Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Morrill - Osborne 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Morrill, Rev. Mr. In Salisbury (N. H.), Rev. M. Morrill, of Sedgwick, (in Maine), to Miss Susannah Gale, of Salisbury. (S. Oct. 25, 1794.)

Morris, Mrs. M. Marmaduke Port.

Morris, Sally m. Bethuel Gardner.

Morris, Sally m. John Goldthwait.

Morris, Capt. Thomas. At Newburyport, Capt. T.M., to Miss Polly Rolf, both of that place. (W. Aug. 28, 1793.)

Morrison, Miss m. Silas Cook.

Morrison, Michael. [At Newburyport] Mr. M.M., to Miss Paulina Chipman. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Morse, Anna m. William Eustis.

Morse, David. At Haverhill, Mr. D.M., to Miss Ruth Johnson. (W. June 11, 1794.)

Morse, Enoch. At Portland, Mr. E.M., to Miss Happy Thomas. (S. Feb. 4, 1792.)

Morse, Rev. John. At Medway, West Precinct, Rev. J.M., of Green-River (N.Y.), to Miss Clarissa Sanford; Rev. Ethan Smith,of Haverhill (N.H.), to Miss Bathsheba Sanford, eldest daughter to the late Rev. Daniel Sanford. (S. March 2, 1793.)

Morse, Nabby m. B. Allen, jun.

Morse, Robert. At Shaftsbury, Mr. R.M., 17 years of age, to Miss Charity Williams, in the 14th year of her age. (W. April 25, 1792.)

Pg. 87

Morton, John. At Newport, Mr. J.M., of Philadelphia, to Miss Mary Robinson. (W. July 17, 1793.)

Morton, Peggy m. Dr. Samuel Richardson.

Mosely, Samuel. At Dorchester, by the Rev. Mr. Harris, Mr. S.M., of Norwich (Conn.), to Miss Priscilla Baker, of Dorchester. (W. Jan. 1, 1794.)

Mossatt, Elizabeth Catherine m. Nicholas Gysburtus Rousselet.

Moulder, Polly m. William Duncan.

Moulton, Ebenezer. In this town, Mr. E.M., to Miss Nabby Bourne; Mr. N.W. Otis, of Charleston, (S.C.), to Miss Nancy Bourne, daughters to the Hon. Shearjashub Bourne, Esq., M.C. (S. Nov. 1, 1694.)

Moultrie, Catharine m. Dr. James Moultrie.

Moultrie, Dr. James. At Charleston (S.C.), Dr. J.M., son of the late Lieutenant-Governor of East Florida, to Miss Catharine Moultrie, daughter to Alexander Moultrie, Esq. (S. Dec. 11, 1790.)

Mountford, Mrs. Mary m. James Treferen.

Mountfort, Mrs. Mary m. Hon. Ebenezer Bridge.

Munroe, Oliver. At Shrewsbury, Mr. O.M., merchant, to Miss Lydia Flint, daughter of Dr. Edward Flint, of that town. (W. Feb. 12, 1794.)

Murphoy, Mary m. Joseph Lovedridge.

Murray, James. At Charlestown, Mr. J.M., to Mrs. Rebecca Carr. (W. Aug. 22, 1792.)

Murray, John. At Salem, Mr. J.M., of Gloucester, Pastor of the Universal Society there, to Mrs. Judith Stevens, of that town. (W. Oct. 8, 1788.) For an account of his installation at the "University Meeting House" in Boston, see S. Oct. 26, 1793.

Murray, Capt. Robert. At Halifax, Capt. R.M., of the British ship "l’Oiseau," to Miss Rebecca Halliburton, daughter of the Hon. John Halliburton. (S. Dec. 27, 1794.)

Murray, Ruth m. Asa Mixter.

Musury, Samuel. At Salem, Mr. S.M., to Miss Nancy Brown. (S. Sept. 1, 1792.)

Myers, Samuel. At New York, Mr. S.M., merchant, of Petersburg (Va.), to Miss Sally Judal, of New York. (W. Nov. 5, 1794.)

Pg. 88

Myric, Love m. Horatio Nichols.

Nancréde, P.J.G. de. By the Rev. Mr. Pancer, Mr. P.J.G., de N., to Miss Hannah Dixcey. (W. Nov. 12, 1788.)

Paul Joseph Guérard de Nancrede, instructor in French at Harvard, 1787-1800. In the Mass. Centinel, S. Jan. 2, 1789, he announced that he proposed to publish a weekly paper in French with the title "Courier de Boston."

Nash, Huldah m. Pardon Potter.

Nash, Joshua. [In this town] Mr. J.N., to Miss Mary Stone. (S. May 12, 1792.)

Nash, Richard. Married at the Chapel church in this town, by the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. R.N., of Cornwall, in Great-Britain, to Miss Lucy Ann Apthorp, daughter of James Apthorp, Esq., of Braintree. (W. Sept. 28, 1785.)

Neale, Isaac. At Philadelphia, Mr. I.N., printer, to Miss Kammerer. (S. April 7, 1792.)

Neatt, Samuel. [In this town] Mr. S.N., to Miss Hannah Cushing. (W. Oct. 31, 1792.)

Nevers, Polly m. William Wesson.

Newell, Eliphalet. Last Sunday evening, at Charlestown, by the Rev. Mr. Payne, E.N., Esq., to the amiable and engaging Miss Susannah Bradish, both of that town. (W. Aug. 15, 1787.)

Newell, Elizabeth m. Cazneau Bayley.

Newell, Martha m. Capt. Benjamin Homans.

Newell, Mary m. Ebenezer Coffin.

Newell, Nabby m. Thomas Badger.

Newell, Prudence m. Isaac Smith, jun.

Newell, Sally m. Joseph Brown.

Newson, Capt. John. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Capt. J.N., of Weathersfield (Conn.), to Mrs. Sally Tracy, of this town. (S. March 15, 1794.)

Neyle, Harriet m. John Sollee.

Nice, Jacob. [At Philadelphia] Mr. J.N., to Miss Polly Berrett. (W. Feb. 13, 1793.)

Nichols, Eliza m. Doctor Richard Perkins, jun.

Nichols, Horatio. At Nantucket, Mr. H.N., of Providence, to Miss Love Myric. (W. Oct. 23, 1793.)

Nichols, Sally m. Benjamin Hammond.

Nicholson, Miss m. Hon. Mr. Few.

Nicholson, Miss m. Hon. Albert Gallaten.

Pg. 89

Nicholson, Fanny m. Hon. Joshua Sevey.

Nicholson, Henrietta m. Dr. John Bracco.

Nicholson, Capt. Thomas. At Plymouth, Capt. T.N., to Miss Hannah Otis. (W. Feb. 4, 1789.)

Nickals, Katy m. William Callender.

Nickels, Captain Alexander. [In this town] Captain A.N., to Miss Susannah Rust. (W. Dec. 3, 1794.)

Nickels, Polly m. John Crocker Snow.

Nickles, William. At Philadelphia, Mr. W.N., to Miss Hilegas. (W. Feb. 13, 1793.)

Nightingale, Lydia m. Abijah Warren.

Nisbett, Johanna m. Capt. F. Garforth.

Nixon, Miss m. Francis West.

Noble, Comfort m. John Libbey.

Norcross, Mrs. Jenny m. Thomas Whitman.

Norris, Patty m. Enoch Churchman.

Norris, Ruth m. Nathaniel Kingsbury.

North, Capt. Benjamin. At New-York, Capt. B.N., to Miss Sally Wicks, both of that city. (S. March 31, 1792.)

North, Major William. At New-York, Major W.N., to Miss Polly Duane, eldest daughter of James Duane [sic], Esq., Mayor of this city. (W. Oct. 24, 1787.) Appleton’s Cyc. Of Amer. Biog. Says "Mary, daughter of Judge James Duane."

Northup, Mrs., m. Capt. John Carr.

Norton, Birdsey. At Goshen, Mr. B.N., merchant, to Miss Hannah Star. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.)

Norton, Rev. Jacob. At Braintree, Rev. J.N., of Weymouth, to Miss Betsy Cranch, eldest daughter to the Hon. Richard Cranch, Esq. (S. Feb. 21, 1789.)

Norton, Sally m. Samuel Brewer.

Norton, Sally m. Rev. John Elliot.

Norton, Capt. Thomas. Capt. T.N., to Miss Lydia Hammatt, of this town. (S. June 11, 1785.)

"When worth leads virtue to the hymenial shrine,
And love and friendship join the train - elate,
Cælestial joys, and happiness divine,
Forever must attend the marriage state."

Norwood, Aby m. William Barnett.

Nourse, Betsey m. Uzziel Ray.

Nowell, Sally m. Joseph Brown.

Pg. 90

Noyes, Amos. [At Newbury-Port] Mr. A.N., to Miss Sarah Moody. (W. Jan. 15, 1794.)

Noyes, Dr. Nathaniel. In this town, Dr. N.N., to Miss Rebecca Hunt. (S. Sept. 3, 1791.)

Noyes, Mrs. Rebecca m. Capt. Daniel Farley.

Noyes, Silas. Mr. S.N., of Newbury-Port, to Miss Dorcas Bradford, of this town. (S. Feb. 6, 1790.)

Nutty, Betty m. B. Twentyman.

Nye, Sukey m. Nathaniel Freeman.

Nye, Sukey m. Ezra Smith.

O’Brien, Charles. Mr. C.O’B, mer., to Miss Patty Coskery. (W. Feb. 29, 1792.) At Baltimore implied.

O’Brien, Capt. Joseph. At Newbury-Port, Capt. J.O’B., to Miss Rebeckah Moody, both of that town. (S. Nov. 18, 1786.)

Odiorne, George. At Exeter, Mr. G.O., of that place, to Miss Polly Bracket, of Quincy. (W. Dec. 24, 1794.)

Odiorne, Joanna m. Rev. Jonathan Strong.

Ogden, Catharine m. Abijah Hammond.

Oldfield, Eliza m. William Eaton.

Oles, Nancy m. Cornelius Lane.

Oliver, Betsy m. Charles Pierce.

Oliver, Daniel. Mr. D.O., merchant, to Miss Abigail Thompson. (W. Nov. 7, 1787.)

Oliver, Elizabeth m. Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse.

Oliver, Robert. [At Portsmouth] Mr. R.O., to Miss Mary Rand. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.)

Olney, Anstis m. Thomas Rogerson.

Olney, Sally m. James Gardner.

Orne, Hon. Azor. At Marblehead, the Hon. A.O., Esq., to the relict of the late Joshua Orne, Esq. (W. May 10, 1786.)

Orne, Nancy m. Samuel Gray.

Orphin, John B. At Nantucket, Mr. J.B.O., to Miss Susannah Gardner. (W. Sept. 14, 1793.)

Orr, Peggy m. Miles Barnes.

Orton, James. At Pittsfield, Mr. J.O., to Miss Electra Graves. (S. May 26, 1792.)

Osborn, Gubbins. [At Salem] Mr. G.O., to Miss Nancy Cousins. (W. Apr. 17, 1793.)

Pg. 91

Osborn, Lydia m. William Bordman.

Osborne, Mrs., m. Major Cookson.

Osborne, Francis. At Petersburg, Mr. F.O., to Miss Nancy Turndull [Turnbull?]. (W. July 11, 1792.)

Osborne, John. Mr. J.O., to the agreeable Miss Catherine Macaulay Barber, third daughter of Nat. Barber, Esq., deceased. (W. Mch. 28, 1792.)




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