Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Marshal - Morgan 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Marshal, Betsy m. Ezra Whitney.

Marshall, Betsey m. John Baxter.

Marshall, Comfort m. Benjamin Leverett.

Marshall, Polly m. Edward Curtis.

Marshall, Thomas. [At Nantucket] Mr. T.M., to Miss Ruth Dow. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Marson, Sarah m. Ebenezer Tileston.

Marston, David. By the Rev. Mr. Elliot, Mr. D.M., to Miss Sally Tarr. (W. Nov. 22, 1786.)

"At length he’s come - come to dispel her fears,
And rock the cradle of declining years."

Marston, Capt. Manassah. On Thursday evening last, the hymenial torch was light between Capt. M.M. And Miss Ingalls. When a refin’d sensibility is added to the most superlative worth, We cannot but presage that the alliance will do honour to the institution. (S. Jan. 29, 1785.)

Marston, Capt. Nathaniel. At Charlestown (S.C.), Capt. N.M., of this town, to Miss Lydia Brown. (W. Sept. 8, 1790.) Deaths: W. Dec. 26, 1792: At Charlestown, S.C., Capt. Nathaniel Marston, late of the American Navy, and formerly of this town.

Pg. 83

Marston, Mrs. Zerniah m. Rev. Joseph Roby.

Martin, Katy m. Thomas Hiller.

Martin, Knot, 3d. At Marblehead, Mr. K.M., 3d, to Miss Anna Abbot. (W. Oct. 1, 1794.)

Martin, Polly m. Timothy Greene.

Martin, Susannah m. William Boyd.

Martin, William. In South Carolina, Mr. W.M., to Miss B. Fenden. (S. March 3, 1792.)

Martyn, Sukey m. Phineas Haskel, jun.

Mascoll, Hannah m. Jesse Kenny.

Mason, Daniel. At Newton, Mr. D.M., of Lexington, to Mrs. Sally Farrington, eldest daughter of the late Capt. Joseph Farrington. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.)

Masury, see Musury.

Matchet, Capt. John. Capt. J.M., of this town, to Miss Elizabeth Perkins. (W. Jan. 4, 1786.)

Matlack, Miss m. Joseph Stretch.

Matlack, Mary m. Willet Hicks.

Matthews, Polly m. John Mayo.

Matthewson, Rhoda m. Benjamin Waterman.

Maxcy, Abigail m. Newton Mann.

Maxcy, Rev. Jonathan. At Providence, Rev. J.M., Minister of the Baptist Church in that town, to Miss Susannah Hopkins. (W. Sept. 14, 1791.)

May, Lois m. William Cunningham, jun.

May, Louisa m. Benjamin Goddard.

May, Lucretia m. Azor G. Archbald.

May, Maria m. William Coolidge.

May, Nancy m. Samuel Treet.

May, Patty m. John Frothingham.

May, Perrin. In this town, Mr. P.M., to Miss Abigail Fellowes. (S. Nov. 14, 1789.)

Pg. 84

May, Sally m. Thomas Jackson.

Mayhew, Capt. Jeremiah. [At Martha’s Vineyard] Capt. J.M., of New Bedford, to Mrs. Peggy Mayhew, of Chilmark. (S. Nov. 24, 1792.)

Mayhew, Jonathan. At Martha’s Vineyard, Mr. J.M., to Miss Parnae Mayhew.

Mayhew, Parnae m. Jonathan Mayhew.

Mayhew, Mrs. Peggy m. Capt. Jeremiah Mayhew.

Maynard, Samuel. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Clarke, Mr. S.M., merchant, to Miss Deborah Coates, both of this town. (S. Dec. 31, 1791.)

Mayo, Ebenezer. [At Portland] Mr. E.M., to Miss Polly Foster Coffin. (W. July 18, 1792.)

Mayo, John. At Newton, Mr. J.M., of Roxbury, to Miss Polly Matthews. (S. Sept. 13, 1794.)

Mayo, Polly m. William Cummenes.

Means, Peggy m. Capt. John George.

Meeker, Phebe m. Alexander Cochran.

Meeks, Edward. [At New York] Mr. E.M., to Miss Eliza Heyer. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

Meers, Russel. At Tewsbury, Mr. R.M., to the amiable Miss Susanna Duton. (S. Aug. 2, 1794.)

Megraw, Lucy m. Samuel Flagg.

Mellen, Charlotte m. William A. Kent.

Mercer, Nancy m. Robert Patton.

Meriam, Anna m. Edward Bodge.

Meriam, Sally m. James Whipple, jun.

Merrick, Eunice m. Maj. Ephraim Russell.

Merrick, Jonathan. At Newport (R.I.), Mr. J.M., of this town, to Miss Polly Peckham, of that city.(S. Jan. 21, 1786.)

Michaels, Peggy m. Benjamin Sands.

Middleton, Nancy m. Mr. Goddard.

Miercken, Miss m. Richard Potter.

Miller, Betsy m. Rev. James Coe.

Miller, Charles. In this town, C.M., Esq., to the amiable Miss Hannah Smith, daughter to the late Dr. Smith, of Newburyport. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Miller, Joseph. At Cambridge, Mr. J.M., of Charlestown, to Miss Polly Tapley, of Cambridge. (W. Dec. 10, 1788.)

Pg. 85

Millet, John. At Salem, Mr. J.M., to Miss Elizalbeth Phillips. (W. Aug. 8, 1792.)

Milliquet, Peggy m. Samuel Hughes, jun.

Mills, Ephraim. In this town, Mr. E.M., of Roxbury, to Miss Rebecca Gridley, of this place. (W. Nov. 13, 1793.)

Mills, Jane m. David B. Mitchell.

Milne, Eliza m. John Russell.

Minitree, Mary m. N. Bowles.

Minns, Polly m. Lemuel Tileston.

Minot, Hannah m. J.H. Laugier, Baron de Taffy.

Mitchel, Jennet m. Daniel Bryant.

Mitchell, David B. [In Savannah] D.B.M., Esq., to Miss Jane Mills. (S. March 3, 1792.)

Mitchell, Lucy m. Joseph Hooper.

Mixter, Asa. At Shrewsbury, Mr. A.M., to the widow Ruth Murray, of Worcester. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.)

Moggin, Peggy m. Benjamin Bolter.

Molineaux, Jenny m. John Ripley.

Molly, John. At Hallowell, Mr. J.M, to Miss Patty Clark. (S. Feb. 9, 1793.)

Mongee, Samuel. At Baltimore, Mr. S.M., meadseller, Ć. 75, to Miss Spicer, mantua-maker, Ć. 18. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Montmorency, Baron. In France, Baron M., aged 16 (?), to a lady, aged 14. (S. Sept. 20, 1788.)

Moody, Betsy m. Daniel Philbrook.

Moody, Eliza m. Joseph Ridgway, jun.

Moody, Esther Wheeler m. Henry Sewall.

Moody, Jane m. William Brabiner.

Moody, Nathaniel. At Portland, Mr. N.M., to Miss Jane Little. (W. Dec. 4, 1793.)

Moody, Polly m. Thomas Bedlington.

Moody, Rebeckah m. Capt. Joseph O’Brien.

Moody, Sarah m. Amos Noyes.

Moore, Mrs. m. Capt. Amos Forward.

Moore, Hannah m. Samuel Switcher.

Moore, Sally m. Thomas Dawes Moore.

Moore, Thomas Dawes. Mr. T.D.M., to Miss Sally Moore, daughter of Mr. William Moore. (W. July 5, 1786.)

Pg. 86

Moores, Eliza m. Capt. David Folgier.

Moorhouse, Aaron. At Wilton, Mr. A.M., to Miss Parthena Gilbert. (W. July 4, 1792.)

More, Mary m. William Greenough.

Morgan, Elias. At Hartford, Mr. E.M., merchant, to Mrs. Sally Smith. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.)

Morgan, Elias. At Hartford, Mr. E.M., merchant, to Miss Levina Bull. (S. Aug. 25, 1792.)

Morgan, William. In this town, Mr. W.M., of London (Eng.), to Miss Hannah Viburt, of this town. (S. May 24, 1794.) See also Viebart.

Morgan, William. In this town, Mr. W.M., to Miss Polly Weld. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)




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