Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Johnson - Lane


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Pg. 69

Johnson, Ruth m. David Morse.

Johnson, Sally m. John Soren.

Johnson, Samuel. At Providence, Mr. S.J., to Miss Nancy Gilmore, daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Gilmore. (S. Jan. 19, 1793.)

Johnson, Sukey m. Thomas Leverett.

Johnson, William. Mr. W.J., to Miss Sally Adams. (W. Dec. 25, 1793.)

Johnston, John. [At New York] Mr. J.J., to Miss S. Bard. (W. June 13, 1792.)

Jones, Capt. Amassa. At Hartford, Capt. A.J., of that city, to Miss Cynthia Jones, of Adams. (S. May 19, 1792.)

Jones, Cynthia m. Capt. Amassa Jones.

Jones, Ephraim. At Lincoln, Mr. E.J., of Concord, to Miss Lucy Phillips, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Phillips. (W. Jan. 3, 1787.)

Jones, Fanny m. Joseph Allen.

Jones, Henry Charles. At New York, H.C.J., Esq., merchant, to Miss Amy Whipple Burroughs, of Providence. (W. Oct. 29, 1794.)

Jones, John. Mr. J.J., of Providence, to Miss Rebecca Burroughs. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.)

Jones, John Coffin. At Newport, J.C.J., Esq., of this town, to the amiable Miss Elizabeth Champlin, daughter to Christopher Champlin, Esq., of that place. (Sept. 14, 1791.)

Jones, Joseph. [In this town] Mr. J.J., to Miss Susannah Farn, both of this town. (W. Aug. 27, 1794.)

Jones, Katharine m. Capt. William Brown.

Jones, Nancy m. Oswald Lombart.

Jones, Polly m. Adonijah Stevens.

Jones, Polly m. William Wheeler.

Jones, Rowland. At Portland, Mr. R.J., to Miss Polly Godson. (S. Feb. 11, 1792.)

Jones, Theodore. At No. 4 Union-River, Mr. T.J., to Miss Catharine Sargent, daughter of Paul Sargent, Esq., of Frenchman’s Bay, town of Sullivan, in the County of Hancock. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.)

Pg. 70

Jones, William. At Concord, Mr. W.J., of this town, to Miss Rhoda Soper, of that place. (W. Apr. 28, 1790.)

Jordan, Elizabeth m. John Pitcher.

Jorden, Capt. Tristam. At Kittery, Capt. T.J., of Biddeford, to Miss Polly Fernald. (S. Oct. 17, 1789.)

Jordis, Frederick. At Salem, Mr. F.J., to Miss Anne Long. (W. Dec. 24, 1794.)

Journeay, Maria m. Dr. R. Henderson.

Joy, Jedidiah. Mr. J.J., of Hingham, to Miss Fanny Ranger, of Hull. (S. Aug. 8, 1789.)

Judal, Sally m. Samuel Myers.

Justin, Philip. [At Newport] Mr. P.J., of Providence, to Miss Bessie Knapp. (S. Nov. 5, 1794.)

Jutau, John. Last Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. J.J., to Mrs. Polly Premir. (W. Aug. 30, 1786.)

Kahleer, Jeremiah. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Sullivan, Mr. J.K., to Miss Hannah Spear. (War. Mar. 12, 1794.)

Kammerer, Miss m. Isaac Neale.

Keen, Joseph. At Kittery, Mr. J.K., to Miss Hannah Bernard. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Keer, William. [In this town] Mr. W.K., to Miss Nancy Hodgdon. (W. July 16, 1794.)

Kellog, Rev. Elijah. At Portland, Rev. E.K., to Miss Eunice M’Lellan. (W. July 18, 1792.)

Kelly, Rev. John. At Chester, the Rev. J.K., of Hampstead, to Miss Nabby

Dearborn, daughter to Mr. John S. Dearborn, of Chester. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.)

Kemble, T.H. In this town, on Sunday week last, by the Rev. Dr. Eckley, Mr. T.H.K., merchant, to the amiable Miss Abigail Bumstead, only daughter of Maj. Thomas Bumstead. (W. Aug. 27, 1794.)

Kendall, Miss m. Joseph Anderson.

Kendall, Lucey m. Stephen Lamson.

Kendall, Rev. Samuel. At Weston, the Rev. S.K., to Miss Nabby Woodward, eldest daughter of his predecessor, the Rev. Samuel Woodward. (W. Oct. 25, 1786.)

Kennedy, Mr. [At Wiscasset] Mr. K., to Miss Sukey Hodge. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Kennedy, John. Mr. J.K., merchant, to Miss Sally Hall, daughter of Mr. Isaac Hall. (S. Nov. 2, 1893.)(?)

Pg. 71

Kenney, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S.K., to Miss Mary Field. (W. Oct. 27, 1790.)

Kenny, Jesse. [At Salem] Mr. J.K., to Miss Hannah Mascoll. (W. Jan. 23, 1793.)

Kent, Maj. Ebenezer. In this town, Maj. E.K., of Watertown, to Miss Charlotte

Vinall, daughter of John Vinall, Esq., of this town. (W. Sept. 3, 1794.)

Kent, Huldah m. Israel Evans.

Kent, William A. At Hanover, Mr. W.A.K., of New Concord, merchant, to Miss Charlotte Mellen, Daughter to the Rev. John Mellen, of that place. (W. May 9, 1792.)

Kerr, Agnes m. William Wilson.

Kettle, James. At Portland, Mr. J.K., to Miss Polly Quincy. (W. Apr. 25, 1792.)

Kettle, John. Mr. J.K., to Miss Sukey Frothingham, both of this town. (S. Aug. 2, 1786.)

Kettle, John. At Salem, Mr. J.K., of Danvers, to Mrs. Ann Smith, of Beverly. (W. Nov. 19, 1794.)

Key, Edward. At Pottsgrave, Penn., E.K., Esq., to Miss Anna Potts. (S. July 14, 1792.)

Keyes, Lewis. At Shrewbury, Mr. L.K., to Miss Sarah Stone; Mr. Lemuel Ide to Miss Sarah Stone, Daughters of Messrs. Joseph and Jasper Stone. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.)

Kidder, Betsey m. Benjamin Raymond.

Kidder, Phebe m. Nathaniel Leach.

Kilborn, Joseph. At Rowley, Mr. J.K., aged 75, to Miss Martha Hidden, aged 26. "Strange that desire should so long outlive performance."

Kilton, Wait m. Joshua Rathbon.

Kilty, Capt. John. At Annapolis, Capt. J.K., to Miss Quynn. (S. May 26, 1792.)

Kimball, Hannah m. Caleb Bingham.

Kimball, Jesse. At Hallowell, Mr. J.K., to Miss Hannah Cox. (W. Dec. 31, 1794.)

Kimball, Sukey m. Isaac Long.

Kimble, Joseph A. Mr. J.A.K., to Miss Patty Redman. (W. Oct. 5, 1791.)

King, George. At Patchog (Long Island), Mr. G.K., aged 36, to Sally King, aged 12 years and 2 months. (W. Dec. 12, 1792.)

Pg. 72

King, Jared. At Kingston (Y.), Mr. J.K., æt. 19, to Miss Polly Dean, æt. 12. At Lanesborough, in this State, Dea. Jacob Burgin, æt. 81, to Mrs. Elizabeth Weed, æt. 63. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.) Note: After reading these two articles, who shall say that Love is not blind !

King, Polly m. Capt. George Lane.

King, Sally m. George King.

Kingsbury, Nathaniel. By the Rev. Mr. Eckley, Mr. N.K., to Miss Ruth Norris, both of this town. (S. Jan. 7, 1892.)(?)

Kingsbury, Rev. Mr. [At Longmeadow] Rev. Mr. K., to Miss Polly Reynolds. (W. Feb. 22, 1792.) See Also Rev. Mr. Bascom.

Kinsley, Timothy. At Lebanon, Mr. T.K., to Miss Sybil Fisk. (S. April 14, 1792.)

Kinsman, Hannah m. William Paine.

Kip, Isaac L. At New York, I.L.K., Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Sarah Smith. (S. March 10, 1792.)

Kirk, George. At New York, Mr. G.K., to Miss Nancy Wright. (W. April 18, 1792.)

Kirkwood, Elizabeth m. Paul Rolfe.

Knap, Anne m. Nathaniel Cobb.

Knapp, Betsey m. Philip Justin.

Knapp, John. At Philadelphia, Mr. J.K., to Miss Mary Phille. (S. Sept. 8, 1792.)

Knapp, John, jun. [At Newburyport] Mr. J.K., jun., to Miss Mary Davis. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Kneeland, Deborah m. Samuel Dunnels.

Knickabacker, Rebecca m. John Bradshaw.

Knight, Capt. Christopher. At Scituate, Capt. C.K., of Cranston, to Barbary Fisk, daughter of Peleg Fisk, Esq. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.)

Knight, Capt. Reuben. Capt. R.K., to Mrs. Sally Brown. (W. Dec. 9, 1789.)

Knowlton, Mrs. M. Dea. Joseph Allen.

Knox, Barnabas. In this town, Mr. B.K., to Miss Rachel Tilton. (W. June 19, 1793.)

Knox, Capt. Thomas. [In this town] Capt. T.K., to Miss Ruthy Eliot. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.)

Pg. 73

Kuhu, Jacob. Mr. J.K., to Miss Hannah Frost. (W. Oct. 13, 1790.)

Kumbel, Elizabeth m. Capt. John H. Shackerly.

Lackay, Mrs. M. John Chicken.

Ladd, Elizabeth m. Dr. John Haskins.

Ladd, William, jun. Mr. W.L., jun., to Miss Mary Haskins, both of this town. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.)

Laha, Marcy m. John Fox.

Lamb, Deziah m. Samuel Clap.

Lambert, Caleb. [At Bath, Kennebeck], Mr. C.L., to Miss Lucy Benny. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Lambert, Polly m. Samuel Sewall.

Lampson, Isaac. Mr. I.L., to Miss Abigail Fiske. (S. Dec. 27, 1788.)

Lamson, Caleb. At Charlestown, by the Rev. Mr. Morse, Mr. C.L., to Miss Joanna Rand. (S. March 1, 1794.)

Lamson, Mrs. Hannah m. William Cogswell.

Lamson, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S.L., to Miss Thankful Eaton. (W. Dec. 3, 1794.)

Lamson, Stephen. At Ipswich, Mr. S.L., to Miss Lucey Kendall. (S. Aug. 31, 1793.)

Lander, Jonathan. Mr. J.L., to Miss Sally Warren, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Warren. (W. May 19, 1787.)

Lane, Cornelius. At Great Barrington, Mr. C.L., to Miss Nancy Oles. (S. March 2, 1793.)

Lane, Capt. George. Last Thursday evening, Capt. G.L., to Miss Polly King, a young lady truly amiable. (S. Jan. 21, 1786.) See also Bridgman’s King’s Chapel inser. Pp, 129, 234.



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