Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Rhea - Rhodes 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Rhea, Sally m. Nathaniel Cabot Higginson.

Rhodes, Amos. At Lynn, Mr. A.R., merchant, to Miss Elizabeth W. Parsons. (S. June 28, 1794.)

Rhodes, Capt. Zechariah. Capt. Z.R., to Miss Betsey Rea. (S. March 26, 1785.)

Rice, John. Mr. J.R., aged 19, to Miss Elizabeth Wheelock, aged 21. (W. Dec. 1, 1790.)

Rice, John. Mr. J.R., a bachelor, near 70 years of age, of a respectable character and fortune, to a young lady of 19, both of Charlotte county, Virginia. (W. Dec. 5, 1792.)

Rice, Dr. Samuel. At Worcester, Dr. S.R., to Miss Nancy Woodburn. (S. Sept. 21, 1793.)

Rich, Lydia m. Charles Clements.

Richards, Ebenezer. At Newton, Mr. E.R., to Miss Hannah White. (S. May 4, 1793.)

Richards, George. Mr. G.R., to the amiable Mrs. Sally Wallace. (S. Apr. 22, 1786.)

Richards, Susanna m. Josiah Edson.

Richardson, Abigail m. Thomas Rumrill.

Richardson, Nathaniel H. Mr. N.H.R., to Miss Mary Dwight Coverly .... Of this town. (S. Oct. 5, 1793.)

Richardson, Richard. Mr. R.R., to Miss Martha Harding, daughter to the late Capt. Thomas Harding, of Charlestown. (W. June 16, 1790.)

Richardson, Dr. Samuel. At Colrain, Dr. S.R., of Whittingham, to Miss Peggy Morton, of this town. (W. May 23, 1792.)

Ridgaway, Sukey m. Peter Gade.

Pg. 99

Powell, William. W.P., Esq., to Mrs. Gardner. (S. Apr. 4, 1789.)

Pratt, Mrs. Abigail m. Ziba Crane.

Pratt, Rev. Allen. At Marshfield, by the Rev. Elijah Leonard, the Rev. A.P., of Westmorland, to Miss Persis Little, of Marshfield. (W. Feb. 8, 1792.)

Pratt, Cloe m. Major Jeremiah Conant.

Pratt, Olive m. John Fenno.

Pratt, William. At Salem, Mr. W.P., to Miss Mary Williams. (W. Nov. 21, 1792.)

Pray, Miss m. Silas Ballou.

Pray, John. At Great Ogechee, Mr. J.P., to Miss Nancy Mann. (S. Sept. 8, 1792.)

Pray, John. [At New York], Mr. J.P., to Miss Sally Crone [Crane?]. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

Preble, Samuel. At Salem, Mr. S.P., merchant, to Miss Polly Derby. (W. June 15, 1785.)

Preble, Statira m. Capt. Richard Codman.

Precec, Marquiss. At New York, the marquiss P., to Miss Livingston, of Rhinebec. (S. Oct. 19, 1793.)

Premir, Mrs. Polly m. John Jutau.

Prentiss, Rev. Mr. The Rev. Mr. Prentiss, of Medfield, to Miss Mary Scollay, daughter of John Scollay, Esq., of this town. (S. Feb. 14, 1789.)

Prentiss, Appleton. Last evening, Mr. A.P., merchant, to Miss Silence Conant, a young lady in whom is indeed every amiable qualification. (W. June 15, 1785.)

Prentiss, Margaret m. Rev. Timothy Dickerson.

Prentiss, Margaret m. Nehemiah Rand.

Prentiss, Doct. Nathaniel S., at Marlboro’, Doct. N.S.P., to Mrs. Abigail Perkins. (S. Nov. 24, 1792.)

Prentiss, Sally m. John A. Laurence.

Prescot, Miss m. Timothy Bigelow.

Prescott, James, Jun. At New-Ipswich, Newhampshire, J.P., Jun., Esq., of Westford, Massachusetts, to the agreeable Miss Hannah Champney, daughter of the Hon. Ebenezer Champney, Esq., of that place. (S. Feb. 18, 1792.)

Pg. 100

Prescott, William. At Salem, W.P., Esq., of that town, to Miss Catharine Hicklin. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.) Mar. Dec. 18. Parents of William Hickling Prescott.

Preston, Becca m. John Hubbard.

Preston, Remember, jun. In this town, Mr. R.P., jun., to Miss Sally Clark. (W. Dec. 4, 1793.)

Price, Polly m. Thomas Greenleaf.

Price, Capt. James. At Charlestown, Capt. J.P., of this town, to Miss Agnes Gordon, of that place. (W. Feb. 25, 1789.)

Prince, Maria m. John Beckley.

Prince, Mary m. Charles Apthrop.

Prince, Sally Henshaw m. John Tucker.

Prince, Samuel. Last Sunday evening, Mr. S.P., to Miss Sarah Ingersol. (W. Oct. 18, 1786.)

Prince, Capt. Samuel. In this town, Capt. S.P., to Miss Frances Davis. (W. May 22, 1793.)

Prior, Joshua. Mr. J.P., to Miss Betsey Fellows. (S. April 14, 1792.)

Prisely, Polly m. Robert Robertson, jun.

Procter, William. At Lynn, Mr. W.P., to Mrs. Anna Brown. (S. Jan. 19, 1793.)

Procter, William B. In this town, Mr. W.B.P., to Miss Lydia Bowes. (S. Jan. 26, 1793.)

Proctor, Miss m. William Shaw.

Proctor, Col. Edward. In this town, Col. E.P., to Miss Polly Adams. (W. Aug. 25, 1790.)

Proctor, Col. Edward. Col. E.P., to Miss Hannah Atkins. (W. June 22, 1791.)

Proctor, Lydia m. William Parkman.

Proctor, Thorndike, jun. At Salem, Mr. T.P., jun., to Betsey Hathorne. (W. Apr. 9, 1788.)

Prout, Lydia m. Samuel Cutler.

Province, Eliza m. Samuel Dexter.

Puffer, James. At Shrewsbury, Mr. J.P., of Sudbury, to Mrs. Submit Goddard, of Shrewsbury. (W. March 14, 1792.)

Punchard, Sarah m. William Phelps.

Purkett, Mary m. William B. Peters.

Pg. 100

Putnam, Dr. Archelaus. At Danvers, by the Rev. Mr. Osgood, Dr. A.P., to Miss Nabby Bishop, both of said town. (W. Nov. 15, 1786.)

Putnam, Ebenezer. At Salem, Mr. E.P., to Miss Sally Fisk, daughter of Brigadier-General Fisk. (W. May 25, 1791.)

Putnam, Eliza m. Winthrop Gray.

Putnam, Sally m. Dr. Nahum Fay.

Quackembos, Nancy m. Thomas Greenleaf.

Quincey, John W. In this town, last Thursday evening, Mr. J.W.Q., of Portland, merchant, to Miss Abigail Atkins, daughter of Capt. Silas Atkins, of this town. (W. May 7, 1794.)

Quincey, Samuel. Mr. S.Q., attorney-at-law, to Miss Elizabeth Hatch, daughter of Col. Jabez Hatch, both of this town. (W. Nov. 1, 1786.)

Quincy, Edmund. Last Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Thatcher, the Hon. E.Q., Esq., to Miss Anna Gerrish, a maiden lady of agreeable and engaging manners. (W. Jan. 18, 1785.)

Quincy, Nancy m. Rev. Asa Packard.

Quincy, Polly m. James Kettle.

Quynn, Miss m. Capt. John Kilty.

Ramsay, Sally m. Thomas Porter.

Ramsdell, Betsey m. Levi Starbuck.

Rand, Edward. At Newburyport, Mr. E.R., merchant, to Mrs. Martha Parsons. (S. Oct. 27, 1792.)

Rand, Joanna m. Caleb Lamson.

Rand, Mary m. Robert Oliver.

Rand, Nehemiah. At Cambridge, on Monday last, N.R., Esq., of Lindsborough, to Miss Margaret Prentiss, daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Prentiss, of Charlestown. (W. Nov. 23, 1791.)

Rand, Thomas. At Charlestown, Mr. T.R., to Miss Polly Larkin. (S. Jan. 18, 1894.)

Ranger, Fanny m. Jedidiah Joy.

Rathbon, Joshua. At Providence, Mr. J.R., to Miss Wait Kilton. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)

Ray, Uzziel. At Salem, Mr. U.R., to Miss Betsey Nourse. (S. Nov. 20, 1790.)

Pg. 102

Raymond, Benjamin. At Nantucket, Mr. B.R., to Miss Betsey Kidder. (S. Dec. 14, 1793.)

Raymond, Ephraim. At Raynham, Mr. E.R., formerly of this town, to Miss Polly Dean, daughter of Josiah Dean, Esq., of that place. (S. Nov. 8, 1788.)

Rea, Betsey m. Capt. Michael Homer.

Rea, Betsey m. Capt. Zechariah Rhodes.

Rea, Daniel, tertius. Mr. D.R., tertius, to Miss Sally Bangs. (W. Apr. 22, 1789.)

Rea, Ruth m. William Lovett.

Rea, William. At Murphy’sboro’ (N.C.), Mr. W.R., merchant, formerly of Boston, to Miss Peggy Wynn, of Salem. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.)

Read, Gen. James. At Leominster, Gen. J.R., to Miss Mary Fararr. (S. March 16, 1793.)

Read, John. In this town, Mr. J.R., to Miss Mercy Pease. (W. Feb. 18, 1789.)

Read, Thomas. On Thursday, Mr. T.R., to the amiable Miss Ruthy Wait, both of Roxbury. (W. March 12, 1788.)

Redman, Patty m. Joseph A. Kimble.

Reed, Amos. Near Poughkeepsie, Mr. A.R., to Mrs. Roby Jinks. (S. May 7, 1791.)

The story which follows was printed again S. March 31, 1792, where the brides name, Miss Roby Jenks, gives the narrative an entirely different aspect.

Reed, Joshua. By the Rev. Mr. Holmes, Mr. J.R., to Miss Susannah Boardman, both of Cambridge. (S. March 1, 1794.)

Reed, Lydia m. Capt. John Lyon.

Reed, Dr. William. [In this town] by the Rev. Dr. Walter, Dr. W.R., to Miss Eliza Hall, daughter to Mr. Stephen Hall, of this town. (W. Jan. 9, 1793.)

Rees, James. [At Philadelphia] Mr. J.R., to Miss Eliza Reynolds. (S. Nov. 17, 1792.)

Reinecker, Clarinda m. Cornelius Howard Gist.

Relse, Nancy m. Henry Doggett.

Remington, Rev. Jesse. At Deerfield, Rev. J.R., of Condia, to Miss Polly Jennes. (W. Dec. 4, 1793.)

Pg. 103

Revere, Fanny m. Thomas Eayres.

Rexford, Jordan. At Marblehead, Mr. J.R., an itinerent Methodist preacher, of Connecticut, to Mrs. Sarah Barker, of that town. (W. May 7, 1794.)

Reynolds, Edward. Mr. E.R., to Miss Debby Belcher. (S. June 26, 1790.)

Reynolds, Eliza m. James Rees.

Reynolds, George. At Salem, Mr. G.R., to Miss Nabby Ervin. (W. Jan. 2, 1793.)

Reynolds, Patty m. Rev. Mr. Barcom.

Reynolds, Polly m. Rev. Mr. Kinsbury.

Rhea, Sally m. Nathaniel Cabot Higginson.

Rhodes, Amos. At Lynn, Mr. A.R., merchant, to Miss Elizabeth W. Parsons. (S. June 28, 1794.)

Rhodes, Capt. Zechariah. Capt. Z.R., to Miss Betsey Rea. (S. March 26, 1785.)




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