Chapter 3, Part III 

In an anonymous contemporary account published in England July, 1676, it is related that Capt. Prentice with six troopers went to the rescue of a portion of Capt. Wadsworth's ill-fated company at Sudbury, and these three names may be of those troopers.

Aug 24, 1676

Samuel Church




John Cuttin








List of Capt. Prentice's Troopers. (Mass. Arch., vol. 68, p. 73.) On the back of this list is written, "Capt. Prentise's 73 Troopers."

Troopers belonging to Capt. Appleton's Troope

James Burnum

John Andrews

Edmond Potter

Samuel Chapman

John Asee (Acy),

1 John Spaford

Daniel Thurston

Joseph Plumer

John Woollcock

Thomas Johnson

- -

Troopers belonging to Capt. Curwin

Steeven Hascull (Hasket)

Charles Blincko (for Jona Corwins)

Thomas Howard (for Benj. Browne),

William Dodge (Jr,)

Thomas Putman Juniour

John Richards

Nathaniel Ballard junr

John Edmonds

William Merriam

Thomas Flint (Senr)

- -

Troopers belonging to Capt. Hutchinson

Mr. Eliakim Hutchason

Benjamin Muzzey

Saml Weeden

Joseph Weeden

John Guppie (Goopy)

Daniel Greenland

John Barret

Thomas Hodgman

Benja Daveis

John Gooll (Gould)

Joseph Marshall

Thomas Geery (Grary)

Thomas Hart

Isack Brooks

Joseph Right (Wright)

John Kindall

Nathl Richardson

Thomas Pearce

Increas Wing

Nathl Cann


Troopers belonging to Captin Davis

William Kent

John Ruggles

Sampson Chester

William Towers

John Miner erased

Henry Eliot

John Person (Pason)

Richard Mather Juniour

Martin Sanders

Crosby of Braintree (Joseph),

Joseph Penniman

Samuel Haidne (Haiden),

Ebenezer Haidne (Haiden)

John Riplee

Samuel Whitney

Troopers belonging to Middlesex

Mr. John Long

Mr. Joseph Line

James Lowdne (Lowden)

Thomas Browne

John Adams

Samuel Stone Juniour

Daniel Champney

John Eams

William Shattock

John Stearns

Caleb Grant

Joseph Groute

Joseph Moore

Joseph Parmiter

David Stone

Nathaniel Billing

Thomas Goble Juniour

Ebenezer Proute

John Wyman Juniour

Francis Wyman Juniour


"73 besides Peter Woodward & Joseph Proute."

1 The names in brackets are added from another list on page 100 of the same volume

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