Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Wheaton - Wild 


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Wheaton, Caleb. In this town, Mr. C.W., to Miss Elizabeth Dall. S. Oct. 29, 91.

Wheaton, Joseph. At Halifox, Capt. J.W., to Miss Sally Fletcher, both of Rutland, in this Commonwealth. W. Sept. 6, 86.

Wheaton, Nathaniel. At Rehoboth, Mr. N.W., aged 66, to the amiable Mrs. Elizabeth Vialli, aged 56 years. W. June 6, 92.

Wheaton, Polly m. Samuel Davis.

Wheeler, Miss m. Abraham K. Whiting.

Wheeler, Benjamin. Last Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Everet, Mr. B.W., merchant, to Miss Polly Shepherd [of this town]. S. Sept. 30, 86.

Wheeler, Eliza m. Charles Groves.

Wheeler, Ephraim. At Norwich, Mr. E.W., of Montville, aged 77, to Miss Hitty Williams, aged 24. S. Mch. 17, 92.

Wheeler, Dr. John. At Menotomy, Dr. J.W., of Dover (N.H.), to Miss Rebecca Harris, of Malden. S. Mch. 16, 93.

Wheeler, Capt. John. In this town, Capt. J.W., to Mrs. Goodenow. S. June 14, 94.

Wheeler, Mrs. Mary m. William Saxon.

Wheeler, Mary m. Ezra Waldo Weld.

Wheeler, Polly m. William Wyman.

Wheeler, Sally m. Barzillia Homes.

Wheeler, Samuel S. [In this town] Mr. S.S.W., to Miss Faith Bass. S. Nov. 8, 94.

Wheeler, Thomas. Last Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. West, Mr. T.W., to the amiable Miss Massy Riggs. W. Feb. 1, 92.

Wheeler, William. In this town, Mr. W.W., to Miss Polly Jones. W. Nov. 28, 92.

Wheelock, Elizabeth m. John Rice.

Pg. 133

Wheelock, Kezia m. Abijah Drury.

Wheelwright, Capt. Benjamin. In this town, Capt. B.W., to Miss Rebecca Gardner. S. May 31, 94.

Wheelwright, Lot. In this town, Mr. L.W., to Miss Susanna Wilson of Cambridge. S. Dec. 14, 93.

Wheelwright, Sally m. David Tyler.

Wheston, Francis. [In this town] Mr. F.W., to Miss Elizabeth Downs. W. Mch. 13, 93.

Whipple, Amy m. Henry Charles Jones.

Whipple, Hannah m. Francis Blanchard.

Whipple, James, jun. At Grafton, Mr. J.W., jun., to Miss Sally Meriam. W. Dec. 19, 92.

Whipple, Polly m. John Botang.

Whippy, Lucinda m. John Hawkins.

Whiston, Obediah. [In this town] Mr. O.W., to Miss Isabella Dawes. S. Aug. 23, 94.

White, Miss m. Bailey Bartlett.

White, Rev. Calvin. The Rev. C.W., minister at Hanover, to the accomplished Miss Phoebe Camp, of New-Ark. W. Mch. 28, 92.

White, Ebenezer. In this town, Mr. E.W., to Miss Polly Barber [both of this town]. S. June 7, 94.

White, Hannah m. Amesa Tyler.

White, Hannah m. Ebenezer Richards.

White, Hannah m. Dr. Redford Webster.

White, Jarathmael. At Dartmouth, Mr. J.W., of Westport, to Miss Alice Howland, of Dartmouth. S. Dec. 7, 93.

White, Leonard. At Newbury, Mr. L.W., of Haverhill, to Miss Polly Dalton, daughter to the Hon. Mr. Dalton. S. Sept. 6, 94.

White, Mrs. Lydia m. Andrew Cotton.

White, Mary m. Moses Brown.

White, Polly m. Hugh Maglone.

White, Russell. At Danbury (Conn.), Mr. R.W., to Miss Susannah Burr. W. Apr. 18, 92.

White, Sally m. Andrew Blackman.

Pg. 134

White, Sally m. William Clouston.

Whithead, Deborah m. Thomas Davenport.

Whitemore, Joseph. Last Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. J.W., to Miss Elizabeth Cooper. W. June 27, 92.

Whitfield, Miss m. Mr. Collins.

Whiting, Abraham K. At Great Barrington, Mr. A.K.W., to Miss Wheeler. S. Nov. 23, 93.

Whiting, Charlotte m. William Leverett.

Whiting, Samuel. Last Thursday evening, Mr. S.W., to Miss Hannah Hill. S. Feb. 6, 90.

Whiting, Sukey m. Bathuel Boyd.

Whitman, Susanna m. Oliver Allen.

Whitman, Thomas. Mr. T.W., to Mrs. Jenny Norcross, both of this town. W. Oct. 6, 90.

Whitney, Aron. At Shurburn, Mr. A.W., to Miss Ede Fisk, both of that town. S. May 17, 94.

Whitney, Ezra. Mr. E.W., to Miss Betsy Marshall [of this town]. S. May 31, 88.

Whitney, John. On Thursday evening last, J.W., Esq., merchant of the State of Georgia, to the amiable Mrs. Bridget Seymore, of Wesport. S. June 2, 92.

Whitney, Mrs. Mary m. Col. Benjamin Hoppin.

Whitney, Silas. In this town, Mr. S.W., to Miss Polly McClury. W. Feb. 12, 94.

Whitemore, Sarah m. William Borroughs.

Whitterfield, Miss m. Mr. Smith.

Wickham, Eliza m. Dr. Walter C. Gardiner.

Wicks, Sally m. Capt. Benjamin North.

Widererfield, Betsy m. Benjamin Spear.

Wieder, Christopher. At Green Castle, Mr. C.W., to Mrs. Margaret Hawson; their ages added together made one hundred and thirty-two years. W. Feb. 22, 92.

Wiggen, Capt. Simon, at Exeter, Capt. S.W., to Miss Joanna Thurston. S. July 28, 92.

Wigglesworth, Peggy m. Rev. John Andrews.

Pg. 135

Wigglesworth, Sally m. Francis B. Belquet.

Wight, Rev. Ebenezer. The Rev. E.W., of this town, to Miss Katy Fuller of Dedham. S. Dec. 24, 85.

Wild, David. In this town, by the Rev. Mr. Eckley, on Thursday evening, Mr. D.W., merchant, to Mrs. Bryant. S. Jan. 7, 92.

Wild, Jonathan. In this town, Mr. J.W., to Miss Mary Ridgway, daughter to Mr. Samuel Ridgway. W. Jan. 23, 93.





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