Chapter 11, Part II 


The following is preserved in the Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 104: The List of those yt were slayne & wounded of Cap Nathl Davenport -- 4 men Slayne; 11 men wounded

Capt. Nath: Davenport


Sargt Theodr Atkinson


1 George Howard

of Concord

Jno Hagar

of Watertown

1 Sam. Swayn

of Cambridge

Sam. Read

of Cambridge

Sam. Stocker

of Meadford

Nath Healy

of Watertowne

Isaac Learned

of Watertowne

Tho. Browne

of Concord

Abra: Temple

of Concord

David Batchelor

of Redding

Caleb Symons

of Ooburne

John Backer

of Wooborne

Zachary Snow

of Wooborn

1 In the credits these appear as Hayward and Swan

The following lists of men impressed in several towns where Capt. Davenport's company was raised will serve to identify many of the names. Of course, many of those impressed were either excused for disability or escaped from the service in some other manner. See Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 100, and for separate lists, pp. 67-100. The returns were dated from Nov. 25 to Dec. 3, 1675.

From Cambridge

Corpll Jonathan Remington

James Hubbart

Edward Winship junior

Isaack Emsden

Nathaniel Patten

William Glesson

John Withe

Jacob Emsden

Jonathan Laurenc

John Emsden

John Salter

Samuel Swan

Daniel Woodward

Samuel Read

Gershom Cutter 15

From Watertown

Daniell Warrin, Sr

John Bigulah, Sr

Nathaniell Hely

Joseph Tayntor Jr

John Whettney Sr

George Herrington

James Cutting

William Hagar Junr

John Parkhurst

Michael Flegg

Jacob Bullard

Isaack Learned

Joseph Waight

George Dill

Jonathan Smith

Willyam Price Junr

Nathaniell Sangar

Moses Whettny

Enoch Sawtell

John Bright

John Hastings

John Bacon

John Chadwick

John Windam

Ben Dous

Nath Barsham

John Barnard

Ephraim Gearffield

Joseph Smith 29


From Woburn

John Carter

William Johnson

James Convars

John Cutler

William Peirce

John Baker

Zachariah Snow

John Polly

John Preist

John Berbeane

John Shilden

Thomas Hale

John Bolen

Caleb Simons

Peter Bateman

Jerimiah Hood 16



From Sudbury

William Wade

Samuell Bush

John White Junr

Tho. Rutter

Peter Hopes Jr

James Smith

Dennis Hedley

Matthew Gibbs Junr

Daniel Herrington 9

From Cambridge Village

Samuell Hides Jr

Peter Henchet

Joshua Woods

Jonathan Bush 4

- -

From Reading

Samuel Lamson

David Bachelder

James Carr

Samuel Daman

Seabred Taylor

Thomas Nichols

William Robards

Nicholas Lunn 8

From Meadford.

James Stokes

Jeremiah Toy 2


From Concord

Joseph Busse

Abram Temple

Samuel How

John Wood

Joseph Wheeler

Thomas Browne

John Wheeler

Timothy Rice

George Hayward

Stephen Farre

John Taylor 11


Capt. Davenport's company numbered seventy-five men. Substitutes often appear instead of those impressed. Fifty-seven in the above list, and three besides among the wounded and killed, are thus accounted for. Some of the rest received credit in a later Ledger.

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