Marriage Notices For
The Whole United States
1785 - 1794
Wilde - Young


Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor


Wilde, Rebecca m. Daniel Farrington.

Wilde, Samuel Sumner, at Taunton, Mr. S.S.W., to Miss Eunice Cobb, third daughter of the Hon. Gen. Cobb, of that place. W. June 13, ‘92.

Wilkinson, Betsy m. Capt. Charles Porter.

Wilkinson, Mrs. Mary m. William Wilson.

Willard, Catherine m. John Amory, jun.

Willard, Eliza m. Joseph Whales.

Willard, Ora m. William Hollister.

Williams, Abigail m. Dr. John Barlett.

Williams, Major Abraham. At Sandwich, Major A.W., to Miss Nabby Freeman, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Freeman, Esq., of that place. W. Jan. 11, 1786.

Williams, Abraham. At Stockbridge, Mr. A.W., to Miss Sally Tolman. S. Nov. 30, ‘93.

Williams, Capt. Benjamin S. In this town, Capt. B.S.W., to Miss Lydia Coates. S. Aug. 21, ‘90.

Williams, Betsey m. William Hyslop, jun.

Williams, Caroline m Josiah Dwight.

Williams, Charity m. Robert Morse.

Williams, Hannah m. Ebenezer Heath.

Williams, Hitty m. Ephraim Wheeler.

Williams, Jane m. Cotton Brown Brooks.

Williams, Jeremiah. Mr. J.W., to the amiable Miss Matilda Davis, younger daughter of the Hon. Caleb Davis, Esq., of this town. W. Aug. 29, ‘87. She died June 11, 1793 aged 31. Notice W. June 12.

Williams, Jerusha m. Ithamar Fairbanks.

Pg. 136

Williams, John. At Gloucester, by Rev. Mr. Murray, Mr. J.W., of Boston, to Miss Sally Pearce, of that place. W. July 15, ‘89.

Williams, John. At Watertown, Mr. J.W., to Miss Rhoda Willington. W. Nov. 19, ’94.

Williams, Mary m. William Pratt.

Williams, Nancy m. Rev. Mr. Smith.

Williams, Patty m. Capt. Lemuel Toby.

Williams, Prudence m. Rev. Bezaleel Howard.

Williams, Rachel m. James Holt Leathesby.

Williams, Robert. At Cape Ann, Mr. R.W., of this town, merchant, to Miss Bethiah Pearce. W. May 30, ‘87.

Williams, Sally m. William Deblois.

Williams, Thomas. Mr. T.W., to Miss Susanna Atwood. S. May 8, ‘90.

Williams, Timothy. At Roxbury, T.W., Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Elizabeth M’Carthy, daughter to the late Capt. D. M’Carthy. W. Oct. 26, ‘91.

Williams, William. In this town, Mr. W.W., hatter, to Miss Betsey Blake. S. Aug. 8, ‘89.

Williamson, Hon. Hugh. At New York, the Hon. H.W., Esq., Delegate in Congress from North Carolina, to Miss Apthrop, daughter of Charles Ward Apthrop, Esq. W. Jan. 14, ‘89.

Willington, Rhoda m. John Williams.

Willis, Nathaniel. In Virginia, Mr. N.W., Printer, to Miss Mary Cartmill, daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Cartmill, of Frederick county - an agreeable young lady. W. Mch. 11, ‘89.

Willson, Hon. James. By the Rev. Dr. Thacher, the Hon. J.W., Esq., one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, to the amiable Miss Hannah Gray, of this town. S. Sept. 21, ‘93.

Wilmer, Simon. At Worton (Maryland), S. W., Esq., to Mrs. Sarah Crocket. S. Oct. 27, ‘92.

Wilson, Dolly m. John Thorndike.

Wilson, Mrs. Sukey m. Ebenezer Lealand.

Wilson, Susanna m. Lot Wheelwright.

Pg. 137

Wilson, William. At New York, Mr. W.W., Merchant, to Miss Agnes Kerr, both of that city. S. July 1, ‘86.

Wilson, Capt. William. At New London, Capt. W.W., to Miss Polly Clay. S. Feb. 9, ‘93.

Wilson, William. At Woodhouse, (Eng.) Mr. W.W., aged 91, to Mrs. Mary Wilkinson, aged 75. W. Jan. 2, ‘93.

Winnek, John. At Menotomy, Mr. J.W., of this town, to Mrs. Betsey Hower, of that place. W. June 25, ‘88.

Winnet, Polly m. Joseph Webber.

Winship, Abiel. At Dorchester, Mr. A.W., of this town, to Miss Allice Shepard, of Dorchester. W. Oct. 24, ‘92.

Winship, Thomas. At Lexington, Mr. T.W., to Miss Anna Harrington. W. Apr. 24, ‘93.

Winslow, Isaac, jun. On Sunday evening last, Mr. I.W., jun., to Miss Mary Russell, only daughter of Mr. Joseph Russell, of this town. W. May 14, ‘88.

Winslow, Mary m. Henry Warren.

Winslow, Ruth Stockbridge m. Rev. Joseph Crocker Shaw.

Winslow, Sally m. Samuel Coverly.

Winslow, Sally Tyng, m. Samuel Waldo.

Winthrop, Miss m. David Sears.

Winthrop, Thomas Lindal. Last evening, at his excellency the Governour’s, T.L.W., Esq., to Miss Temple, daughter of the Hon. John Temple, Esq., his Britannick Majesty’s Consul-General. W. July 26, ‘86.

Wise, Hannah m. Edward Curtis.

Wiswal, Elijah. At Norton, Mr. E.W., to Miss Nancy Verry. S. May 26, ‘92.

Wiswal, Oliver. Mr. O.W., to Miss Ruthy Angier. S. Dec. 27, ‘88.

Witherspoon, Rev. President. At Philadelphia, Rev. President W., to Mrs. Dills. S. June 18, ‘91.

Withington, Enos, at Dorchester. On Sunday morning last, Mr. E.W., of Brooklyn, to Miss Patience Leeds, of Dorchester. W. Oct. 15, ‘94.

Pg. 138

Withington, Polly m. Capt. James Robinson.

Withington, Ruth m. Dea. Jabez Sumner.

Withington, Samuel. At Dorchester, on Thursday evening, Mr. S.W., to the amiable Miss Lucy Tileston. S. Dec. 11, ‘90.

Wolf, Sabina m. Hugh H. Brackenridge.

Wood, Abiel, jun., at Pownalborough, Mr. A.W., jun., mer., to Miss Hannah Hodge. S. Nov. 30, ‘93. See entry for Dec. 4, 1793.

Wood, Abiel, jun., at Wiscasset, by the Rev. Mr. Bradford, Mr. A.W., jun., merchant, to Miss Hannah Hodge, daughter of Capt. Robert Hosge, late of Newcastle. W. Dec. 4, ‘93.

Wood, Ann m. Dr. Benjamin Starr Hoyt.

Wood, Capt. Peleg, jun. At Newport, Capt. P.W., jun., to Miss Betsey Warner, eldest daughter of Capt. Oliver R. Warner, of that town. S. Nov. 15, ‘94.

Wood, Mrs. Ruth m. Rev. Titus Theodore Barton.

Wood, Ruth m. Nathaniel Gorham.

Wood, Mrs. Sarah m. Deacon Thomas Thompson.

Wood, Sybel m. Wesson Bedon.

Woodbridge, William. At Newport, (R.I.), Mr. W.W., of Medford, in this State, to Miss Nancy Channing, of Newport. S. Nov. 23, ‘93.

Woodburn, Nancy m. Dr. Samuel Rice.

Woodman, Phineas. [In this town] Mr. P.W., to Miss Susannah Robbins. S. Nov. 3, ‘92.

Woodruff, N. At Litchfield, (C.), Mr. N.W., aged 65, to Mrs. Umberfield, aged 46. W. Feb. 29, ‘92.

Woodward, Nabby m. Rev. Samuel Kendall.

Woodward, Obadiah. At Chesterfield (Vt.) Mr. O.C., of Halifax, to Miss Cloe Steaples, of the same place. W. Aug. 22, ‘92.

Woodward, Samuel. At Charlestown, last Wednesday evening, Mr. S.W., of Roxbury, to Miss Louisa Hooper, of that town. S. Feb. 25, ‘86.

Woolsey, Margery m. Robert Giles.

Pg. 139

Woolsey, William W. At Greenfield, Mr. W.W.W., of New York, to Miss Elizabeth Dwight, of Northampton, in this State. S. Apr. 21, ‘92.

Worcester, Leonard. At Hadley, Mr. L.W., printer, of Worcester, to Miss Betsey Hopkins, of Hadley, daughter to the Rev. Samuel Hopkins, of Hadley. S. Nov. 16, ‘93.

Worthington, Frances m. Hon. Fisher Ames.

Worthington, Mary m. Hon. Jonathan Bliss.

Wright, Aaron, jun. At West Springfield, Mr. A.W., jun., to Miss Helena Door Beck. W. Oct. 29, ‘94.

Wright, Nancy m. George Kirk.

Wyer, Mrs. Alice m. Thomas Bartlett.

Wyer, Eunice m. Joshua Swain.

Wyer, Robert, jun. Mr. R.W., jun., to Miss Lucretia Tuckerman, [both of this town]. S. Oct. 23, ‘90.

Wyeth, John. At Harrisburg, (Pen.), Mr. J.W., printer, to Miss Lucy Weiss, daughter of Lewis Weiss, Esq., of Philadelphia. S. June 15, ‘93.

Wyman, Simeon. [In this town] Mr. S.W., to Miss Susannah Edwards, W. Oct. 31, ‘92.

Wyman, William. Mr. W.W., to Miss Polly Wheeler. S. Aug. 14, ‘90.

Wyncoop, John. In Ulster county (N.Y.) Mr. J.W., to Miss Margaret Jansen, after a courtship of forty-five years. This happy, but not hasty, couple were between 60 and 70 years of age when united in the silken bands of Hymen. W. Jan. 25, ‘92.

Wynn, Peggy m. William Rea.

Yates, Richard. At Coventry (England), Mr. R.Y., aged 88, to Miss Hannah Palmer, aged 69; Infirmity and old age, was obliged to be conveyed in a carriage to the temple of Hymen. S. Nov. 10, ‘92.

Yorkison, Fanny m. Ralph Patchan.

Young, Miss m. Gershon Burr.

Young, Alexander. [In this town] Mr. A.Y., printer, to Miss Christiani Stutson. W. Jan. 9, ‘93.

Young, Polly m. Francis Gray.




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