Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Tileston - Wade 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Tileston, Ebenezer. Mr. E.T., to Miss Sarah Marson. (S. Dec. 18, 1790.)

Tileston, Esther m. A. Clapp.

Tileston, Lemuel. [In this town] Mr. L.T., to Miss Polly Minns. (S. Feb. 7, 1789.)

Tileston, Lucy m. Samuel Withington.

Tileston, Capt. Thomas. At Roxbury, Capt. T.T., to the amiable Miss Betsy Wait. (S. July 10, 1790.)

Tilley, Betsey m. Peter Butterfield.

Tilton, Catherine m. Nathaniel Parker.

Tilton, Lucy m. David Lincoln.

Tilton, Rachel m. Barnabas Knox.

Pg. 123

Timothy, Benjamin Franklin. At Philadelphia, Mr. B.F.T., of Charleston, S.C., to Miss Ann Telfair. (S. June 22, 1793.)

Tisdale, Mace. At Quincy, a newly incorporated town in this county, by the Rev. Anthony Wibird, Mr. M.T., of Easton, to Miss Alice Street. (S. March 3, 1792.)

Titcomb, Eliza m. Ebenezer Gullishan.

Toby, Capt. Lemuel. Capt. L.T., to the amiable Miss Patty Williams, daughter of the late Rev. Abraham Williams, of Sandwich. (W. July 18, 1787.)

Todd, Mrs. M. Hon. James Madison.

Tolman, Sally m. Abraham Williams.

Torrey, Deborah m. Gershom Cutter.

Torrey, Joseph. Mr. J.T., of Worcester, to Miss Betsy Gendell, of this town. (S. Oct. 11, 1788.)

Torrey, Capt. Joseph. At Worcester, Capt. J.T., to Mrs. Azubah Goulding. (W. Dec. 24, 1794.)

Torrey, Nathaniel. [In this town] Mr. N.T., to Miss Patty Simpson. (June 18, 1791.)

Torrey, Sally m. Capt. Ezekial Burroughs.

Torrey, Samuel. Last Thursday evening, Mr. S.T., merchant, to Miss Katy Gore, youngest daughter of John Gore, Esq., of this town. (W. July 5, 1786.)

Toscan, Jean. At Portsmouth, the Hon. Le Sieur J.T., Vice-consul of France, to Miss Elizabeth Parrot. (S. Dec. 18, 1790.)

Totman, Samuel. At South Hadley, Mr. S.T., to Mrs. Hannah Johnson. (S. Nov. 1, 1794.)

Tower, Lydia m. Ebenezer Delano.

Towne, Gen. At Charleston, Gen. T., to Mrs. Sabra Coman, of Dudley. (W. Feb. 22, 1792.)

Townsend, John. [At New York] Mr. J.T., to Miss Rebecca Franklin. (S. Feb. 2, 1793.)

Townsend, Judith m. Elijah Adams.

Townsend, Nabby m. Edward Hall.

Pg. 124

Townsend, Polly m. Capt. Robert Pearce.

Townsend, Polly m. Nathaniel Frothingham.

Tracy, Peleg. At Norwich, Mr. P.T., to Miss Hannah Leffingwell. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Tracy, Mrs. Sally m. Capt. John Newson.

Trask, Mrs. M. S. Low.

Trask, Elijah. At Lexington, Mr. E.T., of Boston, to Miss Sally Benny. (W. Sept. 18, 1793.)

Trask, Jonathan. [In this town] Mr J.T., wheelwright, to Miss Hannah Pelfrey [Palfrey?]. (W. May 23, 1792.)

Trask, Matilde m. Edwin Lockce.

Trask, Patty m. Samuel Allen.

Treadwell, Rev. John. Rev. J.T., of Ipswich, to Mrs. Dorothy Goodhue, of that town. (W. July 25, 1787.)

Treet, Samuel. S.T., Esq., to Miss Nancy May. (S. June 26, 1790.)

Treferen, James. [In this town] Mr J.T., to Mrs. Mary Mountford. (S. Feb. 11, 1792.)

Tremain, J. Jun. At Halifax, Mr. J.T., jun., to Miss Lee. (S. Nov. 23, 1793.)

Trescot, Sally m. Samuel Patson.

Trindle, Mrs. m. William Gilson.

Trindle, Betsy m. William Gilson, jr.

Trip, Abraham. At Westport, Mr. A.T., to Miss Polly Warren. (W. Aug. 14, 1793.)

Tripe, Maria m. Lemuel Barker.

Tripp, Abiel. At Westport, Mr. A.T., to Miss Phebe Snell. (S. Jan. 11, 1794.)

Trott, Elizabeth m. Capt. Ephraim Wales.

Trow, Hannah m. Nathan Foster.

Trueman, John. Mr. J.T., to Miss Sukey Casay. (Feb. 17, 1790.)

Tuck, Capt. Moses. [In this town] Capt. M.T., to Miss Sally Hagger, daughter of Mr William Hagger, of this town. (W. Jan. 8, 1794.)

Pg. 125

Tuck, Samuel Jones. At Nantucket, Mr. S.J.T., of this town, to Miss Judith Gardner, of that town. S. Dec. 17, 1791.

Tucker, Jedediah. At Shrewsbury, Mr. J.T., aged 78, to Mrs. Hannah Smith, aged 77. W. Dec. 1, 1790. See also John Rice.

Tucker, John. Mr. J.T., clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court, to the agreeable Miss Sally Henshaw, second daughter of Capt. Job Prince, Sen. S. Mch. 19, 1785.

Tucker, Capt. John. At Salem, Capt. J.T., to Miss Sally Mansfield, daughter of Mr. Matthew Mansfield. W. June 26, 1793.

Tucker, Mary m. Joseph Dickman.

Tucker, Mrs. Peggy m. Isaac Very.

Tucker, Polly m. James Fisher.

Tucker, Susannah m. Major Ziba Blake.

Tuckerman, Hannah m. John Lopans.

Tuckerman, Lucretia m. Robert Wyer, jun.

Tufts, Amos. At Charlestown, Mr. A.T., to Miss Dabby Frothingham, both of that town. S. Aug. 19, 1786.

Tufts, Hon. Cotton. At Gloucester, Hon. C.T., of Weymouth, to Miss Warner. S. Nov. 7, 1789.

Tufts, Cotton, jr. At Medford, Mr. C.T., jr., merchant, of Weymouth, to Miss Mercy Brooks, of Medford. W. Mch. 12, 1788.

Tufts, Lydia m. Rev. Robert Gray.

Tufts, Samuel. Mr. S.T., to Miss Betsy Smith. W. June 27, 1792.

Tufts, Simon. At Medford, Mr. S.T., of Medford, to Miss Susanne Cox, of this town, daughter to Mr. Lemuel Cox, artist. W. Nov. 20, 1793.

Tupper, Miss m. Winthrop Sargent.

Turell, Samuel. In this town, Mr. S.T., to Miss Polly Cutter. W. Jan. 14, 1789.

Pg. 126

Turnbull, Nancy m. Francis Osborne.

Turner, Barker. [At Nantucket] Mr. B.T., to Miss Susannah Pinkham. W. Oct. 23, 1793.

Turner, Betsey m. Daniel Lathrop.

Turner, Perses m. Abner Thayer.

Turner, Polly m. John Runey.

Turnock, Mary m. Thomas Pilsbury.

Turrell, Sukey m. Edward Gray.

Tuttle, Daniel. Last Sunday, Mr. D.T., to Miss Polly Mason, daughter of Col. David Mason. S. Nov. 29, 1788.

Tuttle, Hannah m. John Daniels.

Tuttle, Joseph. [In this town] Mr. J.T., to Miss Wells. S. Nov. 8, 1794.

Twewntyman, B. In Virginia, Mr. B.T., aged 70, to Miss Betty Nutty, aged 50. S. Feb. 27, 1790.

Tyler, Amasa. [At Great Barrington] Mr. A.T., to Miss Hannah White. S. Mch. 2, 1793.

Tyler, David. Mr. D.T., goldsmith, to Miss Sally Wheelwright, daughter of Capt. Job Wheelwright. S. Dec. 31, 1785.

Tyler, Hannah Luther m. Samuel Pierce.

Tyng, Dudley Atkins. In this town, D.A.T., of Tyngsborough to Miss Sally Higginson, daughter of Stephen Higginson, Esq., of this town. S. Oct. 27, 1792.

Umberfield, Mrs., m. N. Woodrnff.

Underwood, John. At Baltimore, Mr. J.U., to Miss Elizabeth Davis. W. May 23, 1792.

Underwood, Polly m. Elisha Ellis.

Underwood, Mrs. Sally m. Edward Blake.

Urann, Betsey m. Samuel Andrews.

Vallance, Mary m. Horatio Gates.

Van Berckel, Miss m. Col. Sene.

Vandegret, Elizabeth m. John Albro.

Van Deren, Miss m. George Johnson.

Vanderspeigel, Margaret Van Vauxter m. Jonathan Dwight.

Pg. 127

Van Deuser, Sally m. Joseph Hitchcock.

Van Horne, Cornelia m. Hon. Philip Livingston.

Van Rensselear, Betsy m. Peter Ed Elmendorph.

Van Rensselear, K.K. At Albany, K.K.V.R., Esq., to Miss Sanders. W. Feb. 16, 1791.

Vaughn, Charles. By the Rev. Doctor Parker, on Thursday the 7th instant, C.V., Esq., to Miss Frances Western Apthorp. S. July 9, 1791.

Veasie, Rachel m. Thomas Hilton.

Vernon, Thomas Augustus. Mr. T.A.V., of St. Petersburg, Russia, to Miss Sally Saunders. W. June 4, 1788.

Veron, Stephen. Mr. S.V., to Miss Abial Holland. S. Dec. 1, 1787.

Verry, Nancy m. Elijah Wiswal.

Very, Isaac. At Salem, Mr. I.V., to Mrs. Peggy Tucker. W. May 16, 1792.

Vialli, Mrs. Elizabeth m. Nathaniel Wheaton.

Viburt, Hannah m. William Morgan.

Vickary, Samuel. Mr. S.V., to Miss Rebecca Parker. W. Feb. 22, 1786.

Vickery, Capt. David. At Taunton, Capt. D.V., to Miss Priscilla Barnum, both of that town. W. Dec. 31, 1794.

Viebart, Sally m. James Gummer.

Vinal, John. At Watertown, Mr. J.V., to Miss Sukey Adams, of this town. W. Apr. 24, 1793.

Vinall, Charlotte m. Maj. Ebenezer Kent.

Vincent, Polly m. Capt. Shafton.

Vincent, Thomas. In Salem, Mr. T.V., to Miss Hannah Cloutman. W. Apr. 25, 1792.

Vining, Hon. John. At New York, the Hon. J.V., Esq., Representative in Congress, from the State of Delaware, to Miss Seton, daughter of William Seton, Esq. S. Dec. 11, 1790.

Vischer, Gerrit G. At Albany, Mr. G.G.V., to Miss Rebecca Brooks. S. Nov. 23, 1793.

Voax, Hannah m. Hezekiah Chadwick.

Vose, Lucy m. Gregory Clark.

Pg. 128

Wade, Edward. In Virginia, 27th ult. Mr. E.W., to Miss Elizabeth Thornton, whose courtship began 57 years since. S. Sept. 26, 1789.




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