Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Langdon - Lincoln 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Langdon, Henry S. [In this town], On Tuesday last, H.S.L., Esq., of Portsmouth, to Miss Nancy Eustis, of this town. (S. May 12, 1792.)

Langdon, John Wally. At Charlestown, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. J.W.L., merchant, to the amiable Miss Rebecca Cordis, daughter of Joseph Cordis, Esq., of this town. (S. Aug. 30, 1794.)

Langley, John, jun. At Newport, Mr. J.L., jun., to Miss Betsey Billings. (S. Nov. 17, 1792.)

Langley, Nabby m. Isaac Greenwood.

Pg. 74

Langoon, Elizabeth m. Hon. David Sewall.

Langshaw, M., m. William Grace.

Lanier, Patsy m. Mr. Mark.

Lanman, Mary m. Jabez Huntington.

Lapham, Asa. Mr. A.L., of Marshfield, to Mrs. Dorcas Frost, of this town. (S. May 1, 1790.)

Lapham, Cynthia m. Capt. Joshua Henshaw.

Larkin, Ebenezer, jun. [In this town] Mr. E.L., jun., to Miss Sukey Makepeace. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.)

Larkin, Isaac. In this town, on Thursday evening, Mr. I.L., printer, and Jun. Editor of the Chronicle, to Miss Nabby Clark. (S. Aug. 2, 1794.)

Larkin, Polly m. Thomas Rand.

Larkin, Ruthy m. Amariah Childs.

Larkin, Ruthy m. Phillips Payson, jun.

Larkin, Sally m. John Sargeant.

Larned, Darius. At Pittsfield, Mr. D.L., to Miss Eunice Marsh. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.)

Lathrop, Charles. At New-Canaan, C.L., Esq., to Miss Joanna Leffingwell. (S. May 4, 1793.)

Lathrop, Daniel. At Norwich, Mr. D.L., merchant, to Miss Betsey Turner. (S. Aug. 24, 1793.)

Lathrop, John, jun. In this town, Mr. J.L., jun., to Miss Ann Peirce, daughter of Mr. Joseph Peirce, merchant. (S. Apr. 27, 1793.)

Lathrop, Polly m. Samuel Pierce.

Laughton, Elizabeth m. Joseph Callender.

Laugier, J.H., Baron de Taffy. Last evening, Mr. J.H.L., Baron de Taffy, to Miss Hannah Minot, Second daughter of Mr. Samuel Minot, of this town. (W. Dec. 3, 1788.)

Laurence, John A. At Connecticut, Mr. J.A.L., merchant, to Miss Sally Prentiss. (S. Mar. 31, 1792.)

Lawrence, Rev. Nathaniel. At Watertown, Rev. N.L., of Tingsbury, to Miss Hannah Soden, of Watertown. (W. May 28, 1794.)

Leach, Charles. At Weymouth, Mr. C.L., of this town, to Miss Betsey Humphrey, daughter of the Hon. James Humphrey, Esq. (S. Jan. 14, 1792.)

Leach, Nathaniel. Mr. W.L., of this town, to Miss Phebe Kidder, of Cambridge. (W. Mar. 7, 1787.)

Pg. 75

Leach, Sally m. Nathan Webb.

Leach, William. Mr. W.L., to Miss Betsey Swett. (S. Sept. 4, 1790.)

Lealand, Ebenezer. At Roxbury, Mr. E.L., to the amiable Mrs. Sukey Wilson. (S. Aug. 31, 1793.)

Lear, Tobias. At Portsmouth, (N.H.) By the Rev. Dr. Haven, T.L., Esq., Secretary to the President of The United States, to Miss Polly Long, daughter of the late Hon. Peirce Long, Esq. (W. Apr. 28, 1790.)

"Here Honour fair, shall bloom in manly youth,
And Beauty’s bosom prove the bed of Truth."

Leanord, Rev. Elijah. The Rev. E.L., of Marshfield, to Miss Mary Fobes, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Fobes, of Raynham. (S. May 19, 1792.) Leonard?

Leathers, Phæbe m. Francis Churchill.

Leathesby, James Holt. In this town, last evening, Mr. J.H.L., to Miss Rachel Williams, of Charlestown. (S. Aug. 18, 1792.)

Leavitt, Hart. [At Deerfield] Mr. H.L., of Greenfield, to Miss Rachel Barnard. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.) See Also Capt. Joshua Clapp.

Leavitt, Elijah. In this town, Mr. E.L., to Miss Betsey Barry. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.)

Leavitt, Samuel. In Maine, Mr. S.L., of Buxton, to Miss Hannah Dearing, of Pepperelborough. (W. Dec. 25, 1793.)

Lee, Gov. In Virginia, His Excellency Gov. Lee to Miss Ann Carter. An event which promises the most auspicious fortune to the wedded pair. (S. July 6, 1793.)

Lee, Miss m. J. Tremain, jun.

Lee, Ann m. James Riley.

Lee, Hannah m. Corban Washington.

Lee, Margaret m. James Clark.

Lee, Richard Bland. At Germantown, R.B.L., Esq., one of the Members of Congress from Virginia, to Miss Collins, daughter of Mr. Stephen Collins, merchant, Philadelphia. (W. July 2, 1794.)

Pg. 76

Lee, Thomas. In Virginia, T.L., Esq., to Miss Mildred Washington, niece to Gen. Washington. (W. Nov. 26, 1788.)

Lee, William, jun. In this town, Mr. W.L., jun., to Miss Susan Palfrey. (S. June 28, 1794.)

Leeds, Patience m. Enos Withington.

Leeds, Samuel, jun. At Dorchester, Mr. S.L., jun., to Miss Mary Ingersol. (W. June 5, 1793.)

Leffingwell, Hannah m. Peleg Tracy.

Leffingwell, Joanna m. Charles Lathrop.

Leggett, William. Mr. W.L., to Miss Betsey Herring. (S. May 8, 1790.)

Leitch, Sarah m. John Addison.

Leonard, Dr. Boucher. At Malden, by the Rev. Mr. Willis, Dr. B.L., of Boston, to Miss Sarah Barrett, of Malden. (S. Jan. 3, 1789.)

Leonard, Oliver. At Newport, Mr. O.L., to Mrs. Sarah Fletcher. (S. March 5, 1791.)

Leroy, Herman. At New York, H.L., Esq., Consul from their High Mightinesses, to Miss Hannah Cornell, one of the daughters of the late Samuel Cornell, Esq., of Newbern, North Carolina. (S. Oct. 28, 1786.)

Leverett, Benjamin. At Portsmouth, Mr. B.L., merchant, to Miss Comfort Marshall. (S. July 10, 1790.)

Leverett, Hannah m. John Leverett.

Leverett, John. In this town, Mr. J.L., merchant, of Windsor (Vt.), to Miss Hannah Leverett, of this town. (S. June 9, 1792.)

Leverett, Thomas. At Middletown, Mr. T.L., merchant, to Miss Sukey Johnson. (S. Nov. 20, 1790.)

Leverett, William. At Roxbury, Mr. W.L., merchant, of this town, to Miss Charlotte Whiting, daughter of Major Whiting, of that place. (W. Nov. 13, 1693.) (?)

Levett, Abigail m. Stephen Gulliver.

Lewis, Lathrop. At Gorham, Mr. L.L., to Miss Tabitha Longfellow. (S. Feb. 8, 1794.)

Lewis, Mary Ann m. Nathaniel Gardner.

Lewis, Nabby m. Samuel Austin.

Lewis, Robert. In Virginia, R.L., Esq., (nephew and Aide-de-Camp to the President of the U.S.), to Miss Brown. (S. May 7, 1794.)

Pg. 77

Lewis, Roxa m. John B. Darney.

Lewis, Thomas. In this town, Mr. T.L., to Miss Elizabeth Carpenter. (S. Jan. 4, 1794.)

Libbey, John. [At Portsmouth] Mr. J.L., to Miss Comfort Noble. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Lillielbridge, Mr. In Georgia, Mr. L., aged 55, to Miss Osut, aged 17. (W. July 25, 1792.)

Lillie, Daniel, jun. In this town, Mr. D.L., jun., to Miss Nabby Cogswell. (W. Feb. 29, 1792.)

Lillie, John Sweetser. In this town, Mr. J.S.L., to Miss Sally Andrews. (S. May 12, 1792.)

Lillie, Sukey m. Gamaliel Bradford.

Lillie, Thomas. By the Rev. John Elliot, Mr. T.L., to Miss Hannah Edes, both of this town. (S. Feb. 22, 1794.)

Lincoln, Abner. At Hingham, Mr. A.L., A.B., Preceptor of the Derby School in that town, to Miss Hannah Lincoln, daughter of the Hon. Benjamin Lincoln, Esq. (W. May 25, 1791.)

Lincoln, Daniel. By the Rev. Mr. Murray, Mr. D.L., to Miss Abigail Howard. (S. Nov. 30, 1793.)

Lincoln, David. At Roxbury, by the Rev. Mr. Porter, Mr. D.L., to Miss Lucy Tilton. (W. Nov. 27, 1793.)

Lincoln, Hannah m. Abner Lincoln.

Lincoln, Hawks. In this town, Mr. H.L., to Miss Polly Howe. (S. July 6, 1793.)

Lincoln, Levi. At Hingham, Mr. L.L., to Miss Desire Thaxter. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Lincoln, Capt. Michael. Capt. M.L., of Annapolis Royal, to Miss Hannah Stone, of this town. (W. Nov. 11, 1789.)




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