Ruth m. Thomas Gray.

Davis, Sally m. John Clarke.

Davis, Sally m. Capt. William Boardman.

Davis, Samuel. At Roxbury, by Rev. Mr. Bradford, Mr. S.D., to Miss Polly Wheaton, both of that place. (S. Dec. 13, 1794.)

Davis, Zebiah m. David Cowden.

Davison, Capt. John. On Tuesday evening last, Capt. J.D., to Miss Abigail Cowell. (S. May 5, 1792.)

Dawes, Elizabeth m. Theodore French.

Dawes, Isabella m. Obediah Whiston.

Dawes, Reuben. Mr. R.D., to Miss Polly Bentley. (S. Nov. 20, 1790.)

Dawes, Sally m. Asa Hammond.

Day, Lydia m. Henry Dwight.

Day, Matthias. At Newark, Mr. M.D., to Miss Hannah Ward. (W. March 6, 1793.)

Dayton, Col. Ebenezer. [At Newport] Col. E.D., to Mrs. Mary Goddard. (W. Oct. 1, 1794.)

Pg. 37

Dean, Bethiah m. Joshua Pope.

Dean, Polly m. Ephraim Raymond.

Dean, Polly m. Jared King.

Dean, Sally m. Thomas C. Cushing.

Dearborn, Joseph. At Portsmouth, Mr. J.D., of N. Hill, to Miss Sally Seavey. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Dearborn, Nabby m. Samuel Leavitt.

Dearing, Lucy m. Dr. Robert Rogerson.

Deblois, Lewis. At Newbury-Port, Mr. L.D., merchant, to Miss Ruth H. Dalton, eldest daughter to The Most Hon. Tristram Dalton, Esquire. (S. July 25, 1789.)

Deblois, Stephen. In this town, Mr. S.D., merchant, of Portland, to Miss Elizabeth Amory, second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Amory, of this town. (W. Sept. 26, 1792.)

Deblois, William. At Salem, on Saturday last, Mr. W.D., of this town, to Miss Sally Williams, daughter of Captain Samuel Williams, of Salem. (W. Oct. 12, 1785.)

Delano, Ebenezer. At Duxbury, Mr. E.D., aged nearly 80, to Miss Lydia Tower, aged 38 years. (W. Nov. 26, 1794.)

Delano, Sally m. Beriah Fitch.

Delano, William. At New-Bedford, Mr. W.D., to Miss Hannah Tallman. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.)

Del’horme, John Cormerais. At Guadaloupe, Mr. J.C.D., merchant, of this place, to Miss Mariette Cornette. (W. Jan. 20, 1790.)

Dennis, Samuel. [At Newburyport] Mr. S.D., to Miss Elizabeth Pillsbury. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Derby, Ezekiel Hersy. At Salem, Mr. E.H.D., to Miss Hannah Brown Fitch, daughter of the late Timothy Fitch, Esq., of Medford. (W. Sept. 24, 1794.)

Derby, Capt. John. Capt. J.D., of Salem, to Mrs. Elizabeth Pierce, of this town. (W. Oct. 17, 1787.)

Derby, Capt. John. [At Salem] Capt. J.D., to Miss Sally Barton. (W. Nov. 30, 1791.)

Derby, Polly m. Samuel Preble.

Devans, Nabby m. Capt. Jonathan Chapman.

Deverell, J. Mr. J.D., watchmaker, to Miss Hannah Hewes. (S. Aug. 15, 1789.)

Pg. 38

Dew, Hendric. At New Haven, Mr. H.D., to Miss Hannah Gilbert. (S. Apr. 21, 1792.)

Dexter, Catharine Maria m. Artemas Ward, jun.

Dexter, Edward. At Providence, Mr. E.D., merchant, to Miss Abigail Smith. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.)

Dexter, John. At Cumberland, Mr. J.D., to Miss Lucy Dexter. (W. Feb. 12, 1794.)

Dexter, Lewis. At North Providence, Mr. L.D., to Miss Lydia Comstock. (W. Feb. 13, 1793.)

Dexter, Lucy m. John Dexter.

Dexter, Nancy m. Abraham Bishop.

Dexter, Samuel. S.D., Esq., of Albany, in the State of New York, to Miss Eliza Province, of this town. (W. June 16, 1790.)

Dickerson, Rev. Timothy. At Hollister, the Rev. T.D., to Miss Margaret Prentiss, daughter of the Late Rev. Joshua Prentiss. (S. Dec. 12, 1789.)

Dickinson, Patty m. John Barrett.

Dickman, Joseph. Last Thursday se’ennight, Mr. J.D., to Miss Mary Tucker. (S. Mar. 18, 1786.)

Dickman, Thomas. In this town, Mr. T.D., to Miss Betsy Getchell. (S. Dec. 8, 1792.)

Dickman, Thomas. At Springfield, Mr. T.D., printer, of Greenfield, to Miss Nancy Church, eldest daughter of Major Moses Church, of Springfield. (W. Sept. 10, 1794.)

Dilingham, Esther m. Philip Crandon.

Dillaway, Thomas. Mr. T.D., to Miss Hannah Domac, both of this town. (W. Jan. 26, 1791.)

Dilliway, Hannah m. John Somes, jun.

Dills, Mrs. M. Rev. President Witherspoon.

Dissotway, Violetta m. James Briton.

Dixcey, Hannah m. Mr. P.J.G. De Nancrede.

Doak, William D. At Haverhill, Mr. W.D.D., merchant, to Miss Polly Webster. (S. Mar. 1, 1794.)

Doan, John. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. J.D., of Roxbury, to Miss Percis Crafts, of this town. (S. May 10, 1794.)

Dodd, John. At Danbury, Mr. J.D., to Miss Anne M. Lean. (W. Oct. 17, 1792.) Dodge, Mary m. Mr. Balding.




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