Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Hayt - Horney


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Hayt, Monson. At Jamaica, M.H., Esq., to Miss Lucretia Hamersley. (S. Apr. 28, 1792.)

Hayward, Sally m. Caleb Alden.

Hayward, Dr. Samuel. Dr. S.H., of this town, to the amiable Miss Sally Henshaw, of Connecticut.

Palma velut, palmam cui casta columba columbum
Sic vero conjux conjugem amore colat,
Conjugium fæcundat amor atq secundat,
Ditatidem Cælo gratia lapsa dei.
As hand with hand, as dove unites with dove,
Those link’d in wedlock, should be link’d in love,
Love join’d with labour should compleat the state,
And make that lasting which before was great,
When such fruition to terrestriars given,
Who would not wish for marriage in Heaven?
Or who thus blest, would wish to enter there?
Wedlock’s a Heav’n beyond what angels share.

Pg. 59

Hazeltine, Nancy m. Daniel Stockwell.

Heacock, Theodora m. Capt. Gilbert Horny.

Head, Ann m. Phillip Jarvis.

Heard, Sally m. Vashai Heminway.

Hearsey, Abel. At Salem, Mr. A.H., to Miss Polly Gardner. (W. Sept. 18, 1793.)

Hearsy, Thomas. In this town, Mr. T.H., to Miss Nancy Ayers. (S. Apr. 2, 1791.)

Heartshorn, Pliny. Mr. P.H., to Miss Sally Daniels [both] of this town. (W. Oct. 15, 1794.) on Sunday evening last?

Heath, Ebenezer. At Roxbury, Mr. E.H., of Brooklyn, to the amiable Miss Hannah Williams, of Roxbury. (W. Jan. 12, 1791.)

Heath, William. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Belknap, Mr. W.H., to Miss Betsy Black. (S. Mar. 6, 1790.)

Hedge, B., Jun. At Fairfield, in Mr. Burr’s house, Mr. B.H., Jun., to Miss Eunice D.

Burr. Mr. W.H. Capers, of S. Carolina, to Miss Abigail Burr — and Mr. Gershom Burr to Miss Young. (W. Sept. 16, 1789.)

Heminway, Vashai. At Lancaster, Mr. V.H., of Shrewbury, to Miss Sally Heard, daughter to Col. Heard, of Lancaster. (W. Feb. 15, 1792.)

Henderson, Joseph m. Dr. William Cutler.

Henderson, Dr. R. At Staten Island, Dr. R.H., to Miss Maria Journeay. (W. May 16, 1792.)

Henry, Mrs. Elizabeth m. Capt. Joseph Roby.

Pg. 60

Henry, Jane m. Capt. J. Gay.

Henshaw, Capt. Joshua. By the Rev. Dr. Lathrop, on Monday evening, Capt. J.H., to Miss Cynthia Lapham. (W. Feb. 2, 1791.)

Henshaw, Sally m. Dr. Samuel Hayward.

Herring, Betsy m. William Leggett.

Hewes, Elizabeth m. Major John Gardner.

Hewes, Hannah m. J. Deverell.

Hewes, Lucretia m. William T. Clap.

Heyer, Eliza m. Edward Meeks.

Heyler, Polly m. Samuel Thaxter.

Hichborn, Betsy m. Doddridge Crocker.

Hichborn, John. [In this town] Mr. J.H., to Miss Betsy Brown, daughter to Mr. Garven Brown. (S. Oct. 1, 1791.)

Hichborn, Phillip. In this town, Mr. P.H., to Miss Betsy Hopkins. (W. Sept. 19, 1792.)

Hichborn, Samuel. On Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. S.H., to the amiable Miss Nancy Rumsey. (W. Feb. 16, 1785.)

Hickey, Mrs. Betsy m. Richard Champney.

Hicklin, Catharine m. William Prescott.

Hickling, Elizabeth Parker m. Gamaliel Bradford, jun.

Hicks, Willet. [At New York] Mr. W.H., to Miss Mary Matlack. (S. May 19, 1792.)

Hidden, Martha m. Joseph Kilborn.

Hiestrine, Miss m. Capt. Benjamin Hodgdon.

Higgins, Jane m. Methusela Baldwin.

Higgins, Mercy m. David Spear, jun.

Higginson, Nathaniel Cabot. At Philadelphia, N.C.H., Esq., to Miss Sally Rhea. (W. Oct. 24, 1792.)

Higginson, Sally m. Dudley Atkins Tyng.

Higginson, Hon. Stephen. Hon. S.H., Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Perkins. (S, June 27, 1789.)

Higginson, Hon. Stephen. In this town, Hon. S.H., Esq., to Miss Sally Perkins. (W. Nov. 7, 1792.)

Hilegas, Miss m. William Nickles.

Hill, Mrs. Charlotte m. Capt. Joseph Gleason.

Hill, David. [In this town] Mr. D.H., to Miss Lydia Barron. (W. Apr. 3, 1793.)

Pg. 61

Hill, Hannah m. Samuel Whiting.

Hill, James. At Stockbridge, Mr. J.H., printer, late of this town, to Miss Jerusha Gardner. (S. Oct. 4, 1794.)

Hill, Sally m. John Hunting.

Hill, Samuel. Mr. S.H., to Miss Grace Austin. (W. May 11, 1791.)

Hill, William. Mr. W.H., to Miss Polly Green. (W. Apr. 7, 1790.)

Hiller, Thomas. [In this town] Mr. T.H., to Miss Katy Martin. (S. Jan. 19, 1793.)

Hilton, Thomas. [At Portland] Mr. T.H., to Miss Rachel Veasie. (S. Nov. 26, 1791.)

Hinds, John. [In this town] Mr. J.H., to Miss Elizabeth Cotton. (S. Apr. 5, 1794.)

Hinkley, Hannah m. Foster Crafts.

Hinkley, Sally m. Watson Freeman.

Hinkley, Samuel. [At Northampton] S.H., to Miss Dorothy Strong. (W. June 28, 1786.)

Hitchcock, Joseph. [At New York] Mr. J.H., to Miss Sally Van Deuser. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

Hitchins, Sukey m. Nathaniel Emmons.

Hixon, Mrs. M. Mr. Eaton.

Hobart, Racheal m. Jothan Cushman.

Hodgdon, Capt. Benjamin. [At Philadelphia] Capt. B.H., formerly of this town, to the amiable Miss Hiestrine, of that city. (S. Jan. 7, 1792.)

Hodgdon, Nancy m. William Keer.

Hodge, Hannah m. Abiel Wood, jun.

Hodge, Sukey m. Mr. Kennedy.

Hodges, Jonathan. [At Salem] Mr. J.H., to Miss Betsey Roper. (S. Apr. 5, 1788.)

Hodges, Thomas. [At Portland] Mr. T.H., merchant, of London, to Miss Jane Robinson.(S. July 23, 1790.)

Hoffman, Mary m. James Seton.

Holbrook, Dr. [At Milton] Dr. H., to Miss Robinson, daughter to the late Col. Robinson, of Dorchester, deceased. (W. Dec. 9, 1789.)

Holland, Abial m. Stephen Veron.

Holland, Mrs. Mary m. Capt. David Spear.

Hollis, Mrs. Mary [In this town] Mrs. M.H., aged 40, to Master Benjamin Hooten, aged 18. (S. Jan. 19, 1793.

Pg. 62

Hollister, William. [At Lenox] Mr. W.H., to Miss Orra Willard. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.)

Holman, Polly m. Josiah Copeland.

Holmes, Betsy m. Daniel Scott.

Holt, Polly m. John Foster.

Holt, Sally m. Joseph Brown.

Homans, Capt. Benjamin. [In this town] Capt. B.H., to Miss Martha Newell, [both] of this town. (W. Aug. 3, 1791.)

Homans, Dr. John. Dr. J.H., to Miss Sally Dalton, both of this town. (S. Sept. 17, 1785.)

Homans, Susannah m. Peter C. Scott.

Homer, Abiah m. John Bonner.

Homer, Bethiah m. Col. Oliver Gallup.

Homer, Betsey m. Amasa Paine.

Homer, Mrs. Betsey m. John Winnek.

Homer, Eleazer. Mr. E.H., to Miss Polly Bartlett. (S. Nov. 25, 1786.)

Homer, George. [In this town] Mr. G.H., to Miss Sally Sumner. (W. Nov. 30, 1791.)

Homer, Hannah m. John Howe.

Homer, Capt. Michael. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Thatcher, Capt. M.H., to Miss Betsey Rea,both of this town. (W. Nov. 16, 1791.)

Homer, Ruth m. Peter Remy Arsonneau.

Homer, Sally m. Samuel Dashwood.

Homes, Brazillia. [In this town] Mr. B.H., to Miss Sally Wheeler, [both] of this town. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Homes, Samuel. At the Rev. Mr. Porter’s meeting-house, in the North Parish in Bridgewater, on Sunday last, after the public exercise was past, Mr. S.H., to the amiable Miss Polly Alcott. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.)

Homes, William. In this town, Mr. W.H., to Miss Mary Greenough. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.)

Hooper, Joseph. At Bridgewater, Mr. J.H., to Miss Lucy Mitchell, daughter of Mr. Edward Mitchell, of that town. (S. Jan. 5, 1793.)

Hooper, Joshua. At Charlestown, by the Rev. Mr. Morse, Mr. J.H., to the amiable Miss Hannah Barrington, both of Charlestown. (W. July 24, 1793.)

Methinks the bliss must be complete,
Where wit and beauty jointly meet;
More pleasing still the nuptial bands,
Where honor, virtue, join their hands.

Pg. 63

Hooper, Louise m. Samuel Woodward.

Hooper, Ruth m. Lewis Jenkins.

Hooper, Thomas. At Newburyport, Mr. T.H., to Miss Harriet Bradbury, of that town. (W. Sept. 26, 1792.)

Hooten, Benjamin m. Mrs. Mary Hollis.

Hopkins, Miss m. Joseph James.

Hopkins, Betsy m. Phillip Hichborn.

Hopkins, Betsey m. Leonard Worcester.

Hopkins, John. In Virginia, J.H., Esq., Continental Loan Officer, to Miss Lyons. (S. Nov. 7, 1789.)

Hopkins, Mary m. Ashbel Wells.

Hopkins, Susannah m. Rev. Jonathan Maxcy.

Hoppin, Col. Benjamin. At Warwick, Col. B.H., of Providence, to Mrs. Mary Whitney, of the former place. (W. June 18, 1794.)

Horn, Nancy m. Hezekiah Hudson.

Horny, Capt. Gilbert. At Portsmouth, N.H., Capt. G.H., of Pool, in England, to Miss Theodore Heacock, of Cork, in Ireland. (W. Mar. 28, 1792.)




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