Chapter 9, Part II 

The following list of Capt. Johnson's company, made at Dedham December 10th, 1675, is preserved in Massachusetts Archives, vol. 67, p. 293.

List of Capt Johnson's Company


Henry Bowen

John Watson

Wm Lincolne

Abiel Lamb

John Scot

Onesiphorus Stanly

Isaack Morrice

Wm Danforth

Joseph Goad

Samll Gardiner

Nath: Wilson

John Hubbard

Tho: Baker

- -


Thom: Cheney

John Corbin

John Newel


Heny Mare his man

Hopestill Humphrey

John Spurre

Ebenezer Hill

Nicholas Weymouth

John Plummer

Charles Cahan

Tho: Grant

Tho: Davenport

Robert Stanton

- -


Henry Withington

George Minot

Isaac Ryall


John Fennow

Obadiah Wheaten

Joseph Tucker

Benj. Crane

- -


Ebenezer Owen

- -

Sam. Basse

Wm Sable

Tho: Holbrook

Rich Thayer

Martin Saunders

Francis Nash

Increase Niles

Henry Bartlet

Tho: Copeland

James Atkins

Jonathan Pitcher



Hezek: King

Jonas Humphrey

Joseph Richards

Allin Dugland

John Whitmarsh

Peter Gurnay

Edward Kingman

John Read

James Read

John Lovet

Will Mellis

John Hollis

John Burril

- -


Benj. Bates

John Jacob

John Langley

Edward Wilder

Tho: Thaxter

Ebenezer Lane

Sam: Lincolne

Ephraim Lane

Joshua Lazel

John Bull

Wm Hearsey Francis Gardiner

Nath Beales

Nath Nichols

Humphrey Johnson


Wm Woodcock

- -


George Vicar

John Bosworth

Joseph Benson

Wm Chamberlin

Christo: Wheaton

Isaack Prince

Isaack Cole

Henry Chamberlain


75 appeared; 8 appeared not

The following is preserved in the Mass. Archives, vol. 68, page 104:

The names of those soldiers yt were slayne & wounded of Capt Johnson's Compa December 1675. 4 slain; wounded eight, and were at Road Island Jan. 6th 1675-6.

Capt Isa: Johnson

of Roxbury

Jonathan Pitcher, Bran


Tho: Davenport


Allin Dugland

of Weymouth

Joso Watson

of Roxbury

Wm Linckorn

of Roxbury

John Spur

of Dorchester

Benj. Crane

of Milton

Jno Langley

of Hingham

Jno Faxton

of Hingham

Isaack King

of Weymouth

Left. Phineas Upham of Malden


Upon the death of Capt. Johnson and the mortal wound of Lieut. Upham, the command of that company devolved upon Ensign, afterwards Lieut., Henry Bowen. After the battle, it would appear that Capt. John Jacob of Hingham was appointed to the command of the company, as many of the credits show his vouchers in the account.

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