Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Fox - Green


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Fox, John. In this town, Mr. J.F., to Miss Marcy Laha. (W. Nov. 19, 1788.)

Fox, John. Mr. J.F., merchant, to Miss Abigail Bayley, both of this town. (W. March 5, 1794.)

Pg. 49

Fox, Maria m. Capt. Joseph Cowdin.

Fox, Nancy m. Nathan Western.

Fox, Richard. In this town, Mr. R.F., to Miss Rachel Pierson.

Fox, Sarah m. Ruggles Green.

Francis, Caleb. Mr. C.F., to Miss Polly Rose of this town. (W. May 13, 1789.)

Francis, John. At Providence, J.F., Esq., merchant, to Miss Abby Brown, daughter of John Brown, Esq. (W. Jan. 16, 1788.)

Francis, John. Mr. J.F., to Miss Rebecca Corbet [both] of this town. (W. April 9, 1794.)

Francis, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.F., to Miss Mary Gendell. (S. July 13, 1793.)

Francis, Silas. Mr. S.F., to Miss Nancy Steele. (W. Sept. 10, 1794.)

Francis, Sophia m. George Harrison.

Franklin, Rebecca m. John Townsend.

Frayatt, Betsey m. Capt. John Strode.

Freeman, Betsey m. Caleb Aspinwall.

Freeman, Constant. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Elliot, C.F., Esq., to Mrs. Susannah Palfrey. (W. Feb. 1, 1792.)

Freeman, Experience m. Watson Freeman.

Freeman, Rev. James. The Rev. J.F., to Mrs. Martha Clarke. (S. July 19, 1788.) of King’s chapel, married 17 July.

Freeman, Jonathan, jun. Mr. J.F., jun., merchant, to Mrs. Abigail Brown, widow of the late Enoch Brown, Esq. (W. March 26, 1788.) Abigail Kendrick of Newton. - Bridgman’s King’s chapel inscr., pg. 233.

Freeman, Nabby m. Major Abraham Williams.

Freeman, Nathaniel. In this town, by the Rev. Doctor Howard, Mr. N.F., merchant, to Miss Sukey Nye, both of this town. (W. Jan. 25, 1792.)

Freeman, Nathaniel, jun. N.F., jun., Esq. Of Sandwich, to Miss Polly Ford, of this town. (W. June 29, 1791.)

Pg. 50

Freeman, Watson. Mr. W.F., to Miss Sally Hinkley, of Barnstable. (W. May 8, 1793.)

Freeman, Watson. At Sandwich, Mr. W.F., of this town, to Miss Experience Freeman, daughter of Seth Freeman, Esq., of the first place. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

French, Theodore. [In this town] Mr. T.F., to Miss Elizabeth Dawes. (S. July 5, 1794.)

French, Zadock. In this town, Mr. Z.F., distiller, to the amiable Miss Bulah Smith. (W. Oct. 2, 1793.)

Freneau, Capt. Philip. In Monmouth county (N.J.), Captain J.F., to Miss Elenora Forman. (W. May 5, 1790.)

Frobisher, William. Mr. W.F., to Miss Nancy Corbet. (S. Jan. 20, 1787.)

Frost, Mrs. Dorcas m. Asa Lapham.

Frost, Dea. Ephraim. [In this town] Dea. E.F., to Miss Boylston. (W. June 11, 1794.)

Frost, George. At Portsmouth, Mr. G.F., mer., Berwick, to Miss Sally Boles. (S. Sept. 20, 1794.)

Frost, Hannah m. Jacob Kuhn.

Frothingham, Dabby m. Amos Tufts.

Frothingham, James, jun. At Charlestown, Mr. J.F., jun., to Miss Sally Fosdick, both of that town. (W. May 24, 1786.)

Frothingham, John. Last evening, J.F., of Falmouth, Esq., to the amiable Miss Patty May, daughter of Samuel May, Esq., of this town. (W. Sept. 14, 1785.)

Frothingham, Nathaniel. Mr. N.F., to Miss Polly Townshend, of this town. (W. Jan. 4, 1786.)

Frothingham, Suckey m. John Kettle.

Fuller, Katy m. Rev. Ebenezer Wight.

Fullerton, Eliza m. Capt. Gardner Hammond.

Furman, Miss m. William Boyd.

Furniss, Rebecca m. Moses Beaujean.

Frye, Betsy m. Dr. Nathan Lukeman.

Frye, Lucy m. Solomon Abbot.

Gade, Peter. [In this town] Mr. P.G., to Miss Sukey Ridgaway. (W. Jan. 9, 1793.)

Gale, Nahum. [At Westborough] Mr. N.G., to Miss Hannah Forbes. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Pg. 51

Gale, Susannah m. Rev. Mr. Morrill.

Gallaten, Hon. Albert. At New York, Hon. A.G., Esq., senator of the United States for Pennsylvania, to Miss Nicholson, daughter of James Nicholson, Esq. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Galley, Hannah m. James Carter Singleton.

Gallison, Charlotte m. Sylvanus Gray.

Gallup, Col. Oliver. At Windsor (Vermont), Col. O.G., of Hartland, to Miss Bethiah Homer, of Boston. (W. Jan. 4, 1792.)

Garaux, Francis. In this town, Mr. F.G., to Mrs. Margaret Fontimoing. (S. March 12, 1791.)

Gardiner, Betsey m. Stephen Crane.

Gardiner, Lucy m. Thomas Boone.

Gardiner, Dr. Walter C. At Newport, Dr. W.C.G., to Miss Eliza Wickham. (W. May 23, 1792.)

Gardner, Mrs. Alice m. James Gardner.

Gardner, Ann m. Thomas Howe.

Gardner, Bethuel. Mr. B.G., to Miss Sally Morris. (S. Dec. 7, 1793.) At Nantucket?

Gardner, Eliakim. Mr. E.G., to Miss Pamelia Gardner. (S. Dec.7, 1793.) At Nantucket?

Gardner, James. Mr. J.G., to Mrs. Alice Gardner, of this town. (S. Nov. 1, 1788.)

Gore, Katy m. Jonathan Hunnewell.

Gore, Katy m. Samuel Torrey.

Gorham, Miss m. Warham Parker.

Gorham, Ann m. Peter C. Brown.

Gorham, Benjamin. Mr. B.G., to Mrs. Deborah Crocker. (W. Sept. 16, 1789.) At Barnstable implied.

Gorham, Capt. Job. In this town last Saturday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Lathrop, Capt. J.G., to the amiable Miss Rebecca Davis, both of Barnstable. (W. Sept. 6, 1786.)

Gorham, Mary m. George Bartlett.

Gorham, Nathaniel. At Charlestown, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Morse. N.G., Esq., to Miss Ruth Wood, eldest daughter of Col. David Wood, of Charlestown. (W. Feb. 12, 1794.)

Pg. 52

Gould, Nathaniel. At Danvers, Mr. N.G., to Miss Betsey Porter. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.)

Gould, Reuben. At Chelmsford, Mr. R.G., to Miss Patty Phillips. (S. May 29, 1790.)

Gould, Sarah m. Ebenezer Pool.

Goulding, Mrs. M. Col. Job Cushing.

Goulding, Mrs. Azubah m. Capt. Joseph Torrey.

Gotte, Hannah m. William Boylston.

Grace, William. In England, Mr. W.G., to Miss M. Tangshaw. His father is his brother, and her Mother is his sister! However strange the above circumstances may appear, it is all brought about by the wonderful effects of matrimony. (W. March 28, 1792.)

Graham, Asa. Mr. A.G., to Miss Sally West. (S. June 28, 1794.) At Concord (N.H.) Implied.

Graham, John. Mr. J.G., to Miss Nabby Brown, of this town. (W. Oct. 6, 1790.)

Grant, Abigail m. John Coffin Jones.

Grant, Betsy m. Samuel Snelling.

Grant, William. At New-York, Mr. W.G., of St. Augustine, to Miss Ann Sample, of that city. (S. Nov. 5, 1791.)

Graves, Electra m. James Orton.

Graves, John Bonon. Last Sunday evening, J.B.G., Esq., Consul of South-Carolina, from the United States of Holland, to Miss Sally Atwood, of this town. (W. July 23, 1788.)

Gray, Edward. E.G., Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Sukey Turrell, daughter of the late Joseph Turrell, Esq. (S. April 17, 1790.)

Gray, Eliza Saunders m. Jacob Eustis.

Gray, Francis. On Sunday evening, Mr. F.G., merchant, to Miss Polly Young. (W. Sept. 7, 1785.)

Gray, Hannah m. Hon. James Willson.

Gray, Capt. John. In this town, on Sunday evening, Capt. J.G., merchant, to Miss Polly Roberts, both of this town. (W. Feb. 9, 1791.)

Gray, Patty m. Dr. Samuel Danforth.

Gray, Polly m. Barnabas Bidwell.

Pg. 53

Gray, Rev. Robert. In Charlestown, the Rev. R.G., of Dover, New Hampshire, to Miss Lydia Tufts,daughter of Mr. John Tufts, of that town. (S. March 31, 1787.)

Gray, Capt. Robert. [In this town.] Capt. R.G., to Miss Martha Atkins. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.)

Gray, Samuel. At Salem, Mr. S.G., merchant, to Miss Nancy Orne, of that town. (S. Nov. 10, 1787.)

Gray, Sylvanus. At Marblehead, Mr. S.G., of this town, to Miss Charlotte Gallison. (W. Sept. 3, 1794.)

Gray, Thomas. At Barnstable, Mr. T.G., of Yarmouth, to Miss Ruth Davis. (S. July 18, 1789.)

Gray, Rev. Thomas. On Thursday evening last, the Rev. T.G., to Miss Debby Stillman, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Stillman. (S. May 25, 1793.)

Gray, Winthrop. At Salem, W.G., Esq., to Miss Eliza Putnam. (S. Oct. 29, 1791.)

Greaton, Katy m. James Dana.

Greaton, Mrs. Sarah m. Samuel Ridgway.

Greeanleaf, John. At Newbury-Port, Mr. J.G., merchant, to Mrs. Elizabeth Greenleaf. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.)

Greele, Moses. At Sandy River, Mr. M.G., aged 88, to an agreeable widow of about 56. (S. May 11, 1793.)

Greely, Hannah m. William Stevenson.

Greely, Mrs. Mary m. Col. Jonathan Glover.

Greely, Nancy m. Caleb Loring.

Green, Dr. Isaac. In this town, Dr. I.G., of Windsor, to Miss Nancy Barrett, daughter of Samuel Barrett, Esq., of this town. (S. Jan. 21, 1792.)

Green, Jeremiah. At East Greenwich, Mr. J.G., to Miss Lydia Arnold. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.) In Rhode Island.

Green, Joel. In Baltimore county, Mr. J.G., to Miss Elizabeth Buck. (W. April 25, 1792.)

Green, Maria m. Benjamin Sumner.

Green, Martha m. Capt. Lewis Carnes.

Green, Nathaniel. [At Shrewbury] Mr. N.G., to Miss Lucy Stone. (S. June 16, 1792.)

Green, Polly m. William Hill.

Green, Ruggles. [At Bernardston] Mr. R.G., to Miss Sarah Fox. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.)




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