Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Sands - Sloo 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Sands, Benjamin. [At New York] Mr. B.S., late of Boston, to Miss Peggy Michaels. (S. Nov. 10, 1792.)

Sanford, Bathsheba m. Rev. Ethan Smith.

Sanford, Clarissa m. Rev. John Morse.

Sanford, Miss m. James Dwight.

Saphum, Mrs. Sally m. David Stetson.

Sargeant, John. In this town, Mr. J.S., to Miss Sally Larkin, both of this town. (W. May 19, 1790.)

Sargent, Catharine m. Theodore Jones.

Sargent, Winthrop. In the western territory, W.S., Esq., Secretary of that territory, to Miss Tupper, daughter to Gen. Tupper. (W. May 27, 1789.)

Saunders, Daniel. At Salem, Mr. D.S., to Miss Sally Gill. (S. Oct. 25, 1794.)

Saunders, Sally m. Daniel Rogers, jun.

Saunders, Sally m. Thomas Augustus Vernon.

Savage, Elizabeth m. John Cooper.

Savens, Abijah. At Newtown, Mr. A.S., to Miss Sukey Wenchester. (S. Apr. 28, 1792.)

Sawyer, John. [At Portsmouth] Mr. J.S., to Miss Sally Stagpole. (S. Sept. 20, 1794.)

Saxon, William. Mr. W.S., merchant, to Mrs. Mary Wheeler. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Schuyler, Jeremiah. [At Albany] Mr. J.S., of Warrensbush, to Miss Jane Cutler. (W. Mar. 20, 1793.)

Scollay, Mary m. Rev. Mr. Prentiss.

Pg. 109

Scott, Betsy m. Dr. Abijah Cheever.

Scott, Catharine m. Capt John Andrews.

Scott, Daniel. In this town, Mr. D.S., merchant, to Miss Betsy Holmes, both of this town. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.)

Scott, Hannah m. William Barton.

Scott, James. At New York, Mr. J.S., merchant, to Miss Elizabeth C. Sowers. (W. Feb. 20, 1793.)

Scott, Nancy m. Nathaniel Patten.

Scott, Nathaniel. At the Court House, yesterday, Mr. N.S., to Miss Ruggles, both belonging to adjacent towns. (W. July 3, 1793.) The circumstances of the marriage are described in eighteen lines following the above notice. He preferred marriage to remaining in jail.

Scott, Peggy m. Samuel Cobb.

Scott, Peter C. [In this town] Mr. P.C.S., to Miss Susannah Homans. (S. May 24, 1794.)

Seabury, Betsy m. Ammi C. Hall.

Seabury, Hannah m. John Jarvis.

Sears, David. At Providence, Mr. D.S., of this town, merchant, to Miss Winthrop, daughter of John Stille Winthrop, Esq., of New London. (W. June 21, 1786.)

Seaver, Samuel. [At Wiscasset] Mr. S.S., to Miss Hannah Smith. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Seaver, William. In this town, Mr. W.S., to the engaging Miss Susannah Blake. (W. Nov. 14, 1787.)

Seavey, Sally m. Joseph Dearborn.

Secomb, Betsy m. John Hall.

Selsbry, Polly m. Caleb Loring.

Sene, Col. At New York, Col. S., of S. Carolina (of the late American Army) to Miss Van Berckel, of that city, daughter of His Excellency Mr. Van Berckel, later Minister of the United Netherlands to the United States of America. (W. June 13, 1792.)

Seney, Hon. Joshua. At New York, Hon. J.S., Member of Congress, to Miss Fanny Nicholson, of that city. The Miss Nicholsonís have been very fortunate - in attracting the attention of the Rulers of the Nation - One of them was some time since married to the Most Hon. William Few, of the Senate - and another, we are told, is now addressed by a very worthy member from Virginia. Nor are these ladies more fortunate than meritorious. (S. May 15, 1790.)

Pg. 110

Serrat, Abigail m. Hugh Pebbles.

Sessions, Thomas. At Newport, Mr. T.S., to Miss Betsy Marchant, daughter to the Hon. Henry Marchant, Esq., of that city. (S. Nov. 5, 1791.)

Sestren, Betsey m. John Salmon.

Seton, James. At New York, Mr. J.S., merchant, to Miss Mary Hoffman, daughter of Nicholas Hoffman, Esq., of that city. (W. Apr. 4, 1792.)

Seton, Miss m. Hon. John Vining.

Sewall, Hon. David. The Hon. D.S., Esq., Federal Judge of the District of Maine, to Miss Elizabeth Langdon, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Langdon, late President of the University of Cambridge. (S. Dec. 18, 1790.)

Sewall, Hannah m. Martin Cushing.

Sewall, Henry. [At Beth, Kennebeck] Mr. H.S., to Miss Esther Wheeler Moody. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Sewall, Joseph. At Bath, Kennebeck, Mr. J.S., to Miss Lydia Marsh. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Sewall, Samuel. [At Bath, Kennebeck] Mr. S.S., to Miss Polly Lambert. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Seward, Benjamin. In this town, Mr. B.S., to Miss Rebecca Peete. (W. July 22, 1789.)

Seymore, Mrs. Bridget m. John Whitney.

Shackerly, Capt. John H. [At New York] Capt. J.H.S., to Miss Elizabeth Kumbel. (W. June 13, 1792.)

Shaffer, Barnet. At Philadelphia, Mr. B.S., to the amiable Miss Sophia Springer, aged 13 years, 9 months. (S. Oct. 27, 1787.)

Shafton, Capt. Capt. S., of London, to the amiable Miss Polly Vincent, of this town. (S. March 9, 1793.)

Shattuck, Capt. Jeremiah. At Pepperel, Capt. J.S., aged 90, to Mrs. Ruth Bixby, aged 75; his Descendants are 10 children, 60 grandchildren, about 70 great-grandchildren, and 1 of the 5th generation - her descendants are 13 children, 39 grandchildren, &c. (S. Mar. 10, 1792.)

Shaw, Benjamin. At New York, Mr. B.S., of Boston, to Miss Charity Smith, of the former place. (S. Nov. 22, 1794.) Repeated Dec. 13.

Pg. 111

Shaw, Betsy m. Andrew Craigie.

Shaw, Rev. Josiah Crocker. At Marshfield, Rev. J.C.S., of Cohasset, to Miss Ruth Stockbridge Winslow, daughter of Isaac Winslow, Esq. (W. Mch. 27, 1793.)

Shaw, Samuel. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Eckley, S.S., Esq., to Miss Hannah Phillips. (W. Aug. 29, 1792.)

Shaw, Temperance m. Joseph Blish.

Shaw, William. In this town, W.S., Esq., to Miss Proctor, eldest daughter of Edward Proctor, Esq. (W. Oct. 21, 1789.)

Shaw, Rev. William. The Rev. W.S., of Marshfield, to Miss Nancy Checkley, of this town. (W. Oct. 6, 1790.)

Sheaffe, Nancy m. John Erving, jun.

Shepard, Mrs. M. Samuel Hunt.

Shepard, Allice m. Abiel Winship.

Shephard, Rev. Mase. In this town, the Rev. M.S., of Little Compton, Rhode Island, to Miss Deborah Haskins, daughter of Capt. John Haskins, distiller. (W. July 9, 1788.) married July 6. Haskinsí R.W. Emerson; his maternal ancestors, p. 147.

Shepherd, Nancy m. Joseph Edmunds.

Shepherd, Polly m. Benjamin Wheeler.

Sherburne, John Samuel. At Portsmouth, J.S.S., Esq., to Miss Submit Boyd, daughter to the Hon. George Boyd, Esq., deceased. (S. Nov. 5, 1791.)

Shields, Joseph. In this town, J.S., Esq., late from India, to Miss Frances Johnstone Dana,daughter to the Rev. Edmond Dana, D.D., of Shrewsbury, England, and niece of the Hon. Chief Justice of this Commonwealth. (W. Nov. 20, 1793.)

Shields, Mrs. M. Hon. Henry Innes.

Shipman, Capt Richard E. [In this town] Capt. R.E.S., of Hull (England), to Miss Mary Goodhue, only daughter of the late Dr. Goodhue. (W. Dec. 26, 1792.)

Shrewsbury, Earl of. At Bourdeaux (France), the Right Hon. The Earl, J.S., to Miss Hoy, of Dublin. The newly betrothed Countess of Shrewsbury is the daughter of Mr. Hoy, a Stationer, in Dublin. [Nothing important follows]. (W. Feb. 13, 1793.)Burke says Elizabeth, daughter of James Hoey.

Pg. 112

Shuttleworth, Rev. Samuel. Rev. S.S., of Windsor, Vermont, to Miss Ames, sister of the Hon. Fisher Ames, Esq. (W. Jan. 18, 1792.)

Sibley, Polly m. Joel Johnson.

Siders, Martin. In this town, Mr. M.S., to Miss Sally Cotton. (S. Feb. 21, 1789.)

Sigourney, Charles. Tuesday evening, Mr. C.S., of this town, merchent, to Miss Polly Greenleaf, of Newbury Port. (S. Sept. 27, 1788.)

Sigourney, Polly B. M. John Cathcart.

Silsby, Dorcas m. Benjamin Smith.

Simmons, Micah. At Weymouth, Mr. M.S., of Dorchester, to Mrs. Abigail Webb, of Weymouth. (S. Apr. 19, 1794.)

Simmons, Thomas. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Thacher, on Sunday evening last, Mr. T.S., to Miss Sally Low. (W. Nov. 23, 1791.)

Simms, Miss m. Hon. Paul Carrington.

Simpkins, Rev. John. At Harwich, Rev. J.S., to Miss Olive Stone, of that place. (S. Sept. 8, 1792.)

Simpson, Mrs. Martha m. Hon. James Sullivan.

Simpson, Nancy m. Benjamin Burnet.

Simpson, Patty m. Nathaniel Torrey.

Simpson, Sally m. John Smith.

Sinclair, Isabella m. Capt. Benjamin Bowland.

Singleton, George, jr. By the Rev. Mr. Eliot, Mr. G.S., jr., to Miss Lydia Gilbert Harris, both of this town. (W. Dec. 28, 1791.)

Singleton, James Carter. [In this town] Mr. J.C.S., to Miss Hannah Galley [Calley?]. (W. Oct. 30, 1793.)

Sisson, Edward. At Dedham, Mr. E.S., to Miss Nancy Fales, both of that place. (W. Oct. 16, 1793.)

Skillings, Mrs. M. Rev. James Lyon.

Skillings, Richard. Mr. R.S., to Miss Mary Cox. (S. Nov. 8, 1788.) In 1764, May 11, Richard Skellings m. Mary Box. - Bridgman Kingís Chapel inscr., pg. 308.

Slewman, Andrew. At Salem, Capt. A.S., to Miss Polly Elrins. (W. Oct. 18, 1786.)

Sloan, Katy m. John MíAuly.

Sloo, Rachel m. Peter Thompson.




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