Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Houghton - Johnson


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Houghton, Charity m. Isaac Smith.

Houghton, Maverick m. Dr. Josiah Cotting.

Hovey, Sally m. Stephen Field.

Hovey, Sally m. Daniel Jenkins, jun.

How, Rachel m. Lieut. Edward Robinson.

How, Sally m. Edmund Baker.

Howard, Rev. Dr. At Hingham, on Monday evening last, the Rev. Dr. H., to the agreeable Miss Jerusha Gay, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Gay. (S. Dec. 4, 1790.)

Howard, Abigail m. Daniel Lincoln.

Howard, Amasa. At Westminster (Vt.), A.H., Esq., attorney-at-law, to Miss Betsy

Homer, second daughter of the late Capt. Benjamin Homer, deceased, of this town. (W. Sept. 12, 1787.) Corrected in W. Sept. 29 to Amasa Paine, q.v.

Pg. 64

Howard, Rev. Bezaleel. At Weatherfield (Conn.), the Rev. B.H., of Springfield, to Miss Prudence Williams. (W. May 26, 1790.)

Howard, Eliza m. Samuel Phipps.

Howard, Dr. John. At Moriches, Suffolk County, Dr. J.H., to Miss Fanny Howell.

Howard, Judith m. Capt. Joseph Clark.

Howard, Mary m. M. Bussy.

Howe, Hizabath m. Jacob Barnes.

Howe, John. Mr. J.H., to Miss Hannah Homer. In this town implied. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.)

Howe, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.H., to Miss Patty Gridley, both of this town. (W. Sept. 17, 1794.)

Howe, Maria m. John Coates.

Howe, Polly m. Robert Crocker.

Howe, Polly m. Hawks Lincoln.

Howe, Thomas. Mr. T.H., to Miss Alice Sumner. (W. Mar. 9, 1791.)

Howe, Thomas. [In this town], Mr. T.H., to Miss Ann Gardner. (W. June 6, 1792.)

Howell, Fanny m. Dr. John Howard.

Howell, Dr Jeremiah B. At Providence, Dr. J.B.H., to Miss Martha Brown, daughter of the late Mr. J.B., (S.E.) (W. Oct. 30, 1793.)

Howes, William. [At Warren] Mr. W.H., of Wrentham, to Miss Eunice Dagget, of Attleborough. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Howland, Alice m. Jarathmael White.

Howland, Beriah. At Dartmouth, Mr. B.H., of Westport, to Mr. (?) Lucy Brightman of New-Bedford. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Howland, Hannah m. Capt. William Akin.

Howland, Capt. Weston. At New-Bedford, Capt. W.H., to Miss Nabby Hathaway. (W. Oct. 23, 1793.)

Hoy, Miss m. Earl of Shrewsbury.

Hoyt, Dr. Benjamin Starr. At Danbury, Dr. B.S.H., to Miss Ann Wood. (W. Oct. 1, 1794.)

Hoyt, Dr. Ezra. At Lanesborough, Dr. E.H., to Miss Sally Smith, eldest daughter of Col. Jonathan Smith, the gentleman whose speech in Convention, "to his brother Farmers," Was so much celebrated. (S. Mar. 20, 1790.)

Pg. 65

Hubbard, John. At New-Ipswich, on the 10th inst., Mr. J.H., Preceptor of the New-Ipswich Academy, to Miss Becca Preston, of New-Ipswich. (W. Aug. 24, 1791.)

Hudson, Hezekiah. [In this town], Mr H.H., to Miss Nancy Horn. (W. Apr. 4, 1792.)

Hughes, Samuel, jun. [In this town], Mr. S.H., jun., to Miss Peggy Milliquet. (W. Oct. 26, 1791.)

Hull, Dr. David. At Fairfield, Conn., Dr. D.H., to Miss Sukey Eliot, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Eliot, of this town. (S. Nov. 14, 1789.)

Humphrey, Betsey m. Charles Leach.

Humphrey, Capt. James, jun. At Fitzwilliam, Capt. J.H., jun., of Athol, to Miss Lucy Brigham. (Dec. 25, 1793.)

Humphrey, Sukey m. Samuel Fenner.

Hunnewell, Jonathan. Mr. J.H., to Miss Katy Gore, daughter of John Gore, Esq., of this town. (W. Dec. 5, 1787.)

Hunnewell, Sally m. John W. Bradlee.

Hunt, Joab. [In this town], By the Rev. Dr. Parker, Mr. J.H., to Miss Kezia Wentworth, of this Town. (W. Nov. 9, 1791.)

Hunt, Rebecca m. Dr. Nathaniel Noyes.

Hunt, Samuel. [In this town] On Monday evening, Mr. S.H., to the amiable Mrs. Shepard, of South-Carolina. (W. May 5, 1790.)

Hunt, Samuel W. Last evening, Mr. S.W., to Miss Ruthy Mackay. (W. Oct. 18, 1786.)

Hunt, Thomas. Last evening, at Roxbury, by the Rev. Mr. Porter, Mr. T.H., of Stockbridge, to Miss Polly Patten, only daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Patten, of that place. (W. Oct. 28, 1789.)

Hunt, William. Thursday afternoon, by the Rev. S. Parker, W.H., Esq., of Watertown, attorney at Law, to Miss Jenny Bethune, of Cambridge. (S. Nov. 17, 1787.)

Hunter, Anne m. John L.T.D. Falconet.

Hunter, Peggy m. Ebenezer Coombs.

Hunting, John. [In this town] Mr. J.H., to Miss Sally Hill. (W. Oct. 24, 1792.)

Pg. 66

Huntington, Jabez. At Norwich, Mr. J.H., merchant, to Miss Mary Lanman. (W. Jan. 2, 1793.)

Hurten, Maria m. Timothy Burr.

Hussey, Amelia m. William Mackay, jun.

Hussey, Hon. Jethro. At Nantucket, the Hon. J.H., Esq., to Mrs. Margaret Snow. (S. Mar. 23, 1793.)

Hussey, Sally m. Capt. Gersham Cox.

Hutchins, Miss m. Captain M’Lane.

Hutchins, James R. At Menotomy, by the Rev. Mr. Fiske, Mr. J.R.H., printer, of Windsor, to Miss Marianne Thomas, only daughter of Isaiah Thomas, Esq., of Worcester. (W. Jan. 18, 1792.)

Hutchinson, Joanna m. J.E. Harris.

Hynard, John Henry. Mr. J.H., to Miss Hannah Jennings. (S. June 18, 1785.)

Hyrne, Mrs. S. M. Benjamin C. Cutler.

Hyslop, David. At Concord, Mr. D.H., of Brooklyne, to Miss Eliza Stone. (S. Sept. 21, 1793.)

Hyslop, William, jun. On Monday evening last, at Lynn, Mr. W.H., jun., of this town, to Miss Betsey Williams, of Salem. (W. June 13, 1787.)

Ide, Lemuel. [At Shrewsbury] Mr. L.I., to Miss Sarah Stone. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.)

Ingalls, Miss m. Capt. Manassah Marston.

Ingersol, Capt. Jonathan. At Salem, Capt. J.I., to Miss Mary Poole. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.)

Ingersol, Mary m. Samuel Leeds, jun.

Ingersol, Sarah m. Samuel Prince.

Ingersoll, Nabby m. David Peirce.

Inglesly, Polly m. Michael Malony.

Inglish, Priscilla m. Richard W. Cooper.

Ingraham, Capt. Joseph. Capt. J.I., to Miss Jenny Salter, daughter of Mr. Richard Salter. (S. Oct. 515, 1785.)

Innes, Hon. Henry. At Danville, (Ken.), Hon. H.I., Esq., to Mrs. Shields. (W. Apr. 18, 1792.)

Ireland, John. At Cambridge, Mr. J.I., to the amiable Miss Hannah Philips, both of that place. (W. May 21, 1794.)

Irish, Sally m. William Baily.

Pg. 67

Irving, William, jun. At Philadelphia, Mr. W.I., jun., to Miss Julia Paulding, of Greenbourg. (W. Nov. 20, 1793.)

Ivers, Elizabeth m. William Cleland.

Ivers, Jane m. Benjamin Austin, jun.

Ivers, Mrs. Mary m. John Sprague.

Ivers, Nancy m. Oliver Brewster.

Ivers, Thomas P. At Providence, Mr. T.P.I., to the amiable Miss Hope Brown, daughter of the late Nicholas Brown, Esq., a lady of great fortune. On this happy occasion, the elegant Chandelier in the Baptist meeting-house was lighted by the Society, as well to testify their joy on the auspicious event as to evince their grateful sensibility to the young lady for her truly generous donation to the Society, by which the sacred temple is so richly and beautifully embellished. (W. Mar. 14, 1792.)

Jackson, Charles. At Plymouth, Mr. C.J., to Miss Lucy Cotten. (S. Mar. 15, 1794.)

Jackson, Elizabeth m. Capt. Nathan G. Thompson.

Jackson, John. In this town, Mr. J.J., to Mrs. —— Avery [both of this town]. (W. Aug. 3, 1791.)

Jackson, Nabby m. William Crombie, jun.

Jackson, Polly m. William Ellison, jun.

Jackson, Thomas. At Plymouth, Mr. T.J., tert., to the amiable Miss Sally May. (S. Jan. 12, 1788.)

Jacobs, Sally m. Stephen Hall.

Jacobs, Mrs. Sarah m. Calvin Bailey.

James, Joseph. At Philadelphia, Mr. J.J., printer, to Miss Hopkins. (S. Oct. 1, 1791.)

James, Sally m. Richard Gridley, jun.

Janes, Samuel. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Howard, Mr. S.J., merchant, to Miss Lucretia Fiske, of Watertown. (S. Nov. 19, 1791.)

Jansen, Margaret m. John Wyncoop.

Jarvis, John. Mr. J.J., to Miss Hannah Seabury. (S. Apr. 12, 1788.)

Jarvis, Phillip. In this town, last Sunday evening, Mr. P.J., to Miss Ann Head, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Head, merchant. (S. Nov. 25, 1786.)

Jasper, Polly m. John Dyer.

Pg. 68

Jeffers, Capt. Samuel. At Newport, R.I., Capt. S.J., to Miss Betsy Drew, youngest daughter of the Late Capt. James Drew. (W. Apr. 4, 1792.)

Jeffery, Patrick. Mr. P.J., to Mrs. Mary Hayley. (W. June 14, 1786.)

Jenckes, Capt. John. At Providence, Capt. J.J., to Miss Elizabeth Cushing. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.)

Jenkins, Daniel, jun. Mr. D.J., jun., of Scituate, to Miss Sally Hovey, of this town. (W. Mar. 31, 1790.)

Jenkins, Lewis. At Newbury-Port, Mr. L.J., merchant, to Miss Ruth Hooper. (S. July 9, 1791.)

Jenks, Joseph. At Salem, Mr. J.J., merchant, to Miss Patty Abbot. (Sept. 6, 1788.)

Jenks, Mrs. Roby m. Amos Reed.

Jennes, Polly m. Rev. Jesse Remington.

Jennings, Daniel. Mr. D.J., to Miss Isabella Collins. (W. Feb. 17, 1790.)

Jennings, Hannah m. John Henry Hynard.

Jennings, Margaret m. Stoddard Capen.

Jennison, Ebenezer. Mr. E.J., to Miss Sally Webb [both of this town]. (S. Aug. 6, 1791.)

Jennison, Dr. J. At Cambridge, Dr. J.J., to the amiable Miss Belcher, daughter of his late Excellency Governor Belcher, of Nova Scotia, and granddaughter of his Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq., deceased, formerly Governor of the provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire. (S. Aug. 28, 1790.)

Jewitt, Mrs. M. Larkin Thorndike.

Johnson, Coffin. [At Newburyport] Mr. C.J., to Miss Sally Avery. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Johnson, George. At Philadelphia, G.J., Esq., of Annapolis, to Miss Van Deren, of Philadelphia. (W. May 16, 1792.)

Johnson, George. [In this town] Mr. G.J., to Miss Olive Body. (S. Sept. 27, 1794.)

Johnson, Hannah m. Samuel Totman.

Johnson, Joel. In this town, Mr. J.J., to Miss Polly Sibley. (S. Apr. 5, 1794.)

Johnson, Micajah. [At Salem] Mr. M.J., to Miss Sally Berry. (S. Sept. 3, 1791.)



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