Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Story - Tilden


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Story, William, jun. At Philadelphia, Mr. W.S., jun., late of this town, to Miss Lydia Phillips, of that city. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Stow, Edward. Mrs.(?) E.S., of Philadelphia, to Miss Nancy B. Peck, of this town. (W. June 5, 1793.)

Stratford, Samuel. On Tuesday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Belknap, Mr. S.S., to Miss Lucy Wallcut. (S. Aug. 7, 1790.)

Street, Alice m. Mace Tisdale.

Stretch, Joseph. At Philadelphia, J.S., Esq., to Miss Matlock, daughter of Timothy Matlock, Esq. (S. Feb. 25, 1792.)

Pg. 118

Strode, Capt. John. At Martinsburg (Virg.), Capt. J.S., of the mature age of 78, to Miss Betsey Frayatt, of blooming 16. --N.B. Capt. Strode is immensely rich. (S. Dec. 20, 1794.)

Strong, Ashbel. At Pittsfield, A.S., Esq., to Miss Polly Stoddard. (S. Dec. 15, 1792.)

Strong, Dorothy m. Samuel Hinkley.

Strong, Rev. Jonathan. The Rev. J.S., of Braintree, to Miss Joanna Odiorne, daughter of Deacon Odiorne, of Exeter, New-Hampshire. (W. Nov. 17, 1790.)

Stutson, Christiani m. Alexander Young.

Stutson, Polly m. William Andrews.

Stutson, Sally Ridgeway m. Simeon Polley.

Stutson, Thomas. At Dedham, Mr. T.S., of this town, to Miss Matty Hadley, of that place. (W. March 7, 1792.)

Sullivan, Hon. James. At Portsmough, on the 1st. Inst., the Hon. J.S., Esq., of this town, to Mrs. Martha Simpson, relict of the late Thomas Simpson, Esq., Commander of the continental Frigate "Ranger." (W. Jan. 10, 1787.)

Sullivan, Mehitable m. James Cutler.

Sumner, Alice m. Thomas Howe.

Sumner, Benjamin. At Providence, Mr. B.S., tertius, of this town, to Miss Maria Green, of Coventry. (W. Jan. 9, 1788.)

Sumner, Betsey m. Lieut. Jesse Goggett.

Sumner, Dea. Jabez. Dea. J.S., of Milton, to Miss Ruth Withington. (S. June 16, 1792.)

Sumner, Sally m. George Homer.

Sumner, Samuel. By the Rev. Dr. Thatcher, Mr. S.S., to Miss Martha Barrett, daughter of Hon. Samuel Barrett. (S. Feb. 15, 1794.)

Sumner, Susannah m. James Ridgway.

Sutherd, Abigail m. John Foster.

Swain, Joshua. Mr. J.S., to Miss Eunice Wyer. (S. Dec. 7, 1793.) At Nantucket?

Swain, Phebe m. Tristram Barnard.

Swain, Mrs. Sally m. Jacob Snow.

Pg. 119

Swansey, Abigail m. William Safford.

Sweet, Cynthia m. Jonathan Gladding.

Sweet, Rufus. At South-Kingston, Mr. R.S., to Miss Betsy Clark. (S. Apr. 28, 1792.)

Sweeting, Ann m. Capt. Benjamin Page.

Sweetser, Henry. At Charlestown, by the Rev. Mr. Paine, Mr. H.S., to Mrs. Phebe Hatch, relict of the late Capt. Hatch, of Malden. (S. Jan. 20, 1787.)

Swett, Betsey m. William Leach.

Swift, Henry. Mr. H.S., to Miss Sally Brown, [both] of this town. (S. Nov. 27, 1790.)

Swift, Stephen. Mr. S.S., of Watertown, to Miss Sally Cook, daughter of Capt. Phineas Cook, late of Newton. (W. Nov. 12, 1788.)

Switcher, Samuel. At Cambridge, by the Rev. Mr. Fisk, Mr. S.S., of Athol (Conn.), to Miss Hannah Moore, of Cambridge. (S. Oct. 27, 1792.)

Swords, James. At New-York, Mr. J.S., printer, to Miss Rachael Buskirk. (S. Oct. 4, 1794.)

Symes, Anna m. Isaac Cazneau.

Symmes, James. At Watertown, Mr. J.S., to Miss Sally Harback. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

A virtuous lady he has got;
And Citizen Elliot ti’d the knot!

Symonds, Huldah m. James Cutler.

Symonds, John. At Salem, Mr. J.S., to Miss Betsy Pickering. (W. Apr. 17, 1793.)

Taber, Phebe m. Theodore Doty.

Taggart, John. At Philadelphia, Mr. J.T., merchant, to Mrs. Kitty Byrnes, both of that place. (S. Nov. 10, 1792.)

Tallman, Hannah m. William Delano.

Talton, Sarah m. Walter Weeks.

Tapley, Isaac. Mr. I.T., of Cambridge, to Miss Nancy Wayne, of this town. (S. Jan. 25, 1794.)

Tapley, Polly m. Joseph Miller.

Tappan, Amos. At Portsmouth, Mr. A.T., to the amiable Miss Isabel Buckminster. (W. Aug. 24, 1791.)

Tappan, Cornecia m. Adam Doll.

Tappan, James. At Gloucester, Mr. J.T., to Miss Nancy Choate. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Pg. 120

Tappan, Joshua. At Newbury-Port, Mr. J.T., to Miss Nancy Ford. (S. May 7, 1791.)

Tappan, Rebecca m. William Edwards.

Tappan, Sarrah m. Capt. Roberdeau.

Tarr, Sally m. David Marston.

Tasker, Matthew. [In this town] Mr. M.T., to Miss Maria Hamblin. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Tate, Hannah m. John Hathaway.

Taylor, Chase. [At Salem] C.T., Esq., of Sandborton, Strafford-county, N.H., to Mrs. Sarah Elkins of that town. (S. Feb. 16, 1793.)

Taylor, Dan. At East-Springfield, Mr. D.T., to Miss Hermoine B. Campbell. (S. Oct. 13, 1792.)

Taylor, Daniel, jun. At Yarmouth, Mr. D.T., jun., to Miss Desire Thatcher. (S. Dec. 28, 1793.)

Taylor, William. By the Rev. Mr. Thatcher, Mr. W.T., to Miss Sally Pierpont, of this town. (W. July 6, 1791.)

Taylor, William. At Southborough, Mr. W.T., to Miss Hannah Angier. (W. Mar. 14, 1792.)

Telfair, Ann m. Benjamin Franklin Timothy.

Temple, Miss m. Thomas Lindal Winthrop

Templeman, Catherine Lawless m. John Callender.

Templeton, Sally m. James Dunbar.

Thatcher, Nabby m. Thomas Hale.

Thatcher, Desire m. Daniel Taylor, jun.

Thaxter, Desire m. Levi Lincoln.

Thaxter, Mrs. Elizabeth m. James Carter.

Thaxter, John. At Haverhill, J.T., Esq., Attorney-at-law, to Miss Elizabeth Duncan. (W. Nov. 28, 1787.)

Thaxter, Samuel. [In this town] Mr. S.T., to Miss Polly Helyer. (S. June 16, 1792.)

Thayer, Abner. Mr. A.T., to Miss Perses Turner. (S. Oct. 30, 1790.)

Thayer, Eleonora m. Elijah Thayer.

Thayer, Elijah. At Braintree, last Thursday evening, Mr. E.T., to Miss Eleonora Thayer. (S. May 15, 1790.)

Thayer, Samuel. Mr. S.T., to Miss Rachel Carey. (S. Apr. 18, 1789.)

Thomas, Daniel. On Thanksgiving eve, at Middleborough, Mr. D.T., merchant, of Taunton, to Miss Eliza Alden, of Middleborough. (S. Nov. 9, 1793.)

Sixteen lines of verse follow. The last two are:
May Fortune still her liberal board display,
And life continue a Thanksgiving Day !

Pg. 121

Thomas, George. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Murray, Mr. G.T., to Miss Sally Thurston, both of this town. (S. Feb. 8, 1794.)

Thomas, Happy m. Enoch Morse.

Thomas, John. At Portsmouth, Mr. J.T., to Mrs. Sally Clear. (W. Sept. 14, 1793.)

Thomas, Joshua. J.T., Esq., of Plymouth, member of the Hon. House of Representatives from that town, to Miss Isabella Stevenson, of this town. (S. Oct. 21, 1786.)

Thomas, Joshua. On Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Freeman, Mr. J.T., printer, to Mrs. Hannah Thompson, of this town. (W. Sept. 30, 1789.)

Thomas, Marianne m. James R. Hutchins.

Thompson, Abigail m. Daniel Oliver.

Thompson, Archibald. [At New York] Mr. A.T., to Miss Kitty Applegate. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

Thompson, E. M. William M’Crea.

Thompson, Ephraim. Mr. E.T., to Miss Polly Washburn. (S. Feb. 26, 1791.)

Thompson, Mrs. Hannah m. Joshua Thomas.

Thompson, Jacob. At Charlestown, Mr. J.T., of Hamilton, to Miss Nancy Robbins of the former place. (S. Nov. 8, 1794.)

Thompson, Jacob, jun. At Beverly, Mr. J.T., jun., to Miss Betsey Buckman. (W. Feb. 27, 1793.)

Thompson, Jenny m. William Barnes.

Thompson, John. Mr. J.T., of 68, to Miss Elizabeth Clulow of 81 - taking the fourth wife. (W. Jan. 2, 1793.) At Leak (Eng.) Implied. See Thomas Pilsbury.

Thompson, Nancy m. Hon. Elbridge Gerry.

Thompson, Capt. Nathan G. At Baltimore, Capt. N.G.T., to Miss Elizabeth Jackson. (S. Aug. 11, 1792.)

Thompson, Peter. At New York, Mr. P.T., to Miss Rachel Sloo. (S. Apr. 7, 1792.)

Pg. 122

Thompson, Ruthy m. Thomas Bennet.

Thompson, Deacon Thomas. At Charlestown, Deacon T.T., of Newburyport, to Mrs. Sarah Wood, Charlestown. (W. Dec. 19, 1792.)

Thomson, Sally m. George Thomas.

Thorlo, Polly m. Stephen Wait.

Thorndike, John. At Concord, N.H., Mr. J.T., to Miss Dolly Wilson. (S. Apr. 7, 1792.)

Thorndike, Larkin. At Beverly, L.T., Esq., to Mrs. Jewett, of Ipswich. (S. Jan. 14, 1792.)

Thornton, Elizabeth m. Edward Wade.

Throop, Mrs. Abigail m. Capt. John Arnold.

Thurber, Sally m. George Benson.

Thurston, Joanne m. Capt. Simon Wiggen.

Thwing, James. Mr. J.T., cashier of the Massachusetts Bank, to Miss Jannet Love. (W. Nov. 13, 1793.)

Thwing, Capt. Nathaniel. [In this town] Capt. N.T., to Miss Mary Greenleaf. (S. Aug. 16, 1794.)

Tichenor, Elisha. [In this town], Mr. E.T., to Mrs. Betsey Curtiss. (W. May 26, 1790.)

Tilden, Betsey m. George Blanchard.

Tilden, Joanne m. Dr. Galen Otis.




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