Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Wainwright, Nabby m. John Carver, jun.

Wait, Betsy m. Capt. Thomas Tileston.

Wait, Ruthy m. Thomas Read.

Wait, Stephen. At Portland, Mr. S.W., to Miss Polly Thorlo, both of that town. S. Mch. 5, 1791.

Waite, Betsy m. Capt. James Codman.

Walcutt, Capt. Benjamin. Capt. B.W., to Miss Betsy Hawes. S. Aug. 15, 1789.

Waldo, Samuel. Mr. S.W., merchant, to Miss Sally Tyng Winslow. S. Feb. 14, 1789.

Waldren, Joseph. In this town, Mr. J.W., to Miss Nancy Roach. S. Jan. 15, 1791.

Wales, Capt. Ephraim. Capt. E.W., to Miss Elizabeth Trott, of this town. S. Apr. 4, 1789.

Walker, Dudley. [In this town] Mr. D.W., merchant of this town, to Miss Elinora Clark, of Milton. S. May 12, 1792.

Walker, Jane m. Nathaniel Ward.

Wallace, Deborah m. Samuel Sprague.

Wallace, Elizabeth m. Levy Clap.

Wallace, Mrs. Sally m. George Richards.

Wallcut, Lucy m. Samuel Stratford.

Walley, Sally m. John Phillips.

Wallis, Elizabeth m. Capt. Joseph Ripley.

Walter, William. In this town, by the Rev. Dr. Walter, Mr. W.W., merchant, to Miss Sally Bicker. S. Apr. 26, 1794.

Ward, Betsy m. Benjamin Corey.

Ward, Andrew. At Salem, Mr. A.W., to Miss Patty Babbidge. W. Jan. 23, 1793.

Ward, Artemus, jun. At Weston, A.W., jun., Esq., to Miss Catharine Maria Dexter. S. Dec. 27, 1788.

Pg. 129

Ward, George C. At Salem, Mr. G.C.W., to Miss Nabby Elkins, both of that town. S. June 10, 1786.

Ward, Hannah m. Mathias Day.

Ward, Nathaniel. At Wilmington, N.C., Mr. N.W., of Salem, in this state, to Miss Jane Walker, of Wilmington. W. Apr. 13, 1791.

Ward, Sally m. Benjamin Felt.

Ward, Sarah m. Elijah Brigham.

Warden, Betsey m. Samuel Creese.

Wardrobe, Capt. John. Capt. J.W., to Miss Nancy Wentworth. S. Dec. 18, 1790. [At Portsmouth implied]

Warner, Miss m. Hon. Cotton Tufts.

Warner, Mrs m. John M. Lovell.

Warner, Betsey m. Capt. Peleg Wood, jun.

Warner, Cornelia m. Capt. Jonathan Rowland.

Warner, Elizabeth m. Joseph Snelling.

Warner, Hannah m. Joseph Edmonds.

Warren, Abijah. Mr. A.W., of Attleboro’, to Miss Lydia Nightingale, daughter of the late Samuel Nightingale, Esq. W. Oct. 30, 1793.

Warren, Betsy m. Arnold Welles, jun.

Warren, Henry. At Plymough, Mr. H.W., to Miss Mary Winslow. S. Nov. 26, 1791.

Warren, Polly m. Abraham Trip.

Warren, Sally m. Jonathan Lander.

Washburn, Polly m. Ephraim Thompson.

Washington, Corban. In Virginia, Mr. C.W., son of Col. John Augustine Washington, and nephew of the General, to Miss Hannah Lee, daughter of the Hon. Richard Henry Lee, Esq. S. June 9, 1787.

Washington, Mildred m. Thomas Lee.

Waterbury, P.C. [At New York] Mr. P.C.W., to Miss Lydia Curtis. W. June 13, 1792.

Waterhouse, Dr. Benjamin. Dr. B.W., professor of the theory and practice of physick in the University of Cambridge, to Miss Elizabeth Oliver.

Pg. 130

Watson, Betsy m. Thomas Russell.

Watson, Elkanah. At Marblehead, Mr. E.W., of Plymouth, to Mrs. Glover, of Marblehead. W. Feb. 1, ‘92.

Watson, Ellen m. John Davis.

Watts, Hannah m. Capt James Brown.

Watts, Hannah m. David West.

Watts, Samuel. By the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. S.W., to Miss Joanna Harden. W. Jan. 5, ’91

Wayne, Nancy m. Isaac Tapley.

Weare, Nabby m. Joseph Alexander.

Weaver, Betsey m. John Greenwood.

Webb, Abigail m. Capt. Henry Burbeck.

Webb, Abigail m. Micah Simmons.

Webb, Deborah m. Joseph Barrett, jun.

Webb, Martha m. Matthew Dennison D’Orville.

Webb, Nathan. In this town, Mr. N.W., mer., to Miss Sally Leach, both of this town. S. July 19, ‘94.

Webb, Sally m. Ebenezer Jennison.

Webber, Joseph. Mr. J.W., tailor, to Miss Polly Winnet. W. Mch. 9, ‘85.

‘When Worth unites in Virtue’s band,
‘The happiness to aye must stand.’

Webster, Hannah m. Rev. John Foster.

Webster, Noah, jun. In this town, N.W., jun., Esq., of Hartford, to Miss Rebecca Greenleaf, daughter of William Greenleaf, Esq., of this town. W. Oct. 28, ‘89.

Webster, Polly m. William D. Doak.

Webster, Dr. Redford. On Sunday evening, Doctor R.W., to Miss Hannah White, daughter of Mr. John White. W. Sept. 5, ‘87.

Wedgery, William. In this town, W.W., Esq., of New Gloucester, to Mrs. Elizabeth Dafforne, of this town. S. Oct. 30, ‘90.

Weed, Mrs. Elizabeth m. Dea. Jacob Burgiss.

Weeks, Walter. [At Portsmouth] Mr. W.W., to Miss Sarah Talton. S. Nov. 22, ‘94.

Pg. 131

Weiss, Lucy m. John Wyeth.

Weld, Miss m. Ebenezer T. Andrews.

Weld, Benjamin. On Sunday evening last, B.W., Esq., Deputy Collector of this District, to the amiable Miss Nabby Perkins, daughter of Col. William Perkins, Commandant at Castle Island. W. Sept. 12, ‘92.

Weld, Ezra Waldo. At Worcester, Mr. E.W.W., printer, of Springfield, to Miss Mary Wheeler, daughter of Joseph Wheeler, Esq. W. Apr. 7, ‘90.

Weld, Polly m. William Morgan.

Welles, Arnold, jun. Last evening, Mr. A.W., jun., merchant, to the amiable Miss Betsy Warren, Eldest daughter of the late General Warren. W. Sept. 7, ‘85.

Wells, Dea. At Roxbury, Dea. Wells, to the amiable Miss Childs. W. Sept. 18, ‘93.

Wells, Miss m. Joseph Tuttle.

Wells, Ashbee, at Hartford, Mr. A.W., jun., to Miss Mary Hopkins. S. Oct. 4, ‘94.

Welsh, Betsey m. Nathaniel Hancock.

Welsh, Ezra. At Charlestown, by the Rev. M. Morse, Mr. E.W., to Miss Rachel Mallet. W. Dec. 30, ‘89.

Welsh, Grace m. Samuel Payson.

Welsh, Nancy m. Daniel Butler.

Wench, Capt. At Wiscasset, Capt. W., to Miss Pricilla Ford. W. Jan. 8, ‘94.

Wenchester, Sukey m Abijah Savens.

Wentworth, Kezia m. Joab Hunt.

Wentworth, Nancy m. Capt. John Wardrobe.

Wesson, William. At Woburn, Mr. W.W., of this town, to Miss Polly Nevers, of that place. W. Sept. 19, ‘92.

West, David. In this town, last evening, Mr. D.W., to Miss Hannah Watts. W. Feb. 4, ‘89.

West, Francis. At Philadelphia, F.W., Esq., to Miss Nixon. W. Jan. 23, ‘93.

West, Sally m. Asa Graham.

Pg. 132

Western, Nathan. At Lincoln, Mr. N.W., to Miss Nancy Fox. W. Nov. 26, ‘88.

Whales, Joseph. At Lancaster, Mr. J.W., merchant, to Miss Eliza Willard, both of that place. W. Jan. 29, ‘94.




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