Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Rice - Sanders 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Rice, John. Mr. J.R., aged 19, to Miss Elizabeth Wheelock, aged 21. (W. Dec. 1, 1790.)

Rice, John. Mr. J.R., a bachelor, near 70 years of age, of a respectable character and fortune, to a young lady of 19, both of Charlotte county, Virginia. (W. Dec. 5, 1792.)

Rice, Dr. Samuel. At Worcester, Dr. S.R., to Miss Nancy Woodburn. (S. Sept. 21, 1793.)

Rich, Lydia m. Charles Clements.

Richards, Ebenezer. At Newton, Mr. E.R., to Miss Hannah White. (S. May 4, 1793.)

Richards, George. Mr. G.R., to the amiable Mrs. Sally Wallace. (S. Apr. 22, 1786.)

Richards, Susanna m. Josiah Edson.

Richardson, Abigail m. Thomas Rumrill.

Richardson, Nathaniel H. Mr. N.H.R., to Miss Mary Dwight Coverly .... Of this town. (S. Oct. 5, 1793.)

Richardson, Richard. Mr. R.R., to Miss Martha Harding, daughter to the late Capt. Thomas Harding, of Charlestown. (W. June 16, 1790.)

Richardson, Dr. Samuel. At Colrain, Dr. S.R., of Whittingham, to Miss Peggy Morton, of this town. (W. May 23, 1792.)

Ridgaway, Sukey m. Peter Gade.

Pg. 104

Ridgway, James. Mr. J.R., of this town, to Mrs. Catharine Stimpson, of Reading. (S. Feb. 5, 1797.)

Ridgway, James. In this town, Mr. J.R., to Miss Susannah Sumner. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.)

Ridgway, Joseph, jr. At Newbury, New-Town, Mr. J.R., jun., to Miss Eliza Moody. (S. Dec. 27, 1794.)

Ridgway, Mary m. Jonathan Wild.

Ridgway, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S.R., to Mrs. Sarah Greaton, widow of the late Gen. Greaton. (W. Feb. 6, 1793.)

Riggs, Massy m. Thomas Wheeler.

Riley, James. At Baltimore, Mr. J.R., to Miss Ann Lee. (W. April 25, 1792.)

Rindge, Olive m. Col. Nathaniel Folsom.

Ringgold, Samuel. [At Philadelphia], Mr. S.R., to Miss Maria Cadwallader. (S. May 19, 1792.) See also, Archibald MíCall.

Ripley, John. Mr. J.R., to Miss Jenny Molineaux [both of this town]. (S. Aug. 6, 1791.)

Ripley, Capt. Joseph. Capt. J.R., of Kingston, to Miss Elizabeth Wallis, daughter of Mr. Samuel Wallis, merchant. (S. June 22, 1793.) In this town implied.

Rittenhouse, John. [In this town] Mr. J.R., to Miss Polly Whitten. (S. April 5, 1794.)

Roach, John. At New York, Mr. J.R., of St. Croix, to Miss Sarah T. Halstead, of that city. (W. Sept. 3, 1794.)

Roach, Nancy m. Joseph Waldren.

Robbins, Chandler, jun. At Plymouth, Mr. C.R., jun., of Hallowell, to Miss Harriot Lothrop. (W. Sept. 18, 1793.)

Robbins, Hannah m. Benjamin Gilman.

Robbins, Nancy m. Jacob Thompson.

Robbins, Sukey m. John Clapp.

Robbins, Susannah m. Phineas Woodman.

Roberdeau, Capt. At Newbury Port, Capt. R., to Miss Sarah Tappan, of that place. (W. Aug. 16, 1786.)

Roberson, Nancy m. Samuel MíClench.

Roberts, Polly m. Capt. John Gray.

Robertson, Betsey m. Samuel Robertson.

Pg. 105

Robertson, Joseph. In this town, by the Rev. Docter Stillman, Mr. J.R., to Miss Jenny Beals. (W. Dec. 28, 1791.)

Robertson, Robert, Jun. Mr. R.R., jun., to Miss Polly Prisely [both of this town]. (S. Oct. 23, 1790.)

Robertson, Samuel. Mr. S.R., to Miss Betsey Robertson [both of this town]. (S. Oct. 23, 1790.)

Robins, Jonathan D. In this town, by Rev. Mr. Kirkland, Mr. J.D.R., to Miss Fanny Crafts, daughter to Thomas Crafts, Esq. (S. Dec. 13, 1794.)

Robinson, Miss m. Dr. Holbrook.

Robinson, Almy m. Robert L. Bowne.

Robinson, Betsy m. Shubael Bell.

Robinson, Lieut. Edward. On Thursday evening, Lieut. E.R., to Miss Rachel How, daughter to Mr. John How. (S. Dec. 8, 1792.) See Capt. James Robinson.

Robinson, Elizabeth m. Thomas Alger.

Robinson, Capt. James. On Wednesday evening last, at Dorchester, Capt. J.R., to Miss Polly Withington, daughter to Mr. Samuel Withington; and on Thursday evening, Lieut. Edward Robinson to Miss Rachel How, daughter to Mr. John How. (S. Dec. 8, 1792.)

Robinson, Jane m. Thomas Hodges.

Robinson, Mary m. John Morton.

Robinson, Mary m. Henry Sadler.

Robinson, William. W.R., Esq., merchant, of Philadelphia, to Miss Deliverance Doggett, of this town. (W. Feb. 15, 1786.)

Roby, Captain Joseph. In this town, Capt. J.R., to Mrs. Elizabeth Henry. (S. Nov. 7, 1789.)

Roby, Rev. Joseph. In this town, Rev. J.R., of Lynn, to Mrs. Zerniah Marston, of this town. (W. Aug. 8, 1792.)

Rodman, Charity m. Thomas Rotch.

Rogers, Daniel, jun. At Gloucester, Mr. D.R., Jun., to Miss Sally Saunders. (W. Sept. 26, 1792.)

Rogers, Esther m. John Rowe.

Rogers, Capt. John. At Newbury-Port, Capt. J.R., to Miss Mary Stanwood, daughter to Capt. Joseph Stanwood. (W. Feb. 6, 1793.)

Pg. 106

Rogers, Lovey m. James Burtwell.

Rogers, Polly m. Henry Stimpson.

Rogers, Sally m. Francis Mallet.

Rogers, Thomas. Mr. T.R., merchant, to Miss Abigail Bridge. (W. Nov. 5, 1788.)

Rogerson, Dr. Robert. Dr. R.R., to Miss Lucy Dearing. (W. March 30, 1785.)

Rogerson, Thomas. At Providence, Mr. T.R., of Alexandria, merchant, to Miss Anstis Olney. (W. Aug. 22, 1792.)

Rolf, Polly m. Capt. Thomas Morris.

Rolfe, Paul. In this town, Mr. P.R., A.B., of New-Concord, to Miss Elizabeth Kirkwood, of this town. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.)

Root, James. [At Great Barrington] Mr. J.R., to Mrs. Abigail Pixley. (S. March 2, 1793.)

Ropes, Betsey m. Jonathan Hodges.

Ropes, Jane m. Capt. John T. Ropes.

Ropes, Capt. John T. At Salem, Capt. J.T.R., to Miss Jane Ropes. (S. Nov. 21, 1789.)

Ropes, Sally m. Robert Bray.

Rose, Mary m. Alexander Baker.

Rose, Polly m. Caleb Francis.

Rose, Sally m. Thomas Brisco.

Ross, Sarah m. Edmund M. Blunt.

Ross, Thomas. [At New York] Mr. T.R., to Miss Ann Lions. (S. May 19, 1792.)

Rotch, Thomas. At Newport, Mr. T.R., merchant, of Nantucket, to Miss Charity Rodman, of that place. (W. May 19, 1790.)

Roulstone, John. Mr. J.R., to Miss Dolly Smith ... [both] of this town. (S. Oct. 23, 1790.)

Round, Capt. John. In this town, Capt. J.R., to Miss Hitty Clark. (W. June 14, 1786.)

Rouse, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.R., to Miss Mehitable Cabot, both of this town. (W. Aug. 14, 1793.)

Rouselet, Nicholas Gysburtus. On Tuesday, the 27th ult., at Portmouth, by the Rev. Joseph Buckminster, Mr. N.G.R., of this town, to Miss Elizabeth Catherine Mossatt, of Portsmouth. (W. April 4, 1787.)

Pg. 107

Row, Betsy m. Fisher Gay.

Rowe, John. At Gloucester, J.R., Esq., to Miss Esther Rogers, both of that place. (W. May 9, 1792.)

Rowland, Capt. Jonathan. [At New York] Capt. J.R., to Miss Cornelia Warner. (S. May 19, 1792.)

Royse, John. At New York, Mr. J.R., to Miss Lydia Bull, of Hartford. (S. Nov. 10, 1792.)

Ruggles, Miss m. Nathaniel Scott.

Ruggles, Martha m. Rev. John Fairfield.

Ruggles, Nathaniel. By the Rev. Mr. Clark, Mr. N.R., of Roxbury, to Miss Sally Fellows, of this town. (W. Nov. 8, 1786.)

Ruggles, Samuel. [In this town] Mr. S.R., merchant, to Miss Polly Blake. (S. Apr. 19, 1794.)

Rumrill, Thomas. Mr. T.R., to Miss Abigail Richardson. (W. Nov. 27, 1793.) At Roxbury implied.

Rumsey, Nancy m. Samuel Hichborn.

Runey, John. At Charlestown, Mr. J.R., to Miss Polly Turner. (S. July 1, 1786.)

Russell, Miss m. Edward Cary, jun.

Russell, Capt. Edward. Capt. E.R., of Salem, to Miss Sally McClure, of this town. (S. June 16, 1792.)

Russell, Elijah. At Concord, Mr. E.R., editor of the "Mirrour," to Miss Polly Davis, of that town. (W. May 14, 1794.)

Russell, Maj. Ephraim. At Princeton, Maj. E.R., of Stow, to Miss Eunice Merrick, of that place. (S. Feb. 18, 1792.)

Russell, John. At Philadelphia, Mr. J.R., of Boston, printer, to Miss Eliza Milne, daughter of Mr. Edmund Milne, of that city. (W. April 17, 1793.)

Russell, Mary m. Isaac Winslow, jun.

Russell, Mrs. Mary m. William Doggett.

Russell, Seth. At Northampton, Mr. S.R., to Miss Polly Ewerson. (W. Oct. 29, 1794.)

Russell, Thomas. At Plymouth, T.R., Esq., of this town, to Miss Betsy Watson, daughter of George Watson, Esq., of that place. (W. Nov. 19, 1788.)

Pg. 108

Rust, Susannah m. Capt. Alexander Nichels.

Rutter, Ann m. Isaac Burneston.

Sadler, Henry. In Savannah, Mr. H.S., to Miss Mary Robinson. (S. Mar. 3, 1792.)

Safford, William. At Salem, Mr. W.S., to Miss Abigail Swansey. (S. June 16, 1792.)

Salisbury, Wait m. William Wentworth Fernald.

Salmon, John. By the Rev. Mr. Eliot, Mr. J.S., to Miss Betsey Sestren. (W. Jan. 4, 1792.)

Salmon, Polly m. Andrew Brimmer.

Salter, Jenny m. Capt. Joseph Ingraham.

Saltonstall, Rebecca m. Peter Christopher.

Sample, Ann m. William Grant.

Sanders, Miss m. K.K. Van Rensselear.





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