Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Smith - Storrs 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Pg. 113

Smith, Miss m. Tobias Butler.

Smith, Mr. In this town, Mr. S., to Miss Whitterfield. (S. Sept. 6, 1794.)

Smith, Rev. Mr. [At Sandwich] Rev. Mr. S., of Chilmark, to Miss Nancy Williams. (S. Nov. 7, 1789.)

Smith, Abigail m. Edward Dexter.

Smith, Allen. [At Taunton] Mr. A.S., to Miss Betsy Cobb, daughter to the Hon. David Cobb, Esq., (W. Aug. 13, 1788.)

Smith, Mrs. Ann m. John Kettle.

Smith, Benjamin. In this town, Mr. B.S., to Miss Dorcas Silsby. (S. Aug. 28, 1790.)

Smith, Betsy m. Samuel Tufts.

Smith, Bridget m. Abel Bartlett.

Smith, Bulah m. Zadock French.

Smith, Charity m. Benjamin Shaw.

Smith, Dolly m. John Roulstone.

Smith, Rev. Ethan. [At Medway, west precinct] Rev. E.S., of Haverhill, (N.H.), to Miss Bathsheba Sanford. (S. March 2, 1793.) See also Rev. John Morse.

Smith, Ezra. At New Bedford, Mr. E.S., to Miss Sukey Nye. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.)

Smith, Hannah m. Charles Miller.

Smith, Hannah m. Samuel Seaver.

Smith, Mrs. Hannah m. Jedediah Tucker.

Smith, Isaac. Mr. I.S., of Boston, to Miss Charity Houghton, of Milton. (W. Apr. 7, 1790.)

Smith, Isaac, jr. Mr. I.S., Jr., of Charlestown, to Miss Prudence Newell, of this town. (W. Jan. 11, 1792.)

Smith, Rev. John. The Rev. J.S., of Hanover, to the amiable Miss Sukey Mason, second daughter of Col. David Mason, of this town. (W. Jan. 19, 1785.)

Smith, John. Mr. J.S., to Miss Sally Simpson, both of this town. (S. June 8, 1793.)

Smith, Martha m. James Blanton.

Smith, Dr. Oliver. Dr. O.S., to Miss Ann Coffin. (S. June 11, 1785.)

Smith, Rebecca m. Samuel Blodget.

Smith, Rebecca m. Matthew Bunce.

Smith, Ruth m. Robert Boyd.

Pg. 114

Smith, Sally m. Dr. Ezra Hoyt.

Smith, Mrs. Sally m. Elias Morgan.

Smith, Samuel. Mr. S.S., to Mrs. Abigail Pittengill, an agreeable young widow. (W. Dec. 22, 1790.)

Smith, Samuel. At Fitchburg, Mr. S.S., merchant, of Peterborough, to Miss Sally Garfield, of the former place. (W. Nov. 27, 1793.)

Smith, Sarah m. Isaac L. Kip.

Smith, Capt. Stephen. Capt. S.M., of Providence, to Miss Mary Dyer, of Boston. (W. Aug. 3, 1791.)

Smith, Hon. Thomas. At Barnstable, Hon. T.S., of Falmouth, to Mrs. Bacon. (W. Sept. 16, 1789.)

Smith, Thomas. At Newbury-Port, Mr. T.S., to Miss Sally Plumer. (W. July 5, 1794.)

Smith, Thomas, jr. At Portland, Mr. T.S., jun., to Miss Polly Barker. (W. Sept. 19, 1792.)

Smith, William. On the 14th instant, at Newbury-Port, by the Rev. Mr. Cary, Mr. W.S., of this town, merchant, to Miss Hannah Carter, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Carter, Esq., of that place. (M. June 25, 1787.) In Boston Gazette.

Snell, Phebe m. Abiel Tripp.

Snelling, Joseph. Mr. J.S., to Miss Elizabeth Warner. (S. June 28, 1794.)

Snelling, Samuel. Mr. S.S., to Miss Betsy Grant. (S. May 8, 1790.)

Snow, Clarissa m. Dr. Daniel Stebbins.

Snow, Jacob. At New York, Mr. J.S., to Mrs. Sally Swain. (W. Nov. 12, 1794.)

Snow, John Crocker. At Falmouth, Mr. J.C.S., to Miss Polly Nickels. (S. June 14, 1794.)

Snow, Mrs. Margaret m. Hon. Jethro Hussey.

Soden, Hannah m. Rev. Nathaniel Lawrence.

Sohier, Edward. Mr. E.S., to Miss Davies [of this town]. (S. Sept. 30, 1786.)

Sollee, John. At Newport, J.S., Esq., of the Island of St. Domingo, to Miss Harriet Neyle, a young Lady from South Carolina.

Somes, John, jun. In this town, Mr. J.S., jun., to Miss Hannah Dilliway. (W. Sept. 25, 1793.)

Pg. 115

Soper, Charlotte m. Eli Hayden.

Soper, Rhoda m. William Jones.

Soren, John. On Sunday evening last, Mr. J.S., to Miss Sally Johnson [both of this town]. (W. Oct. 15, 1794.)

Sowers, Elizabeth C. M. James Scott.

Spear, Benjamin. In this town, on Sunday evening last, Mr. B.S., to Miss Betsy Widerfield, both of this town. (W. June 27, 1792.)

Spear, Capt. David. Last Monday evening, Capt. D.S., to Mrs. Mary Holland. (W. May 4, 1791.)

Spear, David jun. At Eastham, on the 3d inst., Mr. D.S., jun., of this town, merchant, to Miss Mercy Higgins. (W. May 19, 1787.)

Spear, Hannah m. Jeremiah Kahleer.

Spencer, Nathan. At Providence, Mrs. (?) N.S., of East Greenwich, to Miss Ruth Anthony. (W. May 16, 1792.)

Spicer, Miss m. Samuel Mongee.

Spir, Jesse. [In this town] Mr. J.S., to Miss Jenny Driver. (W. Jan. 1, 1794.)

Spooner, John. At Windsor (V.), Mr. J.S., of New-Bedford, printer, to Miss Isabella Patrick. (S. Sept. 21, 1793.)

Spooner, Rebecca m. Jacob Cooper.

Spooner, Hon. Walter. At Newport, the Hon. W.S., Esq., of Bedford, in this State, to Mrs. Mary Peck, of Newport. (S. July 9, 1791.)

Spooner, Dr. William. Dr. W.S., to Miss Polly Phillips. S. Oct. 25, 1788.

Sprague, John. In this town, J.S., Esq., of Lancaster, to Mrs. Mary Ivers, widow of Thomas Ivers, Esq. (S. Dec. 22, 1787.)

Sprague, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.S., to Miss Eliza Dowse, of Charlestown. S. Dec. 27, 1788.

Sprague, Samuel. [In this town] Mr. S.S., to Miss Deborah Wallace. (W. May 25, 1791.)

Spring, Dr. Marshall. At Philadelphia, Dr. M.S., of Watertown, in this State, to Mrs. Binney, of Philadelphia; an accomplished lady with an ample fortune. (W. Jan. 18, 1792.) Deaths, W. Nov. 13, 1793; In Watertown, Mrs. Mary Spring, wife of Dr. Marshal Spring.

Pg. 116

Springer, Sophia m. Barnet Shaffer.

Stagpole, Sally m. John Sawyer.

Stanton, John. At Charlestown, Mr. J.S., to Mrs. Mary Edes. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Stanwood, Mary m. Capt. John Rogers.

Star, Hannah m. Birdsey Norton.

Starbuck, Levi. [At Nantucket] Mr. L.S., to Miss Betsey Ransdell. (S. Dec. 14, 1793.)

Starkweather, Mrs. Elizabeth m. Hon. Reuben Bristor.

Starr, Betsy m. Henry Pigeon.

Stead, Miss m. Brigadier-General Pinckney.

Steaples, Cloe m. Obadiah Woodward.

Stebbins, Dr. Daniel. At Springfield, Dr. D.S., of Longmeadow, to Miss Clarissa Snow, of Springfield. (S. June 4, 1791.)

Stebbins, Polly m. Peletiah Bliss.

Stedman, William. W.S., Esq., of Lancaster, to Miss Almy Ellery, daughter of William Ellery, Esq., of Newport. (Nov. 3, 1790.)

Steele, Nancy m. Silas Francis.

Stepson, Thomas. [In this town] Mr. T.S., to Miss Polly Harmond. (W. July 30, 1794.)

Stetson, David. [At Scituate] Mr. D.S., to Mrs. Sally Saphum. (W. Sept. 14, 1793.)

Stevens, Capt. At Charlestown, Capt. S., to Miss Betsey Russell, of that town. (W. Oct. 10, 1787.)

Stevens, Adonijah. At Redgbury, Mr. A.S., to Miss Polly Jones. (W. July 4, 1792.)

Stevens, Caroline m. Capt. Caleb Hayden.

Stevens, Isaac. At Newburyport, Mr. I.S., to Miss Catharine Duteau. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Stevens, Joanna m. Jacob Foster.

Stevens, Mrs. Judith m. John Murray.

Stevens, Dr. Simeon. At Bernardston, Dr. S.S., to Miss Eunice Cunnabell. (W. Dec. 11, 1793.)

Stevenson, Isabella m. Joshua Thomas.

Stevenson, William. At Marblehead, Mr. W.S., to Miss Hannah Greely. (S. June 28, 1794.)

Stewart, Nancy m. Daniel Allen.

Stickney, Mrs. Abigail m. Capt John Lyon, jun.

Pg. 117

Stillman, Benjamin Morgan. Mr. B.M.S., to Miss Mary Balch. (S. Dec. 19, 1789.)

Stillman, Debby m. Rev. Thomas Gray.

Stillman, Mary m. Nathaniel Balch, jun.

Stimpson, Mrs. Catharine m. James Ridgway.

Stimpson, Henry. [In this town] Mr. H.S., to Miss Polly Rogers. (W. Oct. 8, 1794.)

Stockton, F., m. Patrick Campbell, jun.

Stockwell, Daniel. At Westborough, Mr. D.S., to Miss Nancy Hazeltine. (W. Apr. 4, 1792.)

Stoddard, Polly m. Ashbel Strong.

Stone, Dr. Dr. S., of Greenfield, to Miss Sally Banard. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.) See also Capt. Joshua Clapp.

Stone, Betsy m. Dr. Joseph Fisk, jun.

Stone, Eliza m. David Hyslop.

Stone, Ethan. At Sandisfield, E.S., Esq., Attorney-at-law, to Miss Polly Storrs. (S. Nov. 30, 1793.)

Stone, Hannah m. Capt. Michael Lincoln.

Stone, Lucy m. Nathaniel Green.

Stone, Mary m. Joshua Nash.

Stone, Moses. [At Cumberland] Mr. M.S., of Waterford, to Miss Ruth Porter. (W. Feb. 12, 1794.)

Stone, Olive m. Rev. John Simpkins.

Stone, Rebecca m. Benjamin Faxon.

Stone, Sarah m. Lemuel Ide.

Stone, Sarah m. Lewis Keyes.

Stontenbourg, Eliza m. Dr. Abraham Brewer.

Storrs, Polly m. Ethan Stone.





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