Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Greene - Hayley


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Pg. 54

Greene, Timothy. At Providence, T.G., Esq., of Worcester, to Miss Polly Martin, of Providence. (S. March 16, 1793.)

Greenleaf, Miss m. John Appleton.

Greenleaf, Mrs. Elizabeth m. John Greeanleaf.

Greenleaf, Mary m. Capt. Nathaniel Thwing

Greenleaf, Polly m. Charles Sigourney.

Greenleaf, Rebecca m. Noah Webster, jr

Greenleaf, Thomas. In this town, Mr. T.G., to Miss Polly Price, daughter of Ezekiel Price, Esq. (W. Apr. 25, 1787.)

Greenleaf, Thomas. At New York, Mr. T.G., Printer, to Miss Nancy Quackenbos. (W. Oct. 26, 1791.)

Greenman, John. At Warren, Mr. J.G., of Swansea, to Miss Sally Eddy, of Providence. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Greenough, Mary m. William Howes.

Greenough, Nancy m. Elisha Bangs.

Greenough, Rachel m. Jonas Brooks.

Greenough, Sally m. William Cordwell.

Greenough, William. [In this town] Mr. W.G., printer, to Miss Mary More, of this town. (S. April 26, 1794.)

Greenwood, Isaac. At Newport, Mr. I.G., Esq., to Miss Nabby Langley. (W. May 14, 1788.)

Greenwood, John. At New York, Mr. J.G., (dentist), to Miss Betsey Weaver. (W. April 9, 1788.)

Grice, Hannah m. Samuel Bangs, jr.

Gridley, James. Mr J.G., to Miss Unice Faxton. (S. March 31, 1792.) On Sunday last implied.

Gridley, Patty m. Joseph Howe.

Gridley, Rebecca m. Ephraim Mills.

Gridley, Richard, jun. By the Rev. Mr. Murray, Mr. R.G., jun., to Miss Sally James. (S. Nov. 2, 1793.)

Griffin, Miss m. Richard Edwards.

Grough, Catherine m. John Perry.

Groves, Charles. [In this town] Mr. C.G., to Miss Eliza Wheeler. (W. Jan. 1, 1794.)

Guerney, Mary m. Thomas Bacon.

Guest, Sally m. John Campbell.

Gullishan, Ebenezer. [At Newburyport] Mr. E.G., to Miss Eliza Titcomb. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Pg. 55

Gulliver, Stephen. In this town, Mr. S.G., to Miss Abigail Levett. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.)

Gummer, James. In this town, Mr. J.G., of Bridgport, Eng., to Miss Sally Viebart, of this town. (S. April 19, 1794.) See Also Viburt.

Hadley, Matty m. Thomas Stutson.

Hagger, Sally m. Capt. Moses Tuck.

Haiden, Nancy m. Jonathan Loring, jr.

Hale, Nancy m. Jonathan Chadbourne.

Hall, Ammi C. Last Tuesday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Everett, Mr. A.C.H., to the amiable Miss Betsy Seabury, both of this town. (S. April 1, 1786.)

Hall, Andrew. At Medford, on Sunday evening last, Mr. A.H., merchant, to the amiable Miss Eunice Fitch, daughter to Timothy Fitch, Esq. (S. April 25, 1789.)

Hall, Catherine m. Caleb Gibbs.

Hall, Daniel. At Wrentham, Mr. D.H., to Miss Catherine Force. (S. Feb. 26, 1791.)

Hall, Edward. [At Nantucket] Mr. E.H., to Miss Nabby Townsend. (W. July 17, 1793.)

Hall, Eliza m. Dr. William Reed.

Hall, John. At Dorchester, by the Rev. Moses Everett, Mr. J.H., to Miss Deborah Allen. (S. May 7, 1791.)

Hall, John. In this town, Mr. J.H., to Miss Betsy Secomb, of Salem. (S. July 9, 1791.)

Hall, Deacon Moses. [In this town] by the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Deacon M.H., to Miss Hannah Bridges both of this place. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Hall, Parker. P.H., Esq., to Mrs. Crossing. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.)

Hall, Patty m. William H. Bowers.

Hall, Polly m. John Breed.

Hall, Sally m. Samuel Blagge.

Hall, Sally m. John Kennedy.

Hall, Stephen. At Hingham, Mr. S.H., of this town, to Miss Sally Jacobs of that place. (S. March 31, 1792.)

Hall, Thomas. At Barnstable, by Rev. Mr. Shaw, Mr. T.H., printer, to Miss Nabby Thatcher, of that place. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.)

Pg. 56

Hall, Zeabilon. At Hingham, Mr. Z.H., to Miss Patty Beals. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Halliburton, Rebecca m. Capt. Robert Murray.

Halsey, John. [In this town] J.H., Esq., of New-York, to Miss Nancy Crafts, second daughter to Thomas Crafts, Esq. (W. July 16, 1794.)

Halstead, Sarah T. M. John Roach.

Ham, George. [At Portsmouth] Mr. G.H., to Miss Johanna Beck. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Hamblin, Maria m. Matthew Tasker.

Hamersley, Lucretia m. Monson Hayt.

Hamilton, Anne m. James Lyle.

Hammatt, Lydia m. Capt. Thomas Norton.

Hammond, Abijah. At Newark (N.J.), A.H., Esq., of New York, to Miss Catharine Ogden, of Newark. (W. Feb. 9, 1791.)

Hammond, Asa. [In this town] Mr. A.H., to Miss Sally Dawes. (W. June 18, 1794.)

Hammond, Benjamin. Mr. B.H., to Miss Sally Nichols, daughter of Mr. S.N. (W. April 4, 1792.) at Newport implied.

Hammond, Capt. Gardner. In this town, Capt. G.H., to Miss Eliza Fullerton. (W. April 12, 1794.)

Hammond, George. At Philadelphia, G.H., Esquire, his Britannic Majesty’s Minister Plenipotentiary to The United States, to Miss Peggy Allen, of that place. W. May 29, (1793.)

Hamock, Mrs. Sally m. Elijah Brigham.

Hancock, Nathaniel. In this town, Mr. N.H., Miniature Painter, to Miss Betsey Welsh. (W. May 25, 1791.)

Handy, Merebe m. Capt. Frederick William Callahan.

Hanley, Capt. Matthew. At North-Kingston, Capt. M.H., to Miss Lydia Pettis. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)

Harback, Sally m. James Symmes.

Harden, Joanna m. Samuel Watts.

Harding, Jane m. Rev. Thomas Henley Chipman.

Harding, Martha m. Richard Richardson.

Pg. 57

Harmond, Polly m. Thomas Stepson.

Harrington, Anna m. Thomas Winship.

Harris, Hannah m. William Draper.

Harris, J.E. In England, J.E. Harris, Esq., to Miss Joanna Hutchinson, daughter of the late Gov. Hutchison of this State. (S. July 15, 1786.)

Harris, Joanna m. Isaac Pierce.

Harris, Joseph. Last Tuesday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Stillman, Mr. J.H., to Miss Polly Daniels, both of this town. (S. Aug. 27, 1791.)

Harris, Lydia Gilbert m. George Singleton, jun.

Harris, Rebeccah m. Dr. John Wheeler.

Harris, Thankful m. Jeremiah Gore, jr.

Harris, Rev. William. At Lexington, the Rev. W.H., of Marblehead, to Miss Patty Clark, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Clark, of Lexington. (S. Nov. 26, 1791.)

Harrison, Miss m. Capt. Thomas Beaty.

Harrison, Betsy m. Snelling Powell.

Harrison, George. At Philadelphia, Mr. G.H., to Miss Sophia Francis, daughter to Tench Francis, Esq. (W. Feb. 29, 1792.)

Harrow, Anna Matilda m. Jacobus Hatchet.

Hartwell, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.H., to Miss Esther M’Clarey. (W. Sept. 14, 1791.)

Hartwick, Hannah m. Josiah Allen, jr.

Haskel, Phineas, jun. At Westborough, Mr. P.H., jun., to Miss Sukey Martyn. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Haskell, Ruth m. Simeon Haskell.

Haskell, Simeon. At Brookfield, Mr. S.H., to Miss Ruth Haskell, daughter of Mr. Samuel Haskell, D.D. (W. Dec. 4, 1793.)

Haskins, Deborah m. Rev. Mase Shephard.

Haskins, Mary m. William Ladd, jr.

Haskins, William. [At New-Bedford] Mr. W.H., to Miss Sally Potter. (W. Oct. 23, 1793.)

Hastings, John. At Newton, J.H., Esq., to the amiable Miss Sally Gardner, of Brooklyn. (W. Oct. 5, 1791.)

Hastings, Simon. In this town, last Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Kirkland, Mr. S.H., to Miss Mindwell Andrews. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Pg. 58

Hatch, Asa. In this town, Mr. A.H., to Miss Patty Brown. (W. July 30, 1794.)

Hatch, Crowel. C.H., Esq., to Miss Hannah Boit. [Both of this town.] (W. Sept. 30, 1789.)

Hatch, Elizabeth m. Samuel Quincey.

Hatch, Mrs. Phebe m. Henry Sweetser.

Hatchet, Jacobus. [In this town] Mr. J.H., to Miss Anna Matilda Harrow. (W. Nov. 26, 1794.)

Hathaway, John. In this town, Mr. J.H., to Miss Hannah Tate. (W. May 16, 1792.)

Hathaway, Lydia m. Caleb Faxon.

Hathaway, Nabby m. Capt. Weston Howland.

Hathorne, Betsey m. Thorndike Proctor, jr.

Hawes, Betsy m. Capt. Benjamin Walcutt.

Hawes, Daniel. At Wrentham, Mr. D.H., to Miss Jemima Cheever. (S. Feb. 28, 1789.)

Hawkins, John. At Nantucket, Mr. J.H., to Miss Lucinda Whippy. (W. July 17, 1793.)

Hawks, Benjamin. At Salem, Mr. B.H., to Miss Nabby Becket. (S. Sept. 3, 1791.)

Hawson, Mrs. Margaret m. Christopher Wilder.

Hayden, Capt. Caleb. In this town, Capt. C.H., to the agreeable Miss Caroline Stevens, both of this town. (W. June 15, 1791.)

Hayden, Eli. At Braintree, by the Rev. Mr. Wild, Mr. E.H., to Miss Charlotte Soper, both of that Town. (S. Feb. 7, 1789.)

Hayden, Lot. Mr. L.H., to Miss Nancy Colesworthy. (W. June 30, 1790.)

Hayden, William. [In this town] Mr. W.H., of Richmond, (Virg.), to Miss Lucy Davis, daughter of Mr. Edward Davis. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.)

Hayley, Mrs. Mary m. Patrick Jeffery.




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