Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Osgood - Philips 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Osgood, Isaac. At Salem, Isaac Osgood, Esq., to Miss Sally Pickman, daughter of the late Mr. Clarke Gayton Pickman. (W. Oct. 20, 1790.) Appeared: To the memory of Mrs. Sally Osgood, the amiable consort of Isaac Osgood, Esq., Who died at Salem, August, 1791, aged 20. (S. Aug. 20, 1791.)

Osgood, Polly m. Paul Little, jun.

Osut, Miss m. Mr. Liillielbridge.

Otis, Dr. Galen. Dr. G.O., of Bromfield, to Miss Joanna Tilden, daughter of Major David Tilden, of this town. (S. Nov. 26, 1785.)

Otis, Hannah m. Capt. Thomas Nicholson.

Otis, Harrison Gray. By the Rev. Mr. Parker, H.G.O., Esq., to Miss Sally Foster, daughter of William Foster, Esq. (S. June 5, 1790.)

Otis, N.W. [In this town] Mr. N.W.O., of Charlestown, (S.C.), to Mrs. Nancy Bourne. (Nov. 1, 1794.) See also Ebenezer Moulton.

Outram, Miss m. Capt. Edward Davis.

Packard, Rev. Asa. At Braintree, the Rev. Asa Packard, of Marlborough, to Miss Nancy Quincy, youngest daughter of the late Col. Josiah Quincy. (S. July 31, 1790.)

Page, Capt. Benjamin. At Providence, Capt. J.P., to Miss Ann Sweeting. (S. Nov. 19, 1791.)

Page, Capt. John. At Salem, Capt. J.P., to Miss Esther Mackay, daughter of Capt. Daniel Mackay. (W. Feb. 1, 1792.)

Page, Polly m. Nathaniel Copeland.

Paine, Amasa. At Westminster (Vermont), A.P., Esq., Attorney-at-law, to Miss Betsey Hower, daughter of the late Capt. Benjamin Hower, of this town. (W. Sept. 29, 1787.)

Paine, Nathaniel. At Worcester, Mr. N.P., Attorney-at-law, to the amiable Miss Elizabeth Chandler, second daughter of the late Gardner Chandler, Esq., of that town, deceased. (W. Dec. 25, 1785.)

Pg. 92

Paine, Sally m. James Perkins.

Paine, William. At Parsonfield, Mr. W.P., to Miss Hannah Kinsman. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Paleske, Charles Godfried. At Philadelphia, C.G.P., Esq., his Prussian Majesty’s Counsel General to the United States of America, to Miss Hannah Elmslie, of that city. (S. May 12, 1792.)

Palfrey, Hannah m. Jonathan Trask.

Palfrey, Susan m. William Lee, jun.

Palfrey, Mrs. Susannah m. Constant Freeman.

Palmer, Eden. [At Danbury] Mr. E.P., to Miss Betsey Bartram. (S. Apr. 7, 1792.)

Palmer, Hannah m. Richard Yates.

Parker, Elias. On Wednesday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Parker, E.P., Esq., Captain in the late American Army, to the amiable Mrs. Mary Brown, of this place. (S. Oct. 2, 1790.)

Parker, Rev. Frederick. At Canterbury, Rev. F.P., to Miss Sukey Foster. (S. Dec. 7, 1793.)

Parker, Isaac. In this town, I.P., Esq., of Penobscot, to Miss Rebecca Hall, of this town. (W. June 25, 1794.)

Parker, Jemima m. John Pigeon.

Parker, Katy m. Ebenezer Brown.

Parker, Mrs. Meriam m. Charles Coffin.

Parker, Nathaniel. At Exeter, N.P., Esq., to Miss Catherine Tilton. (W. Dec. 4, 1793.)

Parker, Polly m. Loring Bailey.

Parker, Rebecca m. Samuel Vickary.

Parker, Samuel L. In this town, Mr. S.L.P., to Miss Ruth Adams, daughter to the late Capt. John Adams. (S. Oct. 1, 1791.)

Parkman, William. At Concord, at the house of Duncan Ingraham, Esq., Mr. W.P., to the amiable Miss Lydia Proctor. (S. Jan. 31, 1789.)

Parks, Warham. At Charleston, W.P., Esq., of Westfield, to Miss Gorham, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Gorham, Esq. (S. Dec. 24, 1791.)

Pg. 93

Parrot, Elizabeth m. Jean Toscan.

Parry, Edward. At Portsmouth, m.E.P., mer., to Miss Johanna Chauncey. (S. Nov. 15, 1794.)

Parsons, Elizabeth W., m. Amos Rhodes.

Parsons, Mrs. Martha m. Edward Rand.

Passmore, Thomas. At Portsmouth, Mr. T.P., of Philadelphia, to Miss Eliza Pierce. (W. May 21, 1794.)

Passmore, Thomas. Mr. T.P., to Miss Eliza Peirce. (S. May 31, 1794.)

Patchan, Ralph. At New York, Mr. R.P., to Miss Fanny Yorkison. (S. June 23, 1792.)

Patrick, Isabella m. John Spooner.

Patson, [Payson?], Samuel. At Dorchester, Mr. S.P., to Miss Sally Trescot. (W. Apr. 13, 1791.)

Patten, Nathaniel. At Long-Meadow, Mr. N.P., mer., of Hartford, to Miss Sally Burt. (W. Mch. 7, 1792.)

Patten, Polly m. Thomas Hunt.

Patten, Robert. At Fredericksburg (Virginia), Mr. R.P., merchant, to Miss Nancy Mercer, daughter to the late Gen. Hugh Mercer. (W. Nov. 14, 1792.)

Paulding, Julia m. William Irving, jun.

Payne, Sally m. Dr. Miles Littlejohn.

Payson, Henry. In this town, H.P., Esq., of Baltimore, merchant, to Miss Eunice Crosby, of this town. (S. Apr. 6, 1793.)

Payson, Phillips, jun. At Charlestown, on Tuesday evening last, P.P., jun., Esq., to Miss Ruth Larkin, eldest daughter of Deacon John Larkin, of that town. (S. Apr. 6, 1793.)

Payson, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S.P., of Charlestown, to Miss Grace Welsh. (S. Dec. 18, 1790.)

Pearce, Capt. Robert. Capt. R.P., of Nova-Scotia, to Miss Polly Townsend. (S. Nov. 19, 1791.) at Newport implied.

Pease, David. [At Nantucket] Mr. D.P., to Miss Sally Forsdick. (W. Sept. 14, 1793.)

Pebbles, Hugh. At Lansingburg, H.P., Esq., to Miss Abigail Serrat, of Newport, R.I. (S. Dec. 20, 1794.)

Pg. 94

Peale, Abigail Mason m. John Dabney.

Pearce, Bethiah m. Robert Williams.

Pearce, Sally m. John Williams.

Pease, Mrs., m. Thomas Crane.

Pease, Mercy m. John Read.

Peck, Miss m. Edwards Ely.

Peck, Nancy B., m. Edward Stow.

Peck, Mrs. May m. Hon. Walter Spooner.

Peck, Rufus. At Woodstock, Mr. R.P., to Miss Lydia Lyon. (W. Feb. 13, 1793.)

Peckham, Polly m. Jonathan Merrick.

Peete, Rebecca m. Benjamin Seward.

Pelham, Helena m. Thomas Curtis.

Peirce, Ann m. John Lathrop, jun.

Peirce, Betsy m. Reuben Blake.

Peirce, David. At Gloucester, D.P., Esq., to Miss Nabby Ingersol. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Peirce, Eliza m. Thomas Passmore.

Peirce, Mrs. Elizabeth m. Capt. John Derby.

Peirce, Heman. Mr. H.P., to Miss Polly Bowen. (S. July 6, 1793.)

Penhallow, Polly m. Daniel Austin.

Penniman, Atherton. In this town, Mr. A.P., to Miss Abigail Butterfield. (W. June 11, 1794.)

Pepper, Capt. Isaac. In this town, Capt. I.P., to Miss Polly Harris Edes [both of this town]. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Perket, John. In this town, Mr. J.P., to Miss Elizabeth Poole. (W. July 24, 1793.)

Perkins, Mrs. Abigail m. Doct. Nathaniel S. Prentiss.

Perkins, Elizabeth m. Hon. Stephen Higginson.

Perkins, Elizabeth m. Capt. John Matchet.

Perkins, James. At Worcester, Mr. J.P., of this town, to Miss Sally Paine, daughter of the Hon. Timothy Paine, Esq., of that place. (W. Jan. 25, 1786.)

Perkins, Nabby m. Benjamin Weld.

Perkins, Doctor, Richard, jun., at Whitestown (N.Y.), Doctor R.P., jun., formerly of Bridgwater, in this State, to the amiable Miss Eliza Nichols, of that place. (W. Dec. 21, 1791.)

Pg. 95

Perkins, Sally m. Hon. Stephen Higginson.

Perkins, Samuel. [In this town] Mr. S.P., to Miss Call. (S. May 18, 1793.)

Perkins, Thomas. Mr. T.P., merchant, to Miss Charlotte Appleton, daughter to Nathaniel Appleton, Esq. (W. Jan. 21, 1789.)

Perkins, Thomas H. Mr. T.H.P., merchant, to Miss Sally Elliot, only daughter of Mr. Simon Elliot. (W. Mch. 26, 1788.)

Perry, John. In this town, Mr. J.P., to Miss Catherine Grough. (S. Dec. 27, 1794.)

Peters, William B. In this town, Mr. W.B.P., to Miss Mary Purkett. (S. June 21, 1794.)

Pettis, Lydia m. Capt. Matthew Hanley.

Phelon, Major Edward. At Charlestown (S.C.) Major E.P., of the Massachusetts line of the late Army, to Miss Susannah Frances Barksdale, of that city - a young lady of merit. (S. Feb. 21, 1789.)

Phelps, William. [At Salem] Mr. W.P., to Miss Sarah Punchard. (W. Jan. 2, 1793.)

Philbrook, Daniel. At Bath, Mr. D.P., to Miss Betsy Moody. (S. Feb. 9, 1893.)

Phille, Mary m. John Knapp.

Phillips, Elizabeth m. John Millet.

Phillips, Mrs. Christina m. Capt. John Brown.

Phillips, Hannah m. Samuel Shaw.

Phillips, Israel. At Greenfield, Mr. I.P., to Miss Mercy Bascom. (W. Nov. 26, 1794.)

Phillips, James. At Ipswich, Mr. J.P., of this town, to Miss Sally Farley, daughter to the late Hon. Michael Farley, Esq., of that place. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Phillips, John. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Howard, J.P., Esq., attorney-at-law, to Miss Sally Walley, both of this town. (S. Dec. 20, 1794.)

Phillips, Lucy m. Ephraim Jones.

Phillips, Lydia m. William Story, jun.

Phillips, Mary m. Rev. Dr. Bass.

Phillips, Patty m. Reuben Gould.

Pg. 96

Phillips, Peggy m. Samuel Cooper.

Phillips, Polly m. Dr. William Spooner.

Phillips, Sally m. Edward Dowse.

Phillips, Hon. William. In this town, on Thursday morning last, the Hon. W.P., Esq., to Mrs. Sarah Beck, both of this town. (S. June 23, 1792.)

Philips, Hannah m. John Ireland.





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