Chapter 7, Part V 

The following bill of Jacob Gardiner, from Mass. Archives, vol. 69, p. 44, contains further names and suggestions.

An Amount of worke Done for Souldiers under ye Commands of Capt: Latherup by Jacob Gardner & by ye order John Coalman Comesary & Daniel White Counstable of Hattfield 12th of August '75.

Tho. Hobbes.

a paire of shewes 0. 6. 0

Sam. Hudson;

A paire of Shewes & Leather 0. 9. 2


for mending shewes 0. 1. 2

Josiah Bridges

Scabert 0. 1. 3

Robert Leach

a Scabert and mending His Shewes 0. 2. 9

Tho: Tenne

a pouch & Belt and Mending His Shewes 0. 1. 3

Thomas Peckes

a pouch 0. 1. 0

Capt. Latherup

3 belts 0. 3. 0

Daniel Ring

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 6

Abiell Sadler

a pouch & belt 0. 2. 0

ffrances Young

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 9

Gershom Browne

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 9

John Tapin;

a pouch and belt, 0., 1., 9

Steven Butler

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 9

John Presson

a pouch & belt 0., 1. 9

John Dauis

a pouch & belt 0.1.9

Samuel Hibbert

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 9

Tho: Hayson

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 9

Tho: Hobbs

a pouch & belt 0. 1. 9

Walter Hickson

a powder bage & belt 0. 2. 9

John Boynton

for mending Shewes 0. 2. 0

John Wicher

a belt 0. 1.3

Tho: Hayson

a belt 0. 1. 3

The Totall

2.12. 1

To the Honnoured Comety This is to Certifie you that these goods have been delivered to ye persons above written by ye order of:

I think it may be fairly inferred from the above bill that nearly all, if not all, those mentioned were in Capt. Lathrop's company. Fourteen of these were credited afterwards under Major Appleton, and will there appear with names a little differently spelled; for instance, Whicher, Hazen, Toppan, Tenney, etc. Hobbs and Bayley are in Russell's death-list, Hickson was credited under Capt. Poole. Presson served under Gardner at Narraganset, and next year under Capt. Turner. Hudson and Peckes appear in a later Ledger, proving that they were not among the unknown slain.

Gen. Hoyt, before mentioned, writing in 1824, relates that, "The place where this tragic affair happened is near the centre of the village of Muddy-Brook, and about thirty rods southerly of the meeting-house in that place. The stage road passes over the ground and crosses the brook on a small bridge, precisely where Lathrop passed. A rude monument was erected near the place of attack sometime after the catastrophy. It stood in what is now the front yard of the house of Stephen Whitney, Esq., on the east side of the public way, but is now gone to decay, and two plain stone flags, lying near the front of the house, are its only remains. Several gentlemen have it in contemplation to repair the old or erect a new monument, near the same spot, with appropriate inscription." The "stone slab" spoken of below may have been placed by the gentlemen referred to. See N. E. H. G. Reg., vol. xxvi, p. 435.

On September 30, 1835, the Anniversary of Lathrop's defeat was celebrated at Deerfield, and a monument was afterwards erected there, bearing this inscription:

Erected August, 1838

On this ground Capt. Thomas Lathrop and eighty men under his command including eighteen teamsters from Deerfield, conveying stores from that town to Hadley, were ambushed by about 700 Indians, and the Captain and seventy-six men slain Sept. 18th, 1675.

Some twenty rods south of this monument the grave of the slain is marked by a stone slab bearing the simple inscription, "Grave of Capt. Lathrop and men slain by the Indians, 1675."

On the occasion of the celebration in 1835, Edward Everett delivered the oration, and Miss Harriet Martineau was present, and afterwards wrote a sharp criticism of it. Both address and criticism were fine as literary productions, but equally faulty as history.

I am indebted to the Hon. George Sheldon, of Deerfield, for many valuable suggestions in preparing the above chapter.

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