Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Lines - Marsh 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Lines, Ruthe m. Noah Dogget.

Lions, Ann m. Thomas Ross.

Lispenard, Helen m. Paul R. Bache.

Lithgow, Arthur. At Pownalborough, A.L., Esq., to Miss Martha Bridge, daughter of Edmund Bridge, Esq., Sheriff of the County of Lincoln. (S. Jan. 1, 1791.)

Lithgow, Polly m. James Davidson.

Little, Jane m. Nathaniel Moody.

Little, Paul, jr. At Windham, Mr. P.L., jun., to Miss Polly Osgood. (S. May 12, 1792.)

Pg. 78

Little, Persis m. Rev. Allen Pratt.

Little, William. Mr. W.L., to Miss Frances Boyd, both of this town. (S. March 13, 1790.)

Littlejohn, Dr. Miles. At Baltimore, Dr. M.L., to Miss Sally Payne. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.)

Livermore, Mrs. Abigail m. Amos Bond.

Livermore, Betsey m. William Brown.

Livingston, Miss m. Marquiss Precec.

Livingston, John R. At New York, J.R.L., Esq., to Miss Eliza MíEvers, youngest daughter to Charles MíEvers, Esq. (W. June 10, 1789.)

Livingston, Peter W. At New York, P.W.L., Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Beekman. (W. Nov. 27, 1793.)

Livingston, Hon. Philip. At New York, the Hon. P.L., Esq., to Miss Cornelia Van Horne. (S. Oct. 30, 1790.)

Lloyd, Miss m. Leonard Vassall Borland.

Lobdell, Mrs. Sally m. John Pierce.

Locke, Edwin. In this town, Mr. E.L., to Miss Matilda Trask. (S. Sept. 20, 1794.)

Locke, Hitty m. John Crosby.

Lombard, Daniel, jun. At Springfield, Mr. D.L., jun., of that town, to Miss Sylvia Burt, of Longmeadow. (W. Dec. 12, 1787.)

Lombart, Oswald. At Stockbridge, Mr. O.L., to Miss Nancy Jones, of that town. (S. Nov. 14, 1789.)

Long, Anne m. Frederick Jordis.

Long, Isaac. At Hopkinton, N.H., Mr. I.L., the celebrated architect, to Miss Sukey Kimball. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.)

Long, Polly* m. Tobias Lear.

Longfellow, Tabitha m. Lathrop Lewis.

Lopaus, John. Mr. J.L., of Charlestown, to Miss Hannah Tuckerman, of this town. (S. Sept. 5, 1789.)

Loring, Caleb. By the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. C.L., distiller, to the agreeable Miss Polly Selsbry. (S. May 5, 1792.)

*Died at Philadelphia, Mrs. Mary, amiable wife of Tobias Lear, Esq. (S. Aug. 10, 1793.)

Pg. 79

Loring, John. Mr. J.L., to Miss Betsy Campbell, both of this town. (W. Feb. 27, 1788.)

Loring, Jonathan, jun. In this town, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. John Murray, Mr. J.L., jun., to Miss Nancy Haiden, both of Boston. (W. Nov. 27, 1793.)

Loring, Sally m. William Bass.

Loring, Sally m. Capt. Robran Drew.

Lothrop, Harriot m. Chandler Robbins, jun.

Love, Jannet m. James Thwing.

Lovedridge, Joseph. At Halifax, Mr. J.L., to Miss Mary Murphoy. (W. Nov. 7, 1792.)

Lovell, John M. J.M.L., Esq., to Mrs. Warner. (W. Aug. 11, 1790.)

Lovett, William. [At Beverly] Mr. W.L., to Miss Ruth Rea. (W. Feb. 27, 1793.)

Lovering, Joseph. Mr. J.L., to Mrs. Hannah Bowland. (W. Dec. 23, 1785.)

Low, S. At Weymouth, Mr. S.L., of Hingham, aged 76, to Mrs. Trask, aged 73. (S. Feb. 27, 1790.)

Low, Sally m. Thomas Simmons.

Low, Samuel. Mr. S.L., of Lunenburg, to Miss Betsy Giddings, of Ipswich. (S. Mar. 2, 1793.)

Ludlow, Gulian. At New York, Mr. G.L., to Miss Maria Ludlow.

Ludlow, Maria m. Gulian Ludlow.

Lukeman, Dr. Nathan. At Salem, Dr. N.L., of Hamilton, to Miss Betsy Frye, of Salem. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Lyle, James. At Philadelphia, Mr. J.L., to Miss Anne Hamilton, daughter of the late Andrew Hamilton, Esq. (S. Oct. 27, 1792.)

Lyman, Cornelius. [In this town] Capt. C.L., of the 2d United States Sub-Legion, to Miss Sally Mason, youngest daughter to Col. David Mason. (S. Jan. 26, 1793.)

Lyndes, Hannah m. Edward Bangs.

Lyon, Rev. James. In this town, the Rev. J.L., of Machias, to Mrs. Skillings, widow of the late Mr. Samuel Skillings. (S. Nov. 30, 1793.)

Lyon, Lydia m. Rufus Peck.

Lyon, Capt. John. At Rehoboth, Capt. J.L., of Leicester, to Miss Lydia Reed. (W. May 9, 1792.)

Pg. 80

Lyon, Capt. John, jun., at Leicester, Capt. J.L., jun., to Mrs. Abigail Stickney. (W. Sept. 26, 1792.)

Lyon. See also Lion.

Lyons, Miss m. John Hopkins.

Macallier, Lewis Lambert. [In this town] Mr. L.L.M., to Miss Lydia Fosdick, daughter of Mr. Alvin Fosdick, of this town. (S. July 19, 1794.)

MíAuly, John. At Poughkeepsie, Mr J.MíA., to Miss Katy Sloan. (W. April 25, 1792.)

MíCall, Archibald, jun. At Philadelphia, Mr. A.MíC., jun., to Miss Elizabeth Cadwallader; and Mr. Samuel Ringgold to Miss Maria Cadwallader, both daughter of the late General Cadwallader. (S. May 19, 1792.)

MíCall, George. At Philadelphia, Mr. G. MíC., merchant, to Miss Margaret Clymer, eldest daughter of George Clymer, Esq., of that city. (S. May 31, 1794.)

MíCarthy, Elizabeth m. Timothy Williams.

MíClarey, Esther m. Joseph Hartwell.

MíClench, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S. MíC., to Miss Nancy Roberson. (W. Feb. 22, 1792.)

McClure, Sally m. Capt Edward Russell.

McClury, Polly m. Silas Whitney.

Maccomber, Charles. At Westport, Mr. C.M., to the amiable Miss Peace Gifford, both of that place. (W. Sept. 25, 1793.)

MíCrea, William. At Baltimore, Mr. W. MíC., to Miss E. Thompson. (W. Feb. 29, 1792.)

MíDougal, Mrs. M. Nathaniel Barret.

MíEvers, Eliza m. John R. Livingston.

Mackay, Esther m. Capt. John Page.

Mackay, Capt. John. At Salem, Capt. J.M., of this town, to the amiable Miss Boyd, of Portsmouth. (S. May 26, 1792.)

Mackay, Ruthy m. Samuel W. Hunt.

Mackay, William, jun. In this town, Mr. W.M., jun., to Miss Amelia Hussey. (S. Nov. 3, 1792.)

MíKinsey, John. On Sunday evening, Mr. J.MíK., to Miss Betsey Brown. (W. Oct. 6, 1790.)

MíLane, Capt. [In Georgia] Capt. MíL, to Miss Hutchins, after a courtship of nine hours. (W. July 25, 1792.)

Pg. 81

MíLean, Anne m. John Dodd.

MíLellan, Eunice m. Rev. Elijah Kellog.

McLintock, Rachel m. John Creese.

McNeil, Hannah m. Isaac Barrett.

Madey, J.J. At Olympia (Roxbury), by the Rev. Mr. Rousselet, Mr. J.J.M., of Martinique, to Madame de Cornet.* (W. Sept. 12, 1792.)

*After the nuptials were celebrated, the French ladies and gentlemen made a collection of above two hundred dollars, which were presented to the worthy and persecuted clergyman who performed the ceremony.... And who, as Catholick Missionary and Chaplin of the French families in Boston and its vicinity, has merited by his conduct the patronage he enjoys.

Madison, Hon. James. In Virginia, Hon. J.M., Esq., Member of Congress, to Mrs. Todd, of Philadelphia. (S. Oct. 18, 1794.)

Maenge, Catharine m. FranÁois Duchemin.

Maglone, Hugh. At New-York, Mr. M.H., to Miss Polly White. (S. May 19, 1792.)

Makepeace, Sally m. Jonathan Fowle.

Makepeace, Sukey m. Ebenezer Larkin, jun.

Mallet, FranÁois. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. F.M., of Normandy, in France, to Miss Sally Rogers, of Boston. (W. Dec. 25, 1793.)

Mallet, Michael. At Charlestown, Mr. M.M., to Miss Ruthy Adams. (S. Nov. 25, 1786.)

Mallett, Rachel m. Ezra Welsh.

Malony, Michael. [In this town] Mr. M.M., to Miss Polly Inglesby. (S. Dec. 20, 1794.)

Mann, Aaron. Mr. A.M., of Providence, to Miss Grace S. Flagg, of this town. (S. June 6, 1789.)

Mann, Nancy m. John Pray.

Mann, Newton. At Attleborough, Mr. N.M., to Miss Abigail Maxcy. (W. May 23, 1792.)

Manning, Howes. Mr. H.M., to Miss Polly Call, both of Charlestown. (S. May 24, 1788.)

Manning, William. At Bolton, Mr. W.M., printer, of this town, to Miss Lydia Brown, of that place. (S. May 24, 1794.)

Mansfield, Glover. Mr. G.M., to Miss Polly Akins. (W. Apr. 18, 1792.)

Mansfield, John. In this town, Mr. J.M., to Miss Sally Pritchard. (April 16, 1794.)

Pg. 82

Mansfield, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.M., to Miss Elizabeth Annis. (W. June 26, 1793.)

Mansfield, Sally m. Capt. John Tucker.

Manwaring, Rebecca m. Capt. Elisha Coit.

Marchant, Betsy m. Thomas Sessions.

Marean, William. In this town, Mr. W.M., to Miss Sally Brewer, daughter of Col. David Brewer. (S. Sept. 21, 1793.)

Mark, Mr. [At Petersburg] Mr. M., of Prince George County, to Miss Patsy Lanier, of Petersburg. (W. July 11, 1792.)

Markol, Miss m. Benjamin Franklin Bache.

Marks, Hannah m. Capt. John Brewer.

Marlean, Sally m. Samuel Colman.

Marryat, Joseph. J.M., Esq., of Grenada, to Miss Charlotte Geyer, daughter of Frederick William Geyer, Esq. (S. Dec. 19, 1789.)

Marsh, Deborah m. Joseph Adams.

Marsh, Eunice m. Darius Larned.

Marsh, Lydia m. Joseph Sewall.

Marsh, Rhoda m. Simon Poe.




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